A malicious laugh filled the air. This laugh could only be cause by someone bent one destroying another being. You might be surprised to find that such a laugh came from the mouth of a ten-year-old boy.

This boy was Eustace Strytch and he was going to destroy Jimmy Neutron if it was the last thing he did.

"Now that my father is in Algeria and he cannot enforce anymore rules one me then I am free to carry out my plan, and I shall do it through the girl................" Said Eustace as he uttered another laugh.

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Jimmy and Cindy were arguing again. They were outside of the candy bar and they were arguing over what Cindy had said. During there previous encounter with beings from another planet she had said something(have to read other story to find out what).

"For the last time I did not say that and It must have been your oversized brain playing tricks on you" said Cindy.

Just as Jimmy was going to protest, they heard a large crash and a huge piece of stone landed in front of them.

Cindy ran, Jimmy directly behind, to the scene of the "accident".

Cindy reached the rock and noticed that it was covered in writing.

She silently read:

Dear Miss Cynthia Vortex,

We are pleased to inform you that ypu are invited to attend the 23rd annual FBKA meeting. We have watched you over the past year and are glad to invite you.

If you would like to find out more, then meet me at the Retroville Docks at midnight. Tell No one. This will self destruct in 20 seconds.

Cindy ran behind a car and pulled Jimmy with her. They heard an exlosion then all was quiet.

Cindy was sure that Jimmy hadn't read the rock. She packed he bag later that night with a cellphone, just in case. She knew it wasn't very smart to go to the docks at midnight alone but she was curious.

Jimmy told himself that he didn't care if Cindy was in any danger or not, but he snuck out of his house, just the same.

Jimmy had read the rock and knew what it said so he was worried that Cindy might do something stupid and go to the dock, so he decided to follow.

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