"24" meets "PSO" as done by the producers of "Airplane"......
44 Characters, 22 Chapters, 1000 Beats...


BOC courtesy of BOC
Anti-Tank, Garanz Mk 2 courtesy of Garanz2
Ardo 'Logical2u' Melnikov courtesy of Logical2u
Torikkusuta, Zi'Zuku courtesy of -Z
Toldos, Solstis courtesy of Solstis
K. Escher courtesy of Kadou
Hugh courtesy of KaFKa
Vigore Harl, Sunny Urchin courtesy of KodiaX987
Samuel Laffete courtesy of Sagasu
Zenja Ryfaran Tygara, Ceseno Vraan, Voshay Marrik courtesy of WraithVerge
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Marla Decker, Captain Fred Crysalis, Girder, Mr. Henderson, Carla Decker courtesy of mrrubbish

Each chapter of the story is set over 50 Beats of time. This translates as 1 hour 11 minutes in 'earth' time to emulate the TV show "24" where each episode represented 1 hour of a day.

The more astute readers will notice chronological inconsistencies. Since I'm not getting paid to write this, I don't think it'll matter.

The people in the list above may notice that some of the characters depicted in the story maybe acting out of character. This is partly due to my Writer's Apathy striking me down and reducing my abilities somewhat and the fact that certain people didn't provide sufficient material to work with. If something is screwed up, it's probably your fault! ;)

I can say with complete honesty that this will be one of the best fan-fics you will ever read.

----- Prologue : Just Another Day At The Office... -----

They say a lot can happen in just one day. They say a lot of things. But I don't listen to 'They'... Er... 'Them'. Since Pioneer Two arrived into orbit and all the colonists of Pioneer One vanished it's been pretty boring here. Except for the monsters. And the Black Paper incident. And the discovery of secret research facilities and ancient Ruins. Like I said, pretty boring. And why aren't the general public allowed to set foot on Ragol yet? It's not like a monstrous soul-sucking evil lives below its surface or anything.

Sometimes I wish something would just happen. They also say be careful what you wish for...

I think 'They' should go and screw themselves...