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Wild Justice

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Pairing(s): Legolas/OC. Legolas/Elrond (eventual). Legolas/Elladan (mentioned).

Rating: PG-13/R-Rated (nothing graphic).

Summary: Legolas has fled both from Mirkwood and his lover, seeking sanctuary within the boarders of Imladris. He has told no one of his departure and he will tell no one his reasons. Why has our Prince fled? And from what does he flee?

Warning: AU; Slash; M-Preg; Angst.

Notes: Thanks to MoroTheWolfGod for the Plot Bunny.

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Chapter 1: Sanctuary

There came a sharp knock at the door before it opened and a young Elf stepped into the lavishly decorated study of the Lord of Imladris.

"Forgive my intrusion, Lord Elrond." The young Elf bowed respectfully. "There is a stranger downstairs whom seeks to speak to the Lord of Imladris in private. He will neither give name nor show his true face."

Lord Elrond put down the papers he had been reading through and stood up, his eyes holding a frown of confusion and curiosity.

"Lead the way, Uinen." Spoke the Elven lord.

He followed the young Elf down the darkened corridors and stairways towards the front halls. Upon reaching the area where this stranger was, his frown made its way upon his brow. His guards stood around the figure, weapons pointed.

Uinen, seeing his Lord's expression hastily added: "He has asked for sanctuary, but he will say no more, other than to request a word with you, my Lord."

"Lower your weapons!" Elrond ordered. He was somewhat displeased that his guards had sought such an action on a single stranger who, although armed, seemed to pose no threat. Imladris was not a hostile place and should not be made to appear thus by his own guardsmen.

"Stranger." He spoke soon after. "I am the Lord of Imladris, I am Lord Elrond. You request me, now speak."

The stranger turned his body to face the direction from whence the voice came but he would not look up. "Forgive me, my lord, if I have interrupted you." He bowed his head slightly in respect. "I am indeed honoured that you will grant me thy presence, but I must request that I speak to you in private."

Lord Elrond shifted slightly. His sharp eyes were trying to see past the dark travelling hood of the stranger. The voice was recognisable- male and Elvish, one of the woodland Elves, perhaps? But there too was a strange familiarity to it. He struggled to place a face to the voice.

"Will you show me no face, stranger?"

"I am afraid that I cannot. I seek sanctuary, my lord. I cannot risk word of who I am to travel, though even my precautions may be in vain."

Lord Elrond struggled once more to place a name, a face, anything recognisable to the sweet melodious voice. He turned once more to his guards. "Speak of this encounter to no one, not even amongst yourselves. Leave us now." He waited as his guards left, Uinen being the last. He trusted them all and knew that there was no need to threaten or pressurize his guards. All were loyal to him and were so willingly.

Once the hallway was empty Lord Elrond bid the stranger to follow him, leading them both through a series of halls until they passed through into an empty meeting room.

Lord Elrond lit a few candles before he turned to address the Stranger, he gasped in shock. A pair of bright green eyes framed by a halo of golden spun hair met his vision.

"Legolas Greenleaf?" Elrond was extremely confused now. "Why does the Prince of Mirkwood seek sanctuary within the boarders of Imladris?"

The younger elf bit his bottom lip timidly and his eyes flickered downwards. "I am afraid, my lord, that I have gotten myself into quite a predicament and I seek sanctuary until..." he frowned. "Well I know not how long I shall need sanctuary." He looked up again to meet Lord Elrond's gaze.

"I shall grant you sanctuary for a time, but before I do I must know your reasons." His gaze was sharp and stern as if he were about to reprimand a young'en for bad behaviour.

Legolas Greenleaf shook his head. Golden hair flying about his face. "You think ill of me, do not. I have committed no crimes that are punishable."

"Why then seek sanctuary? What do you try to escape from?"

The younger Elf turned his head, his green eyes darkened, taking on a far off look of longing as he stared out of the window. His high cheekbones where sharpened by the flickering candlelight and he looked suddenly sad. He sighed heavily: "Please ask of me no questions. If you will not grant me sanctuary I shall leave immediately."

Lord Elrond shook his head. "I cannot throw you out so late into the night, fair prince. Not only would it be immoral of me, but also it would be of insult to you. Come. You have sanctuary, but we shall speak again. Not the morrow nor until a week yonder, I have matters that need to be attended to first. You may stay, yes. Your sanctuary is granted until next we speak."

He blew out three of the five candles he had lit and picked up the other two- handing one to Legolas and holding onto one himself.

"I beg of you not to tell anyone that I am here, my lord." Said Legolas seriously.

Lord Elrond beheld the younger elf once more. "As you wish, my Prince, but come now. It is late and you must be weary from the days' toils. I will show you your room. You wish a meal?"

"Nay," He lied. "I shall be fine this night." In truth he was not fine. Nor was he sated; he had not eaten properly for the three days and nights of hard travelling he had done. He had eaten whatever he could catch or find but there was not much one could fill up on whilst on the run. For one you needed time: time to hunt, time to kill and time to cook; time he did not have.

Besides, he was far too tired to worry about eating. He felt as though he could sleep for a thousand years and more; there hadn't been much time for proper sleeping either. Though, the Elven prince knew now that with his sanctuary enforced he would sleep both in safety and comfort, without fear of capture. He would have smiled in contentedness if not that his stomach chose that exact moment to rumble loudly.

Lord Elrond's sharp eyes were immediately turned on him. Legolas blushed a little, his free hand gripping at his abdomen. The Lord of Imladris wanted to scold the Elven Prince for trying to deceive him and would have, if not for the obvious exhaustion the younger elf projected. Instead, placing a smile onto his ancient face he spoke in his wise voice: "I shall have a light meal brought up to you. And I will appoint someone to bring you all your meals."

Legolas Greenleaf opened his mouth to stubbornly protest before thinking better of it. "I thank you, Lord Elrond." He smiled softly and Elrond nodded his head once before continuing to lead them both to the guest rooms.

The young Elf following with hood once more drawn up over his blond head.

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To Be Continued...?

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