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Malik thought his day was going horrible…

Then he saw Mariku sitting at his table in his sixth period Chemistry, and suddenly, it got worse. No word could describe the bubbling pit in Malik's stomach or the heated look in Malik's eyes. A couple of kids even backed away as the fuming blonde rampaged through the classroom, kicking a chair out of his way as he hurdled over to the table, growling as he found Mariku and a girl he disliked laughing, looking to be having a great old time.

Lilac eyes filled with beguilement as prickly haired Mariku found his newest target standing in front of him, looking as if he was about to steam like a tea pot. It amused him dearly how frustrated the younger boy got around him, and this was only the second time they'd met! His nude, thin lips curved into a brash smile, white teeth gleaming. "Oh Malik-chan, you're in this class too? What a surprise."

Malik heaved, gritting his teeth in acrimony. "A surprise? A SURPRISE? No! A plate of freshly baked cookies when you come home from school is a surprise! This is a nightmare!" Malik hollered, injuring the sensitive ears of his classmates. Mariku chuckled, unfazed by Malik's ill-tempered attitude. His arm uncoiled to reach for Malik, intending to give Malik's back a pat. The upset blonde's hand grabbed Mariku's before the older male's fingers even got to feel the cotton material of Malik's tee shirt.

"Don't fucking touch me you foul, foul creature!" Mali screamed, smacking Mariku's hand like a mother would to it's annoying child. The girl sitting at the table gave a giggle.

"Gee Malik! You're like a monster, cool down!" Malik's harsh eyes turned to the girl, giving her a glare, wishing his eyebrows had secret lasers in them to slice her in half. He tried his hardest not to punch the girl, remembering it was wrong to hit females… But god damn, he would've liked to.

"Yeah monster Malik! Cool down, it's just a class, Tiger!" Mariku joked, smirking, taking great pleasure in how much he irritated the kid.

"Don't call me that, you inconsiderate bastard! I'm not a Tiger and so what if it's just a class? I hate your guts, don't you get it!" He shrieked, fists clenching in frustration. Why wouldn't the male just get up and go away?

"Uhm, that's rude!" The mocha haired girl cried, "He didn't even do anything to you Malik! Besides, why don't you just move? We don't need you to sit here, we can find better!" Malik couldn't believe the girl was rubbing her nose in something that she shouldn't even worry about! He hadn't even said anything to the air headed girl, and there she was, blabbing off like an idiot.

"How about you just shut up, Ivory? I didn't ask you for your opinion, now did I!" The girl's mouth dropped, fists launching onto her hips.

"Uhm, you have like no right to talk to me like that! Oh my god, just go away! You're so annoying, no one even likes you!" she shouted, rolling makeup caked eyes.

"Oh, cat fight," Mariku purred, watching the two with amusement. He didn't know why, but seeing the two go at it was kind of hot!

"Shut up you!" Malik yelled at him, slamming his fist on the table. "And I don't need to prove anything to you, you pretentious whore! Don't take it out on me just because all your boyfriends want from you is a good lay, and you're dumb enough to give it to them, because 'OMFG! They're hot!' or whatever it is you girls say!" His cheeks were burning from all his anger, ready to throw the table at both of them.

Ivory stood up, flurry mini skirt lifting up the slightest bit as her hand raised to her hip once more. "Uhm, no! Like you totally don't even know me you brat! I am so telling everyone what you said to me! Like, you're never going to get a girlfriend in your life!"

"…If they're anything like you, I'd rather die alone!"

"You, you asshole!" The girl was just about to lunge at him when Mariku stood up, blocking the girl from Mariku, taking her dainty hands in his.

"Calm down, you too! Geez! Ivory, cutie, why don't you just sit down okay? Malik will sit on the other side of the table with me! Damn, at least save your vat fight for after school, you don't want to get suspended." Malik huffed, glaring a the girl.

"Oh, you were going to attack me? I must have really gotten it good then."

"Malik, would you just sit down god damnit?" Mariku hollered in annoyance, eyes slitting as he looked upon the pouting male.

"I don't take orders. And yes I will sit down, but not because you say," Malik grumbled, stomping over to the plastic chair, plopping down in it. He tried to keep his mind off the strange girl, getting out his school supplies.

"Mm, fine! I still hate him though, and he's still a loser!" she cried, hugging the taller male, nuzzling into his chest. Malik's eyes traveled to the conjoined two, and the strangest thing trickled through his veins. He didn't understand why Mariku was taking her side! She hadn't done anything good, after all! …Then again, why did he even care? It's not like he wanted a hug, or any touch of Mariku's, for that matter. He tried to just ignore it, and copy down the assignment on the board. Besides, Ivory was an 'attractive' girl, to some people. She was thin with creamy, smooth skin, and long, lanky legs. She also had a large bust to add to it, and the shiniest hair Malik swore he'd ever seen, besides maybe Ryou's. She was dumb and laughed at every guy's joke. Ivory was basically any man's dream, except for the small fact that she wasn't blonde.

"Eheheh, go out with you on Saturday? Mm, I'll think about it. Give me your phone number and I'll call you tonight, okay baby?" Ivory giggled, rocking back and forth on her glittery high heel.

"M'kay Mariku! I can't wait!"

"Welcome to detention. I'm Mr. Motazua, and I don't care about you. You're not to leave the room until four o'clock, and don't bug me. I have a huge ass migraine, and you all know the rules. No eating Doritos because they smell like putrid waste, and to keep your voices down. Other than that, please leave me alone and have a great time."

"Where in the world does our school hire their staff?" Malik muttered to himself as he wrote his essay, shaking his head. Didn't the school board at least make sure the teachers were sane before they gave them a job?

"Psh. Jounouchi-kun, yeah right. Ms. Hirosaki will NEVER let you make up that test. She saw you run off with Honda from the window! You've got no chance!" Malik's head whirled to the door as he heard a familiar voice echo through the quiet room. Bakura and Katsuya Jounouchi, a feisty blonde, were both walking together, clamoring as they sat down at a table together, debating over something foreign. Malik knew the two were both 'regs' to the detention room. Katsuya was in some kind of fight every couple of days, and Bakura had a mouth bigger than two Chinas combined. He peered over to the two and received a grin and a wave of the hand, summoning the younger boy to go over to them.

Malik picked up his binder and things and waked over to the table cautiously, taking a seat with the two boys.

"Malik, why are you in here?" Katsuya asked, placing his head in his hands. It was unnatural for his friend to be disrespectful to teachers, or forget to do a homework assignment. Malik was a pretty good student, and usually wasn't one for trouble.

Malik huffed, "I got in here because of something this asshole did. I really don't want to talk about it though."

"Seto tells me you got into a fight with a girl yesterday?" Bakura purred, chewing absentmindedly on a hair piece. Malik blushed slightly, nodding.

"Yeah, so what? She was a bitch, ugh! I hate Ivory, you can't ell me you guys like her!" he seethed, shaking his head.

"…No. She is kind of cute though," Bakura said, shrugging. Katsuya raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? More so than R-"

"Never in a million years. He is the definition of beauty, and if either of you say different, you will be shot." Bakura nodded confidentially, crossing his arms. No one was better than Ryou, and that was the truth.

"Chh. Katsuya, don't even bother. He's so stuck up on Ryou, there's no point talking to him about other people." Malik sighed, scribbling down another sentence. Who really cared about future goals anyways? It wasn't like the teacher was really going to read the papers.

"Yeah, why don't you just ask him anyways? I don't get it. You're all he talks about anyways, Bakura. Might as well just get it over with, right?"

"…Wrong. Ryou only thinks of me as a 'friend', trust me. Anyway, what about Seto? Wouldn't it be easier to ask him, eh?" Bakura snickered as Katsuya's eyes widened. The blonde was still in denial that he had a crush on the rich, snobbish brunette.

"I, I'm not into him, not in the last bit! And you're jus switching subjects, Bakura! What about you Malik? When was the last time you actually liked some hot chick anyways, when you were ten?" Katsuya rolled his eyes. "You need to get laid, I bet that's why you're so uptight all the time!" Malik swatted the blonde in the head, huffing.

"No, that isn't what I need you idiot. No one's worth having me anyways. Everyone at this school is an idiot, trust me. No one's worth it, and that's all there is. I'd rather be alone than with anyone anyways. Being in a relationship is annoying! I don't want to be big and whiny like all you guys. It's all anyone ever talks about, and I have too much going no anyways. I don't have time for girls." Bakura and Katsuya gave each other a knowing look, rolling their eyes. Even if Malik had taken a fondness for anyone, it was unlikely for him to say so.

"Meh, well, whatever. Ugh, I'm so hungry… Malik, what's Isis making for dinner tonight?" Bakura asked, reclining in his chair, patting his shapely stomach, groaning. Malik raised an eyebrow.

"I don't really know yet. You can come over if you want though I guess. Even if I didn't want you over you'd come anyways." Malik shrugged. Bakura grinned, and nodded, laughing.

"Yeah, okay. Ryou's coming too though, he's lonely since the breakup with that guy. I want to make sure he's alright." Bakura huffed as Malik glared at him. "Malik, he's sweet and he's coming! You have no say in this! Besides, Isis loves that boy to death, you know she does!" Malik nodded in defeat, planting his head on the desk.

"Yeah, I know. I'm just tired. You guys are sharing the top bunk. I'm too tired and annoyed to share the bed with you. You're always snoring or kicking, and you're a blanket hog too! And Ryou-kun always clings to me. I hate it!" he admitted, pouting slightly. He could remember many nights years ago when he'd wake up in the middle of the two on a freezing night, when Ryou would be clinging to him for warmth, and Bakura would be snoring, cuddled in all the blankets. Ryou and he used to do the weirdest things to Bakura during sleep. He could remember that too! One time, they'd put sausage in his boxers… Ryou had been a strange, strange eleven-year-old.

"What? Hey, I do not hog all the blankets! Besides, you're always talking in your sleep! I'd rather sleep with Ryou anyways. I like it when he clings; I like it very much…" Bakura stated in a dreamy tone, eyes going glassy just thinking of the nights when he'd gotten to hold Ryou. Malik rolled his eyes and peered over to Joey who'd already set his head down for a nap. He blinked as the door opened again, and his absolute favorite person in the whole wide world walked in.

"Eh, sorry I'm late teach. I had a tummy ache," he said, feigning a sad face. Malik sighed and turned his attention back to his paper. He heard the scraping of a chair on the floor and gave a small scream when he found himself face to face with Mariku. He clutched his chest and gave a deep breath, soft features hardening, remembering their earlier meetings.

"What the hell do you want? There's five other tables, can't you sit somewhere else?" Malik growled, meeting the man's gaze, glaring.

Mariku gasped. "Malik! That's no way to treat a friend! Tsk, tsk, didn't your mother teach you better manners?" Bakura and Katsuya both gave a nervous cough. Malik folded his arms defiantly, frowning.

"My mother's dead."

"…Oh, uhm…" Mariku trailed off awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. "Sorry then? Anyway, who are your friends?"

"I can't believe you're being nice to him!" Malik hissed, glaring at his cotton haired friend as he kept a close eye on the blonde who was currently sharpening his pencil.

"Chh! How can you not expect me to like someone who loves chili dogs and Alien Versus Predator? Those are my two favorite things in the world! I could never hate someone who liked those! Heck, I'd fucking screw him for those reasons!" Malik stared in bewilderment at his best friend. How on earth could anyone like a guy like that! Only an idiot like Bakura would make hot dogs and lame sci-fi movies qualifications for friendships! It probably wouldn't matter if Mariku was going to assassinate Malik, if he liked chili dogs and AVP, Bakura wouldn't give a care in the world.

"…Bakura, I hate him so you should!" Malik protested, gnawing is lower lip in anger.

"Malik he was nice the whole time! All he did was give you a noogie and call you "Tiger" once or twice. He was eyeing you…"

"…Eyeing me?" Malik raised an eyebrow. "Why, was there something on my face? What'd you guys do when I wasn't looking!" Bakura chuckled, patting the clueless blonde on the head.

"You don't get it, do you?" Bakura leaned over and pressed his lips against the boy's ear, smirking some. Malik shuttered as words were echoed into his ear. Because, he likes you, Malik."

"Because he likes you Malik! Likes me? Why would he 'like' me? He was just flirting with like five girls and he likes me? What would that idiot be looking at me for? Is Bakura really that idiotic!" Malik ranted, arms crossed as he stomped his way home from school by his lonesome. His lilac eyes were drowned with pure irritation. Ever since Bakura had said those words… He shivered as he remembered the feeling of the other boy's lips grazing over his ear. Bakura was so…

Stupid. Even stupider for saying that! Mariku like him? Immoral and utterly disgusting. He sighed as he halted at a crosswalk, rolling his hues as some annoying teenagers screamed stuff out the window at him as they drove by in their parent's Cadillac, thinking they were the fucking definition of cool. Malik absolutely hated people like that and was sure beyond no doubt, Mariku was just like that.

He crossed the street at a fast pace, wishing to not displease the waiting cars. He was sort of glad Bakura's mom had picked him up to go to the dentist after school because honestly, he felt like being alone. Besides, he was going to be cursed with hearing him and Ryou flirt all night, and listen to their pillow talk. Ugh, how in the world did the two not see how much they liked each other? Malik swore they were either very stupid, or just plain blind. Even Isis noticed how much Bakura fancied the other milky haired boy. Then again, she had kind of walked in on them when Bakura was explaining what exactly he'd do to Ryou if ever the two got drunk together… Isis hadn't been happy, no surprises there. Malik even remembered her grumbling once about how every time she sees Ryou now, she can imagine him moaning and Bakura stripping the poor boy down and ropes and chains and…yeah. Not something every sister wants to think about when she sees her brother's friends.

After walking in silence, flipping off some annoying crows along the way, Malik approached his street finally, rolling his eyes as he stepped in a small puddle. Stupid rain and it's inconveniences. He slid off his backpack to get his house key since his sister's car wasn't in the driveway, indicating she was quite home yet. He really hoped she made him a snack before he left. He was too lazy to cook that afternoon. All he wanted to do was grab something to eat and pass out tiredly on the couch in front of the TV for a couple of hours until Bakura came over and ruined his night.

Upon entering the house, he kicked off his shoes and dashed into the kitchen to check the fridge, finding leftovers from last night. 'Good enough', he thought, opening the leftover Alfredo sauce and noodles and tossing them in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Malik opened up the silverware drawer and grabbed out a pair of chopsticks, sighing. Only a couple months in and he was already dying for Summer time. If it wasn't for Bakura and Comedy Central, he wasn't sure he'd ever survive through the school year. Just thinking of all the 'wonderful' things going on in his life made him kinda want to just curl up and die. But then Isis would cry, Bakura would end up getting all his video games, and his classmates and Mariku would all throw a party because the annoying, PMSing male would be gone and there would be no one for the teacher to favor any longer. He couldn't give his classmates the satisfaction though, and especially not that dirty, disgusting scumbag Mariku! Sure the male took showers regularly (he hoped), and brushed his abnormally spiky hair, but ugh…

Stupid jerk. He jumped slightly as the timer went off and grabber his noodles from the microwave along with a little box of organic milk, and headed to the living room to go and live out his boring day.

"Ryou sweetheart, are you staying for the night?" The caramel skinned woman asked, giving the slightly shorter boy a pat. He in return, smiled and nodded triumphantly.

"Yes Isis-san, if it's alright with you, of course! It's been such a long time since I've been able to just hang out here! Thank you for having me over, by the way!" Ryou chimed, giving Malik a genuine smile. Bakura chuckled and gave the boy's head a small kiss, making Ryou's smile widen some, eyes traveling to look at their conjoined hands. Oh yeah, 'just friends'. Malik snorted and nodded some, yawning.

"Eh, yeah. Welcome I suppose."

"Mn, gee Malik, you really seemed sincere about that! Mn, Ryou-chan, you haven't settled for Bakura have you now? I know you can do much better than that!" Isis joked, smirking at the almost regretful glare Bakura gave her.

"Awe, no! We're just friends, like we've always been! Right, 'Ku-chan?" Ryou countered, looking up to the taller male, eye lashes fluttering. Bakura found his knees growing weak, and that same fluttering feeling rising in his stomach. Ugh, he was so lucky to even be able to hold hands with such a wonderful little being. He would never, ever let anyone else in the world call him a nickname like that, it was just, somehow when Ryou uttered 'Ku-chan, it was cute… Then again, everything about Ryou was that way to Bakura. Sometimes it really sucked to worship someone who would never feel the same… "U-Uhm, 'Ku-chan?" The sweet voice rang. Malik eyed the two and rolled his eyes once more, leaning against the wall. He recognized that look in Bakura's eye, it had been there so damned long…Ryou on the mind, Ryou wanted in the pants.

"Bakura!" Malik shouted, awakening the boy from his daydreaming.

"Ack, ack! Yeah, right Ry-chan! God, kill me Malik, why don't you?" Bakura grumbled, glaring at the sandy blonde boy.

"Heh, you guys are all still the same! I'm going to order pizza if that's okay with everyone!" Malik's sister chimed, eyeing the three males adoringly. No matter how much of a brat Bakura was, she still loved him.

"Just make sure to not get meat! We wouldn't want Malik to throw up all over the cat again, would we?" Ryou joked, Bakura and Isis soon joining him in a fit of giggles. Erg! Stupid pretty, undeniably sweet Ryou! It had only been one time a year ago, and it still hadn't gone away!

"It was only one little fish, and I didn't throw up a lot on Farrah! It wasn't even my fault, it was that asshole pizza guy's! We said no meat at all on the cheese pizza, but did he listen? No.."

"Malik, please! You still could've checked the slice for it! It doesn't even matter, either way, you're still guilty, and it still took a week before that cat stopped smelling like pure vomit!" Bakura exclaimed, arm creeping to wrap around Ryou's slim waist. Ryou smiled and leaned against him instinctively, his own arm wrapping around Bakura's midsection. Ryou loved how Bakura always wore his favorite brand of his cologne. He remarked once about how he loved the smell of some Adidas cologne called 'Moves', and the next day he remembered smelling said brand on Bakura. He still remembered what Bakura said after, too.

"If I ever want to attract someone as cute as you, I need to pull off the smell, right?"

God, Ryou adored him. His emerald eyes peered up to Bakura, who was, as usual, in a fight with Isis and Malik about something as stupid and meaningless as always. Ryou had never really told Malik, but he always loved staying over at Malik's the most. He felt like another member of the slightly strange family, and protected and loved, the same feeling he never felt at his own home. His father was always away, and Bakura's parents were too, at meetings and company parties. It never surprised him that Bakura spent most of his time here. Ryou would've done the same if only he had the guts to ask Malik, and thought Malik wouldn't mind. Malik always got irritated quickly around him though, and Ryou never really got why. He loved Malik, and the introversive, catty way the boy thought. He always thought of himself and Malik as opposites, yet somehow, they clicked.

"I'm not going to freaking throw up on the cat again, Bakura. Just shut up and let my Sister order the pizza!" Bakura snickered. Nothing was funner than irritating Malik. He pulled Ryou closer, making the boy squeak slightly, purring some at the feeling of Ryou nuzzling against him. Erg…Ryou made it so hard not to fall absolutely head over heels in love.

"It's okay Malik-chan! I believe in you, I know you won't do it again," Ryou chimed, smiling some. Malik snorted, crossing his arms defiantly.

"Gee, thanks for believing in me, Ry." Ryou giggled and gave a nod, snuggling against Bakura some.

"Mnrr, Malik, let's go and jump on the trampoline! Fifty cents says Ryou cracks within two jumps!"

"AH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! Q-QUIT!" Ryou shrieked as he bounced up at least four feet in the air, feet and arms flailing about, Malik and Bakura cackling. It reminded Malik of old times, bouncing Ryou so high they thought he would touch the sky.

"No, never! This is what you get for being a lightweight!" Bakura cried, double bouncing him once more.

"Haha, this is payback for bringing up the pizza!" Malik cried, bouncing in unison with his best friend, watching as the other's snowy white hair flailed everywhere.

"No fair, no fair! Bakura made fun of you more than I did, I just brought it up! I hate you guys, you kn-know that!" Ryou cried, gasping for breath as the two stopped jumping, falling onto the trampoline mat with a squeak of the springs.

"Heh, no you don't Ry-chan. You adore us and you know it," Bakura hissed, rolling onto his stomach to rest his head upon Ryou's thigh. Malik's feet hoisted themselves to sprawl out across Bakura, hands set neatly on his abdomen.

"Ack, so tired…even if your screaming kind of hurts my ears, it was a good workout," Malik pointed out, lilac hues peering up to the darkening skies.

"Yeah, it sure was, even if I almost died," Ryou whispered, a hand trailing down to play idly in Bakura's hair, who gave the hand a nuzzle.

"Chh, you did not, Ry-chan. You were fine, and even if you would've tried falling, I would've jumped off ahead and been your cushion to fall on. I can't let you go and get hurt," Bakura stated simply, closing his eyes. Ryou laughed, amused at the answer.

"You would do that for me? That's sweet, but if I fall first, I don't think you'd make it!"

"Meh, he'd probably catch you before you even fell, or manage something. After all, you are his precious, right, Bakura?" Malik teased, rolling his eyes humorously.

"Yeah, just like Mariku is yours?" Ryou head shot up, widened eyes resting on the sight of Malik.

"Y-You like Mariku Malik-kun?"

"WHAT? Fuck no! He's, he's…freaking….I hate him so much. I would never even think of liking trash such as him!" the boy cried out, huffing. Bakura snorted, which earned him a good kick from Malik.

"Oh, okay then. I saw that he went to our school, and I was…a little stressed. But, I, I wouldn't mind if you did like Mariku or anything. You haven't really been with anyone, and if anyone could make Mariku be good, it's you, Malik-kun!" Ryou chimed, smiling some.

"…But, I never said I WANTED to be with that asshole. I hate him, Ryou. I've already told you both everyone at our school sucks. I'd rather die lonely then ever date any of them," Malik chided, 'humph'ing.

"Awe, you hurt my feelings, Malik? Does that mean I never have a shot?" Bakura joked, giving him a kick back.

"Chh, like you'd want one anyways. Your mind is still full of the same person it has been for years." Confused emerald orbs blinked to Bakura.

"For years? 'Kura? You like someone?" Ryou asked, giving a head tilt.

"Uhm, oi, no! I, I don't like anyone right now," Bakura lied, giving the boy a light squeeze.

"Oh, s-so you just aren't going to tell me?"

"No, Ryou, I really just don't like anyone!"

"Have I really been away that long that you guys won't even tell me your secrets anymore?" Ryou suddenly cried out, tears forming in his pools. "Y-You both j-just…it's like we aren't even best friends anymore! We used to do this all the time Bakura! I, I never even get invites to come over here anymore…" Bakura gasped and sat up, pulling the crying male into his arms.

"Shh, Ryou, no! It isn't like that! It's just that you were always so busy with all your boyfriends, you missed a lot of stuff."

"B-But…Bakura? I, I don't want to miss things anymore! I feel like you guys hate me!" Ryou sobbed out, nuzzling into the elder boy's shirt. Malik sighed. 'Gee, maybe the reasons you don't get invites anymore is that when you do, you always accuse us of leaving you out, or hating you, and then you end up crying and making Bakura stay with you half the night. Every time we invite you fucking to come over, you end up going on a date, get a damn clue..' Malik thought, hopping off the trampoline.

"…I'll be back," he mumbled, Bakura eyeing him as he treaded for the house, knowing damn well he wouldn't be back.

"Ryou-chan, we don't hate you, it's just…you're always busy and Malik and I well, we aren't. We just have different interests now I suppose."

"B-But Bakura, why doesn't he ever talk to me, then? We used to all be so close! All he ever says to me is 'hi' at school! I, I want him to like me like old times, Bakura! I see him roll his eyes at me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong Bakura, I really don't!" His nose nudges against the other's neck, eyelashes drifting over wet eyes. Bakura sighed and rested back against the trampoline with Ryou atop of him, hand rubbing his back soothingly.

"He's just going through a phase, Ryou. He's been so moody this year. Something's wrong…I'm not sure what exactly has been going on with him lately, but it's not you. I promise you sweetheart, it isn't you. Now stop crying and give me a damn hug. It's cold and I need your body warmth!" Ryou nodded and smiled some, sniffling as he wrapped his arms around Bakura, snuggling against him.

"So…what do you think it is? I, I mean, what do you think is wrong with him 'Ku-chan?"

"Honestly?" Bakura sighed, "I think…I think he needs a good heartbreak."

"What?" Ryou asked, tilting his head to the side. "Why would Malik want a good heartbreak, 'Kura-chan?" Bakura chuckled, eyeing the adorable boy happily.

"I mean, Ryou, he's ready to date someone, ad I think he has the hots for Mariku."

"…But he just said he hated Mariku!"

"Some people just say they hate the things they really love. Trust me, this guy already has the hots for Malik, I could tell. The hard part is making Malik stop being such an asshole and admitting his crush. It'll be hard but…I want him to be better again." Ryou nodded and gave Bakura's nose a quick peck.

"I want that too, even if it is with my ex-boyfriend. We have to do something to make Malik fun again. I think Mariku would get along great with him…something about them. Yeah, I think I've even got a plan." Ryou giggled.

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