The sun rose, enchanting the once dark city in brilliant rays of light, spreading its massive warmth across the horizon like a blanket of purity, banishing the sins of yesterday and welcoming a new, sunny morning.

The clouds dispersed, allowing the sun to filter into Anzu's window and brighten her room, awakening her the moment the orange light reached her sealed eyes.

Groaning dismally, ignoring the persistent ring of her alarm clock, she resumed a light sleep, basking in the remains of pleasant dreams.

Reluctantly she tore her blankets off her, tossing the blue comforters and forcing her body to retreat from bed and head into the bathroom.

I hate Mondays....

She yawned, patting her way into the bathroom where she began to shed off her pajamas and prepare a bath.

Settling on the toilet seat, she sleepily waited, briskly feeling the waters temperature till it was lukewarm, before proceeding to step into the tub and shower.

Twenty minutes later she exited the bathroom, a blanket of steam pillowing behind her hurried steps as she quickly began to dress for school.


"All done," She murmured, finishing the duty of tying the laces of her brown loafers, before rising off her bed.

Matting down her blue skirt and pink blazer to rid any wrinkles she'd missed when ironing, she then exited her room after satisfaction was met, damp hair bouncing and shedding water on her shoulders as she trotted downstairs.

"Let's see....." Anzu hummed to herself, clearing the shelves as she searched the refrigerator.

"I know! Waffles sounds pretty good right about now," She shut the fridge, before checking the pantries for the mix and syrup.


She closed the pantry with the mix and bottle of syrup in her hand, before looking to the door. Was I....imagining that?


"Definitely not!" She set the mix and syrup down on the counter, then ran to the door.

"Coming, Coming!" She opened the door and stared down the path into a sleek black limousine parked along the sidewalk.

A limo? That could only mean...

"Hey Anzu! Down here!" A boyish voice laughed out.

She looked down and stared wide-eyed at...

"Mokuba!" She gaped in surprise. What's he doing here? And this early in the morning!

"One and only," He grinned childishly.

" I--what--I'm--why the sudden visit?" She finally managed to sputter out, eyeing him warily.

"Well, ya' see," He barely glimpsed the vehicle parked several feet behind him, before shuffling closer to her as if to keep his upcoming words a secrecy.

"Big brothers going on some business trip this weekend and--"

"You need a babysitter?" She finished, smiling faintly.

"Please Anzu!" He begged. "I can't ask Yuugi," He gave a downward look. "Seto hates Yuugi,"

"I see...." She whispered. Well I am free this weekend. No dance rehearsal, and Mokuba is right. Kaiba hates Yuugi. Or for that matter everyone.

"Sure, alright,"

"You mean it?" He smiled boyishly. "ALRIGHT!!" he cheered.

The window at the back of the limo steered down, revealing Kaiba's agitated expression. "Well Mokuba? Are you ready to go yet?"

Mokuba silently thanked Anzu, before running toward the vehicle. "Sure am big bro! Let's go get that ice cream!"

ICE CREAM!? Kaiba never takes Mokuba out!

She studied the CEO, completely ignoring her as he opened his door and scooted further back, allowing Mokuba to take his place in back with him.

Mokuba waved in her direction. "See ya' later Anzu!"

She waved weakly. "Yeah.....bye........"

The sleek limousine zoomed off with a mere command from the CEO, before it vanished down the street.

"Well that was.....weird,"

All in five minutes she found out she'd be taking care of Mokuba this weekend, and something was definitely up with Kaiba.

Since when did Kaiba let other people baby-sit for Mokuba? He'd rather pay someone to do it!

Then there was that teeny-tiny question in the back of her head. Why me? Kaiba doesn't like me either!

"My head hurts," She retreated back inside, shutting her door with a sigh.

"I've never baby-sat before...." She went back into the kitchen. " It's a good thing Mokuba's old enough to pretty much handle himself. All I have to do is worry about the cooking,"

Mokuba's not a bad kid either. It's a surprise him and Kaiba are blood-related!

She looked at the clock. Seven-thirty.

"Plenty of time before school,"

She picked up the batter and mix for the waffles. "Well Anzu, you'd best get use to making these. Because you'll be making them a lot this weekend,"

"Ya' WAT!?"

Anzu sighed for the tenth time. "I'm baby-sitting Mokuba this weekend,"

Jou's eyes rounded, and his mouth remained gaped open, no doubt letting flies and what not take habitat inside.

"Are ya' crazy!" Jou sputtered out, wailing his arms out. "Did ya' faget whose--"

Anzu cut him off. "Yes Jou, I am very well aware that Kaiba is Mokuba's brother,"

"And ya' doin' dat jerk a fava'!?"

"No, I'm doing Mokuba a favor," It was a surprise how she managed to understand the blonde New-Yorkers accented speech with ease.

"Jou you have to be understanding. Anzu knows what she's doing," Yuugi intercepted.

The short dueler faced her. "Right, Anzu?" He chirped.

I hope so....

Honda crossed his arms over his chest with a hard expression. "I don't know..,"

The three friends faced him.

"So ya' agree!?" Jou muttered, hoping his best-guy friend would side with him.

"...I don't know," Honda repeated.

Yuugi blinked. "Don't know what......Honda?"

Honda faced them with a serious expression. "If I should have pizza or a cheeseburger for lunch today,"

Anzu slapped her forehead with a nervous laugh. Should've known....

"Even I dun have time ta think about ma stomach!" Jou muttered.

"Why would you, Wheeler? You're use to eating Dog Chow after all," A smooth, deep voice remarked.

"Kaiba!" Jou regarded, whirling on the tall CEO with raised fists. "Who asked ya', ya jerk!"

The teenage CEO vaguely smirked, bowing his head and shutting his eyes. "Afraid I don't understand mutt language, Wheeler,"

Jou sneered. "Ya gonna pay for dat, Kaiba!"

"Kaiba!" Yuugi muttered, glaring up at the towering boy with the crudest glare he could achieve. Sadly, it wasn't at all a glare..

Oh boy... Anzu rolled her eyes to the side, sympathizing the pro-dueler.

"Pizza.......or cheeseburger," Honda was busy weighing out his options, using his hands to animate his decision.

Kaiba sneered, then proceeded to briskly saunter around Jou and Yuugi with eased strides, before towering above Anzu with a firm stare.

"Mazaki," He addressed in a condescending manner.

"....Kaiba...." She drawled with hesitation, warily watching him.

He sauntered off, and she had the odd feeling he wanted her to follow.

She looked back to her friends.

"No way Anz!" Jou shouted, detecting her motion to follow the CEO. " Dat jerk Kaiba'll probably try an mess wit ya' mind!"

Honda's eyes rounded. "You mean, like brainwashing?!"

"Guys stop over-reacting. If Kaiba tries to 'brainwash' me, I promise to cry for help,"

Jou nodded. "You'd betta. Dat is, if ya' plan on keeping ya memories!"

Anzu laughed silently to herself. Could those two be any more imaginative?

Finally, she trekked off in the direction she'd seen Kaiba vanish in.

Now where did that Kaiba run off too? Boy he's a fast walk---

"Gah!" She slammed into something solid, and almost instantly her hand rushed to her nose to tend to it where she'd impacted the object.

"Oww..." She prepared to glare at it, when she realized it was a person. A person named...

Seto Kaiba..... She thought dryly. Should've known him to pop out of nowhere like that.

He stared down at her, watching her move away from him as she continued to rub at her nose.

"Nothing irritates me more than involving people in Mokuba's life," Kaiba began, chin rising, eyes hardening.

"So let's get this straight, Mazaki," He added before she had time to question his prior words.

"If anything happens to Mokuba, you'll be at fault. Understood?" He eyed her crudely.

She nodded.

"He'll be dropped off at your house Friday night," He instructed.

That's a surprise. You'd think he'd want me to go to his house. Then again, the idea of me in his mansion probably isn't pleasing to him...

She let out a knowing laugh. Kaiba arched a brow, eyeing her as if she belonged in some insane asylum.

She immediately quieted and shifted unconsciously under his scrutinizing eyes.

"Another thing, Mazaki," He began, shifting his eyes to regard her male companions several feet away, out of hearing range.

"Don't involve your little friends. Especially the mutt," Kaiba eyed the blonde not far away, almost disgustingly.

"I'd rather Mokuba not pick up the mutts manners,"

"Listen Kaiba," She started, annoyed by his condescending attitude toward her friends.

"I'm doing this only for Mokuba. The least you could do is not talk about Joey like that,"

"Listen, Mazaki," He echoed, tone harsh. "I don't have time for your petty games,"

His eyes drew slanted. "The only reason I bothered asking you was for Mokuba's sake. Nothing more."

I know that! She wanted to scream, but merely nodded grimly. "Then the feeling is mutual Kaiba,"

She hesitated, but quickly added. "And I'll take care of him like my own brother. So don't worry,"

This was Kaiba, and the last thing she wanted was to be on friendly terms with him. But she always ended up feeling guilty acting rude to him.

His expression remained stone hard. "Let's see you keep your word, Mazaki," With that, he stalked off.

She frowned. The least he could be is appreciative!

"Not even a thank you," She mumbled. That's Kaiba alright. Forget what I said early....

"He's the same as ever," She breathed aloud.

"So ya' goin' through wit it?" Jou asked her, leaning on the locker beside her own as she pulled out her mathematics book at the end of the day.

She nodded, putting her book in her book bag and shutting her locker. " Be honest Jou, what do you have against Mokuba?"

"Nuttin'," The blonde replied, before adding matter-of-factly. "Just his jerk of a brutha',"

She sighed. "So what if Kaiba is his brother? How does that affect your attitude to the poor kid?"

Jou contemplated a moment. "Ain't it obvious? The kid'll probably grow up to be just like Kaiba!"

"Come off it Jou! I'm baby-sitting Mokuba and there is nothing you can do to change my mind,"

"'Cept for dat project we gots ta do for bi--bio....."

"Biology," Anzu supplied. "And project? You were actually paying attention in class?"

Jou shrugged. "Only cuz the teach said sumthin' bout food,"

She laughed incredulously. "She didn't say food Jou,"

"I coulda' sworn," He muttered, thinking back to third period.

"But she did say cultures in Indonesia resort to eating frogs,"

Then reminded him. "Which is what we'll be dissecting next week," She shuddered at the thought.

"I know!" He grumbled, irritated by her motherly tone.

"And to think.." She smiled. "You and Kaiba are partners!"

"Ova' my dead body!" He muttered. "I can't stand dat guy! So a' course I get him as a partna',"

She laughed. Jou never fails to amaze me.

"Ey'," Jou called, when she began to trek out of the hall with him rushing beside her.

"Who's your partna'?"

"Ryou," She supplied happily. I'm glad I got paired with him and not one of the guys!

"Ah-huh," Jou grinned boyishly.

"What?" She demanded, stopping to eye him. "Why are you smirking like that?"

"Nah, its nuttin'. No reason, Anz,"

She frowned but reluctantly began to walk on.

"Ya' sure like dat kid huh?"

"What kid?" She whirled on him. "Who are you talking about?"

He chuckled. "Ya' know who I'm talkin' 'bout. Ryou,"

She flushed. "You're crazy. Ryou's my friend,"

"Hello Chaps," The British accent was a dead giveaway. Speaking of dead, or at least wanting to be dead at that very moment....

Ryou? What's Ryou doing here!? I thought he left to the Game Shop with Honda and Yuugi!

Anzu silently panicked in thought as the white-haired teen walked into view.

"Ey' dere Ryou. We was just talkin 'bout ya'. Anz ova' here was sayin how she was in lo--"

Anzu clamped a hand over the blonde's mouth, giving Ryou an apologetic stare. "He's.....delusional,"

When Ryou blinked in non-understanding, she went on. "Hasn't eaten all day........it's probably gotten to him,"

Jou wailed his arms in protest, trying to get her to remove her hands from his mouth. Ryou smiled wildly.

"Oh I see! What can I do for me mates?" He contemplated a moment, before cheerfully opening the flap to his book bag.

"I brought some caviar!" Ryou chirped in offering, preparing to reveal the English delicacy from his book bag.

Jou blanched, waving his arms about frantically. "Nah, dats alright man!"

"You sure?" Ryou blinked innocently as the blonde continued to bob his head in assurance.

"Yeah..." Jou paused to think up a liable reason. "My sista' promised to cook for me today....so uh..."

Anzu laughed to herself. Is that the best lie he can come up with?

"Oh I see!" Ryou clapped delightedly. "You two must have a wonderful relationship!" He added jubilantly.

Jou laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head as he slowly retreated from them. "Uh......yeah...."

Looks like Jou owes me. Again... Anzu sighed.

"We," Anzu pointed to herself, then Ryou. "Have a date. So if you'll excuse us,"

"A what!?" Jou babbled in bewilderment.

" A---d---da-date!?" Ryou looked about ready to faint.

"Not like that. Ryou's coming over to my house so we can work on the oral part of the project,"

Well they were supposed to Wednesday, but it seemed plans changed all thanks to Jou's professional 'screwing-up'.

Jou chuckled. "It'll be oral alright,"

"JOUNOUCHI!!" She couldn't believe he just said that! Wait......on second thought...

Ryou passed out on the floor.

Anzu blanched. "RYOU!"

Jou took that opportune time to race off. "Catch ya' later, Anz! I owe ya' one!"

"Oh! Jou get back here!" She shouted, wailing her fist. She sighed dismally, then eyed the fainted Ryou.

Now what am I going to do?

Kneeling down, she lugged the unconscious boy, partially dragging--partially carrying him to her house.

Ryou blinked, groggily eyeing the pillow his face was stuffed in, before realizing he was sprawled out on a sofa. An unrecognizable sofa....

I've been kidnapped! He shrieked

Anzu walked in and hurriedly came beside him. "Ryou? Calm down!"

"W-where am I?"

"My house,"

He rubbed the sleeplessness from his eyes. "Then I did faint?"

She nodded with a faint laugh. "Just forget Jou. He can be a jerk sometimes,"

He flushed, recalling the blonde's devious implications .

Anzu looked away from him with an inward laugh. It's a surprise Ryou caught on. Normally stuff like that flies right over his head!

She got up from the couch where she'd absently gravitated towards during their conversation. "I made some food while you were......asleep,"

He regarded her with an apologetic grimace. "I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble,"

She batted her hand despondently. "Don't worry about it." Then again her back ached like....

"I-I don't want to intrude either....." He interrupted her thoughts with a downward look of guilt.

She laughed. "Don't be silly! We'll be working on that poster for awhile, so I thought ' why not make some snacks!',"

He smiled appreciatively. "I'm glad we're partners," His eyes drew down in crescent shapes, accentuating his boyishly good looks.

She studied him a moment, before motioning toward the kitchen with an uncomfortable shuffle. I can't believe I just thought Ryou was.........CUTE!

She almost had a heart attack! Ryou was her friend!

Oh who cares if you think he's cute? Doesn't mean you like him.

She nodded to herself, heading back into the kitchen. "Right, of course," She agreed aloud, then blanched nervously when Ryou eyed her.

"Of course what?" He entered the kitchen moments after she did, and studied the delectably- sized Mousse cake.

"Oh nothing!"

"Oh! What's this?" Ryou asked, blinking as he pointed to the chocolate cake.

Anzu grinned. "This," She extended her arm out toward the baked good as if it was some celebrity. "Is my master piece!"

" It's.......breath-taking!" He chirped, eyes rounding.

Her grin grew. "And it's all for us!"

"Us?" Ryou squeaked. "This is for........just us?"

"Just us," She echoed.

He almost fainted. "Is it possible for two people to eat it all!?"

She giggled at his naivety. "Not all of it today. Just some everyday. To fill our stomachs while we do the project,"

"Oh marvelous!" He clapped his hands together.

"Now what do you say we dig in!?"

Ryou blinked, before nodding. "I say let's---"

"Dig in," She reminded, then laughed.

"Yes! Dig in!" He cheered.

And dig in they did.....

Ryou groaned. "I believe......my eyes were far larger than my stomach,"

Anzu followed suite, groaning dismally. "Same here. But you have to admit......it was good,"

"Very," He murmured.

"We never did get started on that project," Anzu added aloud in dismay, staring down at the blank poster sprawled on the floor by their seated bodies.

Ryou eyed the colored pencils, markers, and other decorative items they planned to use on the poster scattered on the floor, unused.

"Tomorrow?" Anzu suggested, noting his sleepy expression.

He nodded, albeit eagerly. "Marvelous idea. We do have this whole week to finish it,"

"True," She drawled, then stared at him. "Want to join me for some milk?"

"Absolutely," He laughed, barely lifting himself. "I need to wash down all that chocolate!" He chimed.

She giggled. "But lets not overdue it on the milk. Sound good?"

"Sounds like a marvelous plan!"

She laughed. That's Ryou for you!

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