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Hiei crouched on the rooftop over the alley. He stared intently at Botan's adversaries, noting with some surprise how efficiently they were disposed. By Botan, no less! (A/N he refers to Botan as Botan in his mind because he loves her, he just doesn't realize it, but he still calls her "Onna" to her face)

"Guess you don't live for a couple thousand years without picking up a few tricks he mused to himself, chuckling quietly in his amusement. Quickly he shut his mouth, remembering Botan was only 50 feet away. He quickly ducked behind an air vent and waited for Botan to walk on.

Botan was humming contentedly to herself as she walked along the sidewalk, leaving the alley where the three punks lay unconscious. As she turned the corner, she heard a low, quiet chuckle that sounded suspiciously familiar. Being the sly ferry girl she is, she didn't turn her head completely and give herself away. Instead, she took out her compact and pretended to fix her makeup as she strategically positioned her spirit lens at the adjacent rooftop.

Sure enough, a strong, pulsating glow of bright red energy came from behind an air vent on the far side of the roof.

"That sneaky koorime thinks he can spy on me, does he?" she mumbled to herself as she crossed the street to the next block.

"Well then, lets see how he handles this!" Botan whipped around and peered through the lens straight at Hiei, simultaneously sending out a strong wave of spirit energy that even HE couldn't ignore.

Hiei immediately sensed the explosion of energy, and flashed to the edge of the roof, katana at the ready. Instead of an ugly, brutish, evil demon kidnapping Botan like he expected, he saw the beautiful, petite, maidenly ferry girl staring... Right... At... Him. And if he wasn't mistaken, she had a distinctly triumphant look about her.

With a grin and a flash of azure hair, Botan was gone, ducking into the nearest alley she could find.

Hiei, now seeing Botan's scheme, smirked at her audacity, and immediately followed suit, a flash of black swirling into thin air as he gave chase.

Ashitaka Myamoto was walking along 5th avenue, window-shopping for a new pair of shoes on the bright, cheery October morning.

As he meandered past tourists and the usual 5 o'clock crowd, he noticed the striking young woman sauntering along the sidewalk heading straight for him. She had blue hair and the prettiest purple eyes.

He desperately wanted to find out more about this angel on earth. As he silently thanked the gods, he prepared to "accidentally" brush against her and start up a conversation.

Ashitaka, never being a ladies' man, was steeling himself for the encounter when the woman stopped, pulled out a strange glass resembling one of those English "monocles" he had heard so much about, and gazed up at the roof of the Tokyo headquarters of Fleet Bank.

Perplexed by this sudden action, Ashitaka stopped and watched the azure-haired beauty.

It was his lucky day. One step further, and he would've been liquefied by the onrush of spiritual energy expelled from the Diety of Death. As it was, he was only thrown across the street, propelled through the window of the Hilton Hotel, and sent hurtling onto a king-sized bed, bouncing off and ricocheting of two walls before he came to rest, sprawled uncomfortably on the floor, one leg hanging crazily from a chair that had been knocked over by his "journey"

As he gazed up, he noticed a frightened young woman, clutching the sheets of the bed to her chest, demanding to know who he was and why the hell he was in her suite.

A strained "Hello." Was all he managed before losing consciousness.

Hiei was having a hard time keeping up with Botan, despite his superhuman speed and senses.

"How can that damn woman manage to give me the slip every time I come close?" He grumbled, completely new to this whole new concept of Botan's that included annoying the hell outta him for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, Botan was making good use of her time unobserved, streaking through the back alleys of Tokyo like a rodent.

She chanted a mantra to keep herself going. "gotta keep running gotta keep running gotta keep running!" And every once in awhile she'd throw in a "Oh my god Hiei's gonna KILL ME!!!" When she thought she glimpsed a black shape around a corner or in a shadow.

Getting tired after over 5 minutes of hard running, she took a hard right onto a crowded sidewalk and sprinted to the nearest store, which happened to be a clothing shop by the name of Myamoto's Kimonos.

Hiei was seriously pissed. Chasing Botan through Tokyo was not his idea of how the day would go. He figured he'd just chill on a rooftop while she shopped for clothes or something.

THAT'S IT! Hiei involuntarily shouted out as he shot up and leaped to the edge of the roof, receiving more than a few confused, annoyed, and shocked reactions, especially the bellboy fixing the TV antenna right next to the air vent where Hiei sat unnoticed.


"Oh what now???" Hiei looked down to see the hapless bellboy plummeting to the street below, ready to be squashed to a pulp.

With a sigh of frustration, Hiei dove after him, catching him and caroming off the ground like a bullet, literally flying onto the next rooftop.

He was almost there when the bellboy came out of shock and started flailing his limbs, catching Hiei more than once on the face.

Landing with a soft "ka-THUNK" Hiei and the unfortunate bellboy toppled to the roof.

The bellboy was just sitting up when the air around him flared up and rose dramatically in temperature. He slowly turned around to see a livid fire demon, a furious scowl on his face and a writhing .... black ... dragon swirling around his arm.

Immediately the bellboy started to back away... and then Hiei struck.

Bouncing off the canopy over a fruit stand, the disheveled bellboy hit the ground hard, but he got up and started running anyway. His shirt was burned off, and his face was scorched and covered in soot.

As he scrambled away, the owner of the stand looked up, then back at his fruit. Anyone passing by would've heard him mutter, "Must be close to New Years again... damn fireworks."

Botan was trying a slimming purple kimono with a gold sash when Hiei stormed in.

"H... Hi.... Hiei!!!" she managed to blurt out before he pinned her against the wall and purred in a low, dangerous voice, "Do that again and you will not live to regret it"

The Diety of Death put on her best "cat" face as she slipped out from under his grasp and went back to the changing room calling, "Okay, let me change and you can follow me around for the rest of the day."

Hiei growled at this and was about to snap back a witty retort when he was hit in the face with the kimono sash Botan had "accidentally" thrown over the door of the changing room.

"Onna! Stop Tha-OOMPH" There was the kimono.

Hiei was about to charge into the dressing room when he realized that Botan had no clothes on.

And then his subconscious took over, and he was right at the door when it was opened and slammed right into his face.

He fell to the ground with an extremely annoyed grimace on his face. He was THAT close to....

"What the hell am I thinking???"

The irritable fire demon shot up, ran through the door, and disappeared in a flash of black.

Ashitaka was just coming into his grandfather's shop when a black blur came flying by him, knocking him back off the sidewalk into moving traffic.

"Oh not again..."