In Chapter 9 of "Mind to Mind", I wrote that Celeborn may not have considered Gandalf to be the most cooperative of patients after Gwaihir brought the wizard to Lórien to heal after the Balrog battle. Several reviewers asked for an elaboration of that time in Lórien, and this teensy scene is the result. This is a blend of movie-verse, book-verse, and my rather odd sense of humor. I hope you enjoy it!

DISCLAIMER: Of course. The characters don't belong to me, I just get to think about them day and night.


Patience with Patients

"Gandalf," Celeborn said gently, "you must return to your bed. It is but a few days since the Lord of Eagles brought you to us, and you are still recovering."

Gandalf sighed and stepped away from the Mirror of Galadriel. "But you said I could stay online as long as I wished!"

"Only if you do what we tell you. You must rest, eat all your lembas, and stop whining about your new clothes."

"White makes me look fat," the wizard grumbled. "And what's with you Elves wanting to braid everyone's hair? I'll allow one little twist in the back, and that's it."

"Done. Now come, you must rest."

"But I need the Mirror to show me where---"

"Do not be concerned, my old friend. The hobbits are in good hands."

"Hobbits? Who said I was trying to find them?" The wizard began to get agitated. "I'm trying to locate where that blasted, uppity white horse has disappeared to. Can't he stay in one place for ten minutes?"

"Gandalf," Celeborn urged worriedly, "go to your happy place. Concentrate..."

The wizard grinned. "There was that beach resort in Dol Amroth... ah, yes..."

"That's better. Now off to bed, there's a good wizard."

Gandalf followed Celeborn obediently. "Can I have ice cream?"

"Pippin ate the last of it, I'm afraid."

"Hmmph. Wait until I find that horse, and that hobbit. I need to teach them both a lesson." The wizard smiled happily. "I'll make up some excuse to drag them both out on some bumpy three-day ride. Maybe to Rohan, or Gondor..."

"So you'll be leaving soon?" Celeborn asked hopefully. He helped the wizard back into bed. "Where will you go from here?"


"But... Saruman has turned to evil!"

Gandalf glared up at the Elf. "Evil, shmeevil. At least he'll let me look into the Palantir as long as I want. Not like some people. I depart at first light."

"Good, good. I'll pack your things. We'll be sorry to see you go, of course."

"Breakfast at 6:00 sharp," Gandalf yawned.

"I'll make it myself," Celeborn assured him. "Maybe I'll even bring it early. Rest well, my friend."