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Jimmy had a decision to make. It was one that would affect the lives of many, paricularly that of a certain girl.

He had to either give Eustace what he wanted, or give up Cindy: whom was never his to give.

" well actually, its what calamatous and i want. we want you. we want you as our slave.
I want you to be forced to do anything i tell you. and, i always get what i want. that way we are ensured safety from being humiliated once more and you could also no longer defeat us, plus, we need someone to do our dirty work." said eustace, an evil smile spreading across his face.


Cindy couldnt believe what was happening. She was in the clutches of a madman, and she was going to get out. She let out a scream, so that eustace put his hand over her mouth, which was part of her plan.

As soon as he mived his hand to silence her, she bit down hard on his hand, making him let go.

"Lets go Neutron" she said as she grabbed his hand.

They left eustace withering in pain on the floor.

They expected that they would have to face many guards but they were wrong.

thanks to libby sheen and carl, who were standing in the hallway surrounded by fallen guards, there was nothing to face.

"its about time" said cindy but in a friendly way.

"sorry we took so long but were here" said libby.

"So what do we do now" asked cindy.

"well it would be smart to leave" said jimmy and goddard barked in reply.

carl libby and sheen led the way out while cindy and jimmy walked behind.

"that was a pretty cool adventure" said cindy in spite of herself.

"yeah, but dont get yourself kidnapped to often"

"Dont worry i wont, but thanks" said cindy.

"No problem........."

then, cindy did something that shocked him....but not entirely. she kissed him. It was only on the cheek, but after all theyd been through it counted.

Cindy walked away, leaving jimmy with his thoughts.

he thought about many things like how he was going to explain to his parents were he had been, or how hungry he was.

he also thought about cindy's tape. but mostly, he thought about the kiss that he had just recieved.

jimmy shook his head and placed his hand on his cheek where cindy had kissed him.

as jimmy caught up with his friends, he wondered what would happen next.
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