Amid an everlasting suffocating fog that reigned over the ruined city, streamed sunlight down onto the streets, just barely but enough to keep the hopes of dreamers alive. The hopes for a better life after the purgatory they had created themselves. Technology had been beneficial for centuries but the marginal cost far exceeded the benefit and here they were, rotting inside their own bodies, breathing fume instead of air, living below poor instead of having struck rich.

How cruel was life when you tried to take advantage of it.

The Lost Generation was now The Lost Future. A lost and distant place where tomorrow was much worse than today and faith in whatever God one prayed to was a myth to some and a memory to most. Ironic how now the world was in unison, asking for the same thing: a better life. But their wish had come too late and the heavens were sleeping, deaf to the cries of the dependants down below.

All faith was lost to them...but secretly stored inside a beautiful flower sleeping down a dirtied alley.

The sounds of an ever busy city before her hardly stirred Cheza, her form curled into a little ball inside the make shift box. Her dreams locked away the reality that stung, ran like poison through veins and so, running through a field in her mind, with her friends alongside, Cheza was emotionally safe. And it was only when she felt a tickling sensation upon her pale cheek that the beauty awoke, ruby eyes fluttering open to slowly register Unari's presence.

He affectionately passed his tongue across her skin, his attempt to wake up his new friend a success. Cheza giggled gently and closed her eyes for a moment, as if to fall asleep once again. "This one is awake…" She assured in a sleepy voice, letting a little yawn pass through her lips. But an ever persistent Unari continued, knowing that whole "I'm awake" deal like the back of his…paw.

Realizing she would not get the chance to rest, Cheza sighed and looked up at him, moving her head away to see him. "This one is awake, Unari." She giggled, a little smile upon her features. Satisfied for now, Unari retreated into nuzzling against her for a moment and then walked out of his cardboard home, a happy wag of the tail accompanied.

With no possible room to stretch, Cheza easily got out as well and rose to her feet, stretching in the dim daylight. Despite the sorrow carved into every breath that was drawn in that city, Cheza smiled. She smiled because all hope was not lost. Even if she had no idea where she was. As if forgetting that a militia was after her very soul, the pallid beauty twirled around and beamed down at her friendly companion, his true essence now clear in the sunlight.

"You and this one are very much like! We are so dirty!" She giggled, ruffling the fur above his head tenderly. "Are you hungry, Unari?" Cheza asked sweetly, taking the role she knew nothing of but loved to be – the role of the protector. But Kiba, thought Cheza, was a far more better protector than anyone could ever be.

Thoughts pertaining to Kiba and the gang fluttered away as Unari barked happily at her and ran past her side, looking over to her once he was out of the alley. "You know a place where we can eat?" came her hopeful inquiry, Unari barking once more.

"Okay then! Let's go! Oh but wait…" A pretty pout came onto her countenance as she realized the problem. Cheza looked down at herself, the clothes she wore vividly screaming FLOWER MAIDEN at the highest of volumes.

But from the corner of her eye, she saw something and quickly turned. There, disheveled on the dirty asphalt was a…cloak? Well it would soon become a cloak!

Cheza ran to it, grabbed it and held it out before her. Long and wide enough. Yes, that would do! She wrapped it around herself, adding a hoodie to it and smiled at Unari who barked once more, anxious to leave and explore with his companion.

"Alright, Unari. Now we can go and see the world!" She giggled and out they went. Really going to see the world but not for what it truly was. Not for the junkyard and cemetery it had become. But for the spark of hope it still maintained, in her heart and his.


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