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Chapter One

Harry Potter yawned as he listened to his alarm clock buzz. "Aurgh..."he grumbled. 6:00 am was definitely to early to get up.

Sitting in his bed for five minutes, Harry finally got out and walked sleepily to the shower. "Oorf!" he yelped as he was slammed into the wall.

"Good morning Potty-head." the fat blob with blonde hair said. Harry glared at his cousin Dudley who was his age. Dudley was one of the jocks in school, and was already ready, dressed in his sport jacket, hair styled, and sports bag in hand. Dudley always went to school in his car with some cheerleaders and the other football players.

"Leave me alone," Harry mumbled, rubbing his arm and going into the bathroom and locking the door. Sighing, he stepped into the shower.

He had lived with the Dursley's since his parents had abandoned him when he was younger. His mother left him on her sister's doorstep. While his parents were out enjoying their lives, Harry was stuck in a family that hated his guts.

In fact, Petunia and Vernon had only agreed to adopt Harry because the local social worker, Dolores Umbridge, forced them to.

After ten minutes, Harry was back in his small bedroom. He pulled on his black worn-out sweatshirt, his baggy old black cargo pants, and his falling apart sneakers. He looked at himself in the mirror – he looked like the misfit he was. No one liked him in school, since he was the 'gothic-oner' who drew all the time.

Sighing at his appearance, he quickly picked up his worn-out back pack which held his two sketchbooks and all of his pencils.

Hurriedly, Harry got downstairs before his aunt could yell at him. Snatching a piece of bread from the fridge, Harry left through the front door and walked to the bus stop. Dudley may have a car, but Harry didn't, and Dudley hated Harry, so he would never offer Harry a ride.

Just as he reached the stop, the bus came. Climbing on, Harry received glares from his fellow students. He ignored them, and sat down in the front seat, jamming his old headphones in his ear.


Harry made his way to his locker quickly. He knew if he hung around too long in one place, he would be an easy target.

On his way to his locker, he passed a group of students. On of them, a boy with red hair, stuck his foot out as Harry passed, causing the black haired boy to trip.

"Watch where you're going, Potter," the red head said, smirking. A brown haired girl laughed meanly, as did the rest of the group. Harry just glared, and gathered up his school bag.

"Fuck off," he hissed through gritted teeth. The group stopped laughing, and frowned. A small red haired girl, who looked like she might be related to the boy, spoke up.

"Now now, don't be a potty-mouth, Potter," she retorted, causing the group to burst into laughter again. Harry just shrugged it off and continued to his locker.

Gathering his books for Latin, Harry rushed to his first class. He arrived early as usual. So, he sat down and took out his green sketchbook and some pencils. Absorbed into his drawing, he didn't even notice other people file into the classroom until a shadow fell over his drawing.

Looking up, ready to be defensive in case of an attack, Harry was surprised to see a boy he didn't know. The boy had silver eyes and blonde hair. He was wearing a dark forest green shirt that almost looked black, and black pants and boots. It was obvious all of his clothes were expensive..

"What do you want?" Harry asked bitterly. He was just being cautious, since people were always picking on him. The new boy however, looked taken aback.

"Nothing," he drawled, "I was going to compliment your drawing, but if you're gonna act like that, then never mind." And with that, he turned on his heel and sat down in the seat in front of Harry (who sat in the back).

A couple of minutes later, Ms. McGonagal came in. "Good morning, class," she announced, "We have a new student this year. Mr. Draco Malfoy, if you would please come up here." The blonde boy stood up and walked to the front of the classroom. The teacher continued to talk about him, and that he transferred from England. If Harry had been looking, he would've noticed that the blonde looked only at him, but Harry was busy drawing. (a/n: this story takes place in America. don't ask me why!)

Great, the raven-haired boy thought, One more person to make my life hell. The Latin class continued, and Harry kept drawing as he always did. He never needed to pay attention - he always got decent grades. However, even the teachers loved picking on him-

"Mr. Potter!" Minerva yelled. Everyone turned to look at Harry, including Draco. Harry's head shot up, and he quickly put away his sketchbook.

"Yes?" he asked, dreading what would come. Minerva frowned, and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Mr. Potter, if you could please tell me what the ablative case is used for in the first declension in Latin?" she asked, her voice cold and angry. Harry looked thoughtful for a second.

"I dunno, professor," he finally said. This infuriated McGonagal, something Harry was good at doing.

"Well then, Mr. Potter, I suggest you pay attention instead of drawing god-knows-what in that silly book of yours," she scolded. The class snickered at Harry, and turned back to face the board, except for Draco, who hadn't even snickered. His eyes lingered on Harry, who had taken out his sketchbook again, and was back to drawing. Eventually, the blonde turned around, much to Harry's relief. He didn't like the feeling he got when those silver eyes were upon him.


Latin finally ended. The rest of the day went by quickly, and it was eventually time for lunch. Harry was making his way down the hall, when an all too familiar voice stopped him, calling his name.

He turned around groaning. He knew that voice. Tom Riddle, a senior, the richest kid in school, also head of his own clique – the "punk-rocker" wannabes. (a/n: I hate people that pose as punk rockers :coughavrillavignecough: )

(random a/n: in this story, Harry's a junior)

Sure enough, he turned to face the purple-haired, pierced to an oblivion Tom, with his best friend Bella.

"What?" Harry snapped, annoyed. Tom and Bella just smirked. Dudley may not be Harry's favorite person, but he was an angel compared to Tom and Bella. Especially since Tom seemed to have some bizarre obsession with Harry.

"My dear Harry, aren't you happy to see us?" Tom asked with feigning hurt. Bella just smirked, and exchanged a look with Tom, who nodded. Bella returned the nod, and walked away. Tom began to move toward Harry, who in turn backed up.

"I'm never happy to see anyone, Riddle, especially you," Harry spat. Tom's smirk grew as he continued to move toward Harry, who finally backed up into a wall.

"That hurt, Potter, that hurt real bad," Riddle said, a dangerous glint in his eyes. Suddenly, he had a pocket knife in his hand. Harry gulped when he saw the light glint off the dangerous piece of metal. "You draw too much, ya know? Artists get on my nerves Potter. I think we'll have to do something about that," he said. Suddenly he pushed Harry's head against the wall with his free hand, pulling Harry's hair out of his face as he did so. Tom then took the knife and ignored the struggling boy. He then traced a small lightning bolt on Harry's forehead, above his right eyes. Harry let out a small whimper as the cut began to bleed.

"Take that as a warning for cheeking me, Potter," Riddle hissed before he released the smaller boy and walked away. Harry just stood there for a minute, then went to the bathroom to wash the cut.

He didn't even notice the blonde behind the door of a deserted classroom.


Harry once again made his way to the lunchroom, the freshly made cut cleaned out. He walked over to his normal table after buying some food.

Harry always sat alone and drew (duh!) so he was surprised when someone sat across from him. He looked up to see the blonde again.

"Hello," the blonde said, "My name's Draco." Harry just nodded and went back to drawing waiting for the insults to start. Draco sighed impatiently, and tapped the boy's shoulder. Harry looked up, slightly confused. Does someone actually want to talk to me? he thought hesitantly.

"Erm, I'm Harry," he finally said, unsure of what to do. This was the first time anyone actually paid any attention to him without torturing him. Draco smiled, and Harry cautiously smiled a small smile back.

"So what're you drawing?" Draco asked curiously. Harry held up his sketchbook for Draco to see – it was an anime boy, looking out a window sadly.

"Whoa. That's - wow. You're a good artist," Draco said, making Harry blush. No one had ever complimented him before.

"Thanks," he said. Draco opened his mouth to say something else, when a pug-faced girl screeched across the cafeteria.

"Oh my gosh! Someone's sitting with Pot-head!!!" an ugly junior named Pansy Parkinson screeched, loud enough for everyone to hear. The students burst out laughing.

Draco closed his eyes, as though annoyed. Blaise Zabini, another junior came up to him, and glared at Harry. "It's ok, Draco. You're new here. You don't know that Potter is vermin and should be avoided. You can sit with my friends," Blaise said. Harry glared at him, but shrugged and went back to drawing.

Maybe on the outside, Harry looked like he could care less, but inside, Harry was torn up. This was the first time someone actually was nice to him, and Harry had liked it. Now, Draco would realize his mistake, and torture Harry like the rest of the school. Harry willed himself not to cry.

Draco just looked at Blaise coldly. "I'd prefer to sit with Harry, thank you," he answered. Harry looked up in surprise, and smiled shyly. Draco returned it.

Blaise was furious. "Fine!" he shouted, "Be a gothic loner too!" And with that he stomped away to Pansy, muttering angrily.

Draco just rolled his eyes and muttered something that sounded like "Drama-queen." Harry snorted softly, which caused Draco to smile at him.

They ate silently, Harry continuing to draw and Draco watching him. Finally, Draco broke the silence. "So, I guess you are not that popular here?" he asked curiously. Harry snorted, and a bitter look crossed his face.

"You guessed correctly. I'm the main entertainment for this school, no matter what year. Everyone just loves to pick on the 'Potter Boy'," he said, trying to make it sound as though he could care less about the subject. But Draco could see that it hurt the boy, and he felt angry that people would pick on Harry.

"Well, now they can have two people to talk about," Draco answered, smiling warmly at Harry, who smiled feebly back.

"You know," Harry began softly, "I've never had a friend before." He mentally cursed himself. Geez Potter, you're so stupid! Someone starts being nice to you and you get all mushy, he thought. He looked down and expected Draco to burst out laughing.

But he didn't. Draco just looked at the boy with his silver eyes. "I know how that feels," he replied. Harry looked up, and they stared at each other for a bit. Finally, the bell rang, signaling 7th period.

Harry gathered up his sketch book and art supplies, as Draco waited for him. They walked to their lockers together (they had lockers near each other it turned out) and talked about what music they liked.

"Well, I don't know much American music yet," Draco admitted. Harry just nodded.

"Well, Linkin Park and Good Charlotte are always good groups," Harry said, "If you want, er, you can come over and listen to them today," he shyly suggested, unsure of how Draco would react (remember, this is his first friend!)

Draco looked happy at the thought. "I would love to! That would be so wicked!" he replied.

They were so absorbed in their conversation, neither noticed that a certain purple-haired and pierced to an oblivion boy was watching Harry, disapproval, jealousy, and anger glinting dangerously in his eyes.

----end of chappie one!------

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