Written for the 2011 birthday of Belleferret



"That is one of the Mearas, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell," Legolas marveled.

"Dwarves don't call them 'Mearas'," Gimli said conversationally, watching the animal approach. "I thought
everyone called that a—"

"Hush!" Gandalf said quickly. "The Elf's eyes are enspelled. He doesn't see the same thing you do."

"He doesn't?" Aragorn looked over at Legolas, who was still gazing raptly some distance ahead of them. "What does he see?"

"A magnificent horse."

Gimli frowned. "'Tis a handsome creature, I admit; but..."

Legolas bowed deeply before the silver-white ferret that was now capering about Gandalf's boots, and the Dwarf covered a bellow of laughter with a cough.

Gandalf the White grinned happily. "Good spell, eh? It's one of my new abilities."