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A frowning adolescent was currently sitting at the table of a local family restaurant obviously waiting for someone, or so the two idle menus, and his drumming fingers and head in palm gave off. He glanced wearily around the stupendous sized booth he was leisurely lounging at, pondering why the waitress had given his two person party such a table. After all, he wasn't that big off a guy, and his femininely frail date was even smaller. He was quite tall though, but not so tall that his legs would take up an absurdly gigantic bench such as that one, especially not for this kind of occasion. Usually for this kind of shindig, you wanted a smooth getaway, something painless and swift; nothing that would take long amounts of time to get away from. Having to scoot out of such a huge bench and try to stand up with dignity and stride away quickly was not the kind of leave he'd hoped for. He had wanted to slip on his Armani sunglasses, and stand up from his chair, black trench coat waving as he sauntered away in his tight, new leather pants, looking as attractive as ever, wanting to show the rest of the place just what they were missing. But this was definitely NOT what he had hoped for...

To make matters worse, his date was late by over thirteen minutes! He'd purposely told Ryou to be here promptly at six pm sharp, and not a minute late! This was already supposed to be over with! He had another date at 7:30 with a much cooler, sexier, less annoying, clingy person, and he would NOT be happy with Ryou if he had to be late! Ryou already made things stressful enough! He was so damn clingy and envious that Marik couldn't hug or say 'hi' to a girl, or anyone seemingly cute without Ryou going into a raged fit! Also, keeping this girl a secret behind Ryou's back was too strenuous, and Ryou wouldn't put out anyways! What was the fun in him if he wouldn't do that? All Ryou ever wanted to do was cuddle, snuggle, nuzzle, be spoiled rotten, and be told how much he was loved. That the brat took up so much of his time! He couldn't go a NIGHT without a phone call starting with 'Hey sweetie!'', 'M-chan, I misssseeeddd you!' or 'M-chan, I'm lonely, come over!' He shook the grimace of his face and grinned manically. But tonight, it would be ALL over, no more stress; tonight it was finished!

He drummed chewed nails on the hunter green surface, heaving another sigh as he realized two more minutes had passed. 'Come on Ryou; come on! I have places to be damnit!' He thought, a whining noise erupting from slender, velvety lips. This was getting old. His kohl defined, inhospitable lilac eyes bore into the table, staring lifelessly as he ranted on in his mind, getting generally angrier by the second.

"Sorry I'm late!" A lanky, snowy haired teen peeped, smiling apologetically as he took a seat, taking initiative to scoot closer to his boyfriend, "My friend got stuck in traffic and I-" Marik waved a bronzed hand motioning off the apology.

"Its fine Ryou, really," He grumbled, resting his head on his palm once more, affronted eyes scanning the milky skinned boy beside him.

"So what was it you needed me here so urgently to talk about?" Ryou chirped, running glittery nails through his fluffy, well-kept, layered hair, gazing at his boyfriend with gleams of admiration. He couldn't help it, Marik was so great! He knew this relationship was really going somewhere, that it'd be almost impervious to find someone better... well, not impervious, just not likely.

"Well actually, I wanted to talk about you and me; us. You know, together?" Ryou nodded, slightly puzzled. Was something wrong? Was Marik going to propose? That'd be great, but Ryou was only fourteen, and much too young to make such a big commitment!

"Y-yeah," He stuttered nervously, "What about us? We're perfectly happy and doing so well together!" Mariku sighed, ridged nails digging into his arm. Ryou was making this difficult!

"Well yeah... I suppose so. But actually, I don't really think we should do this anymore." Ryou smiled, not perceiving what Mariku was telling him.

"Do what Riku? Go to family restaurants? I guess I could live with that. They really aren't that romantic for dates, and they don't have the greatest food selections, either!" Why did Marik have the sudden urge to slam his head against the table?

"Ryou, that's not what I meant. What I'm saying is, well... you and me... it's over..." Ryou blinked, gasping at the surprising words, very lost suddenly.

'It's over...'

"It's over? OVER?!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN OVER?!?" He screamed; face contorting into an angered, hurt expression. Marik grimaced his teeth, slapping himself in the forehead. What was he thinking taking Ryou to a public restaurant to dump him? He should've known the boy would cause a scene! Ryou was a damned drama queen when it came to things like this!

"Ryou, I mean... I can't take it anymore! I don't think we're right for each other; we're living a lie!" Ryou gasped, distraught tears streaming from his turquoise eyes. "So when you said you'd always love me, you where lying? How can you say that Mariku! I'm in love with you, and you just break up with me? You know I love you, and I'd do anything for you, so how did we come to this?!?" He shouted, a trembling hand reaching out to embrace Mariku's. He bit his lip, disheartened eyes closing as he felt Marik rip his hand away.

"Ryou, I just... I need someone more mature! You're wonderful, really; you're just not FOR me, you know? I'm sorry sweetheart, but we need to see other people," He said, feigning a hospitable tone.

"But I, I, I..." Ryou trailed off, unable to think of the right words to say. He had given Mariku so much adoration and care; done anything in his will to please him, and here he was, getting dumped two months later, just when he'd started to fall in love?

He sobbed loudly now, crying his troubled eyes out. It always ended like this; him in total utter heartbreak while his partner let him down easily, trying to explain to him how 'great' he was, yet they were dumping him anyways! It occurred with Seto, it occurred with Ryuuji; it occurred with Weevil, it occurred with Charity, and now it was happening with Marik! He wept more, hiding his face in his hands. He didn't want to be all alone!

He flinched as he felt a strong hand give his back a soothing rub. Puffy red eyes peered up to find Mariku with a 'sad' smile on his face.

"I have to go now Ryou. I'm sorry things didn't work out. I'll call you later, but take care, ok?" Marik cooed softly, letting his fingers run through Ryou's silky strands before scooting off of the bench and standing up, whirling around as he headed for the front door, trench coat flailing behind him.

Ryou slammed his head on the table, crying even harder as he felt the sudden pain of the solid wood clash against his head. Hitting your head on the table hurt, and right now Ryou was sensitive. He wondered about what Mariku had just told him, and didn't comprehend how their relationship could be all over with, in just the blink of an eye. He would've done anything to fix whatever the problem was; he had really liked Mariku! Now that it was finished, he felt so hopeless!

He glanced around the earthen toned diner, and was just starting to become aware of all the eyes that were set on him, of all the whispering going on. He wrenched another sob, feeling humiliated and frustrated, swiftly scooting out from the table, managing to drop a set of silverware on the floor.

"God, why does everything always go so wrong?" He cried, placing an upset hand on his forehead as he rushed out of the restaurant, the sounds of the snickering inaudible.

Great, now he had absolutely no way home since he had quite a limited amount of money, and he'd been stupid enough to leave his cell phone at his house, thinking he wouldn't need it. To make matters worse, the rain was pouring down, and hard. He sniffled, knowing his hair was going to get soaked, because he'd been stupid enough to wear his light baby blue track coat, all to impress Marik, so the male would think he looked cute. After all, he didn't want Mariku to think he looked nerdy wearing his hefty weather jacket, though his best friend had specifically TOLD him he should. He crossed his arms, sniffing again, a small smile playing across his parched, shivering lips. That was always how Bakura was, so caring; like an older brother or a mother to Ryou, always keeping an eye out for the younger boy, making sure he was ok. He was always there for Ryou when things went gray, and right now, Ryou really wished he was here. Bakura would've opened his arms willingly, and hugged Ryou, whispering comforting phrases into his ears as the slim boy cried on his shoulder, doing anything in his will to cheer Ryou up. Ryou never could fathom why Bakura cared for him so much, or was so nice to him. All he knew was ever since he'd moved to Domino City, Bakura and he were inseparable.

He reached into his pockets, digging for stray change, or maybe a spare dollar he'd left in his tight light blue jeans, praying he had left something in them. He smiled as he found exactly the amount he'd need to be able to take the city bus home, and was suddenly glad that these were his only pair of jeans clean. He rushed over to the bus stop, eyeing the post and reading the number '17' on it, glad he was so close to the bus he needed.

The bus drove up the busy city streets, and pulled up to the curb beeping, doors sliding to the sides, and bus lowering for Ryou to step onto the platform. He sniffed and stepped into the bus, depositing his money into the machine, and avoiding the questioning eyes that stared at him from the exotically printed blue fuzzy seats of the bus. Ryou decided to sit in the back, closest to the door, so he could make a quick getaway, wanting nothing more than to run to Bakura. He positioned his head in his hands, puffy eyes gazing down at the slate colored, dingy bus floor, sniffling. He couldn't help but think of the time Bakura and he had been coming back from the movies one night a few years back, and how happy they'd been. It was so strange how good and cozy it had felt when Bakura had his arm wrapped around Ryou's waist, laughing joyously as the two joked with each other the whole way home. Ryou hadn't been more than eleven at the time, and the two had only known each other a good month at that point, but he already knew his and Bakura's friendship would last a long while. Bakura was so different than anyone he had ever met, and that was what attracted Ryou to him so much... of course only on a friendly level.

As the bus bounced along the jagged, rocky roads of a suburban division of the city, another thought came to Ryou's mind. Marik had never liked when Ryou brought up Bakura. He always seemed almost infuriated by the idea of the guy being Ryou's best friend. Maybe that was why Mariku had dumped Ryou so suddenly, he couldn't keep up the competition on fear that Bakura would win over Ryou's heart! Ryou gasped, shaking his head vigorously. That couldn't have been the reason! Marik had never met Bakura, and even though Bakura was close to Ryou, Bakura had no desire to ever heighten their relationship. He was completely happy with how it was, and so was Ryou.

Ryou also noted that it was strange how Mariku had never even asked about Ryou's friends. It was as if his boyfriend didn't care about anyone in Ryou's life, sometimes, Ryou mused, and it even seemed as if Mariku didn't care about him, either. Marik was always so busy with his own friends ( which were numerous and plentiful) and was always kind of spacey on his later dates with Ryou, Ryou always wondered if Mariku even wanted to be there, or if Marik even cared. He sobbed once more into his hands, snot soaking up into his already drenched sleeve. Mariku had never loved Ryou. He had been so stupid to think someone so great could ever care for him that much. He then started to regret the day he'd ever met Marik...

He gazed up, crystalline tears evident on his pale, silken cheeks as he gazed out the window, and glad he was finally there. He tugged on the rope lightly, and scooted to the edge of his seat as the bus pulled up to the number 13 stop, doors opening as Ryou scurried out of his seat and down the small stairway, around the corner and out the doors, taking a moment to breathe in the cool autumn winds. He had to admit, he was kind of glad the weather had cooled down over the last month, though he'd have enjoyed it more thoroughly if he hadn't been stuck out in the rain, and he didn't have to walk another block to get to Bakura.

He sneezed, sniffling as he made his way down the wet, paved suburban street, peering up to look at the downpour, and all the similar houses. They were all so pretty, yet all the same. There wasn't a unique thing about a one of them; nothing that made one stand out more than the other, and that was exactly how he felt about living here. Sure, the area wasn't the worst in places to raise a family in, but like any other adventurous teenager, he had always wanted to get away. He had almost went as far as going on a road trip with some guy he had met over the summer, but Bakura had talked him out of it, saying it wasn't safe. He had to admit his friend was probably right... but still. It had to have been better than knowing your summer was wasted with a jerk that did nothing but lie to you all the time.

He trotted sadly up to a light gray house with trimmed, newly planted green grass, making sure to go up the pathway, knowing Isis put all her heart into her yard. Isis always made the garden look so beautiful in the spring and summer. Now most of the flowers had crumbled for the oncoming winter, and all that were left was rotting stems. Ryou sighed, taking a deep breath as he stared down at the welcome mat before ringing the doorbell. He really hoped Bakura would be here...

His question was yet to be answered as someone opened the door, pouty frown upon the teen's face, soft lavender eyes peering up almost agitatedly to the boy that stood before him. Ryou sniffed and gave him a small smile, waving slightly.

"I-is Bakura here?"


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