Gilderoy Lockhart was currently passing out a great many pictures of himself to his fellow patients in St. Mungo's. He had signed them the previous day, and after his beauty sleep and half an hour of tooth brushing he declared that today was going to be a very special day and every one should get a picture while they lasted. None really believed him as he was always handing out autographs and pictures alike, almost everyday. Once or twice he had even tried to sell locks of his hair, some people actually bought one, but it was later discovered they were trying to hex him "so he would just shut up" and the staff had to get him to stop. This was remarkably easy as they had learned you could get him to do anything as long as you appealed to his ego. The simply told him that no one but himself was should hold his beautiful golden locks as they were not "worthy." He had agreed, but felt it was his duty to give people an apology, so one Tuesday morning the entire hospital woke up to an announcement (via sonorous) that went as follows.

"My dear and loving fans, I know you all were looking forward to buying lock of my beautiful hair but unfortunately I can no longer permit such a thing as I have recently learned that you couldn't handle such amazing generosity by someone as great as myself. I know, I know but it is for the best I can assure you, being close to me is almost to much for some of you as it is, and I know some of you only hurt yourselves to be able to be near me, and it is nothing to be ashamed of, I would do if I were you. Also I must make an important announcement I am lea-HEY! Let go of me! Do you know who I am? You could get arrested for even thinking of laying….a …hand…" The entire hospital could then hear loud snores, the crisis averted every thing went back to normal for St. Mungo's, if you could call it normal.

Meanwhile back in Gilderoy's room….

The staff, after taking back the wand that Gilderoy had stolen of one of the families in the waiting room, had uttered a sleeping spell and put him back to bed. The sonorous had stopped working moments after he had fallen asleep. When Mr. Lockhart woke up, he wasn't happy to say the least, in fact in a show of anger he went around and took back every last photo of himself he could find. No one had seen his that mad before, not that they minded since he had shut him self in his room, he had been given his own room because he annoyed everybody else, in an effort to boycott himself. The hospital go'ers were thankful for a day of peace and quiet.

"I tell you I won't stand for this!" Gilderoy said to a self portrait on the wall. "And you shouldn't!" The outraged portrait pointed out. The real Gilderoy paced about the room fuming. "They ruined my announcement, I mean I got the apology out alright, but how am I supposed to let them know I am leaving when they wont let me?" He sat on the end of his bed pouting. "I know Hogwarts needs me. I don't remember what Hogwarts is exactly but I know it need me otherwise, why would I remember it in the first place? I just wont tell them that I am going, that will teach them." He pulled a wand out from under his pillow, his wand in fact, after he stole the other one he decided he needed a back up incase something happened. "I am a credit to my own genius." He said smugly while magically packing his things.

He poked his head out the door, sure enough there was a healer coming down the hall peeking into the rooms, he hid his suit case in the closet and laid down in bed just as the healer opened his door to check on him. He lay still listing for the door to close, he knew that the healer's looked in rooms ever two hours from curfew at nine till six in the morning, with the exception to his room which they checked every half an hour due to "previous escapes." He had about 30 minuets before the healer came down his hall again, but he also had to watch out for the nurse checking the other rooms, he had to be extremely careful.

He made his way down the corridor with his trunk magically floating behind him and turned into the bathroom when he heard some one coming he waited a few minuets then went on his way. Seven corridors and four staircase's later Gilderoy was almost home free, as he was about to open the door that would lead to the lobby a door open next to him and a healer was backing out with a rolling tray of potions. She bumped into him and turned around. This witch had caught him many times before, so wasn't surprised at who she saw when she turned around.

Giving him a stern look she put her hands on her hip and just waited for his explanation. Gilderoy did the only thing he could think of doing he raised his wand and…"STUPIFY!" The witch fell to the floor in a heap and Gilderoy was left standing there his mouth agape. "Oh my! Did I do that?" He was stunned; he didn't know he could do spells like that. "That….that was fun! I think I should like to try that again" He walked into a nearby room and shook the person in bed. When Jerold Heart awoke that night all he saw was the silhouette of a man with gleaming white teeth smiling at him. Fear griped his insides and then, "stupefy!" There was nothing.

After stunning the man in bed Gilderoy remembered that he was on a mission and promptly left the hall into the lobby. He stunned the desk clerk and took as much wizarding money as he could find (it was for a good cause after all). He didn't know where to go or what to do but he knew he needed to go to Hogwarts, they needed him after all. He held out his want and muttered "Lumos," and just as before when he had escaped the night bus came careening down the street, the driver didn't even question him as nor did his assistant, they just loaded his stuff and himself up and went on there way.


j752572:Well? What do you think? I like it and-

Gilderoy: Yes, I know my loyal fans, you simply loved it! don't be shy, tell the aouther what you think. of course you think it is a work of art beacue I am in it but still it is nice to hear it.

j752572: um...yeah so anyway-

Gilderoy: Oh I am so amzing my preformance was just stunning, and my teeth are so white

j752572: ANYWAY!!!! um.....thats it actually

Gilderoy: What? don't you want to tell them about me?

j752572: um you dont want to give them to much at once, keeps them on edge

Gilderoy: Ah! of couse you must of read my ato biography I have used that tactic many thimes before and..........six hours later....titled My Amazing Teeth.