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I woke up one morning feeling tired and dizzy. I wondered why. Oh yeah. The thought came back to me. Last night my entire posse went to see a late night movie.

'Oh, we should NOT have had a sleepover after that' I thought miserably. I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I poked Katie who was still sleeping. Her eyes immediately opened and she jumped out of her sleeping bag dancing. Katie was like that. She would find out something horrible, and she'd shake it off in a semi second. She was NEVER angry. My opinion: Optimism is just a way of concealing our anger. But I envied her for it.

Katie had chestnut brown hair usually up in a messy bun. She had dark green eyes of glee and a nose decorated with freckles. She was one of the shortest people I'd ever seen.

"Hey, Lily! Wanna go steal some of Brook's 'secret' candy?" Katie whispered mischievously. I rolled my eyes. So like her, wanting candy first thing in the morning.

"I guess..." I said reluctantly. She grabbed my arm and pulled me down the spiral stairs.

We raced into the kitchen where six owls were sitting on the counter. Katie screamed as loud as she could for a joke. I laughed soundlessly but inside I was confused by why there were 6 birds in Brook's house, then again it shouldn't surprise me. Brook always was doing something new. One owl flew over to me and another owl flew to Katie. I was surprised at first when it landed on my shoulder, but the creature seemed gentle enough. I untied the letter from the owl. It was in some sort of weird paper, really old fashioned... P-p-parchment! That's right! I zipped it open with my calloused fingers; hang nails decorating the edges of my nail. Inside was an acceptance letter.

Dear Miss Evans,

We are glad to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We will expect a reply no later than August 5th. Your school supplies and information is enclosed in the envelope.

Deputy Headmistress Professor Patrinaque.

My jaw dropped. Whoa...did this mean? Did it mean I was a w-witch? COOL! I looked up at Katie whose face was lit up with excitement.

"Cheese and rice! Cheese and rice! Did you get the same letter?" she asked jumping up and down. I nodded eagerly. Katie screamed loudly making all the owls hoot deafeningly.
She looked horrified by what she had just created. Thankfully, Brook's parents were still sleeping, but Brook rushed downstairs followed by two sleepy looking girls. Elena, Marlena (Mena for short), and Kris tumbled out from behind Brook and glared menacingly towards them. Mena liked to sleep in because she felt it was conserving air for the rest of the world if she only slept, instead of walking around...Don't ask. Elena on the other hand had a simpler reason...Sleeping is good. Elena brushed the sleep from her eyes and stampeded down the stairs and ran to attack Katie but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the whooping owls.

"Holy crap!" Mena shrieked.

"Oh my god! What have you been doing in here?!?" yelled Elena wide-eyed. Katie giggled grinning maniacally.

"You guys! We like ALL got letters!" she hiccupped. Katie jumped up and down and clapped her hands together.

"So...? I get a lot of letters..." said Elena, an eyebrow raised.

"No stupid! Hogwarts! We're going to Hogwarts, a wizard school! We're witches!" Katie giggled.

Everyone's eyes blew up as big as golf balls. It all happened at the same time. Like they were robots, they jumped up at the same time. The grey barn owl hooted over to Lila first, and the other owls followed suite. We all high fived each other and did our secret handshake, screaming, "YEAH COOL!"

"Um...Where EXACTLY IS this school? I mean...I don't think we have one of these things in CANADA...I've lived here since FOREVER, and I've never heard of this "Hogwarts"." Kris said eyeing her letter. "Sounds all proper and stuff..."

Katie looked so happy I was scared she'd explode. Her face turned red and she made a weird noise cross between a scream and a laugh.

"So?!? If it IS in like JAPAN or something we get to fly away!" she trailed off flapping her arms like wings. We all laughed. Katie didn't know how funny she was. She OBVIOUSLY didn't mean to...Oblivious...very...

We all had started hanging out at the start of fifth grade. It moved on to the summer and we were all the very best of friends. My very best friend had always been Kris and Elena. I met them halfway through fifth grade. Elena was a Filipino girl with really dark hair which were brightened up with coppery streaks. She was about 5"0 although if you called her short she'd always find a way to get back at you, and you'd never know what hit you. That always ended about to be false rumours and gossip. She was our number one source of information. She was not shy but not quite out there and loud. Only when her friends were around she'd yell at strangers with us. She was the smartest one, a straight A student, and she preferred to think she was the most mature of the group, and sadly, considering how immature she is compared to other people, she's right...

Kris, on the other hand, was loud out-going and just as funny as Katie. She was always the one to step up first to the lame challenges the "Popular" posse dared us to do. The "Popular" posse, who were extremely, uh, shall we say, MEAN (understatement of my life), were led by Mercedes, a two-faced girl who had managed to make almost every guy fall under her spell. Kris was the one who hated Mercedes the most of all. She was honestly the vilest person we'd ever met. Can you say BEEYOTCH? Kris had dirty blond hair falling to the middle of her back. She was tall and happy. Very sarcastic. Sometimes her jokes turned out to be a little too sarcastic, and came out mean. But most of the time she was annoyingly sorry. She had hazel eyes and good features, but they all led up to one word...fun.

Brook was different. She definitely wasn't shy. In fact she was quite loud and out going. She just didn't know that she was. And was always clueless. Brook had shoulder length hair that was a nice natural looking chestnut brown. Her eyes were the exact same colour that brought out her eyelashes nicely.

Mena was the shyer one. She had frizzy dark brown hair that she usually straightened. She wore trucker hats and awesome t-shirts with happy faces. Mena had blue eyes that sparkled like running water. She was definitely the prettiest of them all, hands down, even though every girl had their own unique kind of beauty.

I, Lily, on the other hand, was probably the ugliest. I had crazy, curly red hair and green eyes. I was SO out of place with my new friends, who always managed to look good...somehow...I was born in Britain, but my parents moved a lot. I've lived in Italy, France, the US, Mexico, Canada...the lists goes on. Frankly, I hated it. I never stayed in one spot long enough to make friends. At least here, in Canada, I managed to convince my parents to let me stay here for about half of the school year, and I made friends with the HGLs, Happy Go Luckies, even though it wasn't completely true. Elena was a fierce pessimist and was definitely not happy go lucky. They should call themselves the Weird-Os. Ha.

"I hope it's in ITALY!" yelled Mena. "Non stop spaghetti!" She highfived Elena.

I shook my head. "No, I was born in Britain. Do you seriously think Canada or the US would use parchment? No, Britain for sure..." My stomach turned over. Why would I get a letter from a British school while living in Canada? I quelled my uneasy feelings, telling my mind to shut up.

"I like the sound of this school..." Katie grinned, getting a mischievous look on her face.

All of them went home later that day to tell their parents the wonderful news of their acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It turned out that Brook's parents were witches and wizards too. In fact, Brook's parents went to Hogwarts too. Mrs. Adolph, Brook's mom, explained it all to them, like why they were going to Hogwarts, which was on the other side of the world! "Canada used to be a colony of Britain," Mrs. Adolph explained. "When we split from them, it was agreed by the wizard community that 36 Canadians wizards and witches would be sent to Britain each year, and 36 British wizards and witches would be sent to Canada." Mrs. Adolph also explained magic and Hogwarts to them, which everyone found amazing, and slightly hard to believe.

Lily trudged to her house after a few blocks of walking from Brook's house. Her mind begged for sleep while her body pleaded for more candy, more fun, and more adrenaline, all of which there was none left. Lily stumbled through her doorway excited to tell her parents that she was a witch.

"Hey mom! Dad! I got accepted into Hogwarts, a wizarding school! I'm a witch!" Lily hollered in the kitchen, rubbing her eyes sleepily. Lily's dad raised an eyebrow and her mom clapped her hands together her, eyes as bright as ever.

"Oh! I just got a call from Brook's mom about that! Aren't all of you going together?" she asked happily. Lily nodded excitedly. "It'll be great. Me and my friends, at a boarding school together!" Lily snickered, thinking about all the late night pizza parties they could have. Wait...would there be pizza at Hogwarts? I mean, pizza is the only food you can eat during Hockey Night...God, do they have TVs there? Don't want to miss the Stanley Cup! haha, very typically Canadian...

"So all this witch stuff? It's true?" Lily asked. Mrs. Evans nodded.

"Yes, apparently...So I guess we have a witch in the family!"

Mr. Evans cleared his throat.

"Lily? This is going to be a little hard to hear right now but...we're moving back to Britain...London in fact...so it's good I guess! Easier and faster to get to school!" Mr. Evans said trying to be bright. Lily's jaw dropped, immediately felt curses and angry feelings coursing through her body.

"What!? That's SO not fair! Just because YOU haven't made friends doesn't mean I haven't! I've moved on! Yeah, I've moved on! I'm not moving back!" Lily yelled furiously. Mr and Mrs. Evans started to speak but Lily shook her head and pushed her hand in front of her face.

"You know what? I don't want to hear it! Ok? Just leave me alone!" Lily screamed, her face red, and ran up stairs. She slammed her door shut and started crying angry tears without delay. 'I hate them...'. As if someone knew the phone rang. She grabbed her spin dial phone and answered a little too angrily.

"WHAT!?" she screamed into the phone.

"Lils? Are you ok?" It was Brook. Lily sighed loudly.

"Sorry, my parents..." Lily sniffed, "We're moving back to London..." Brook started sniffling.

"But-you-just-got-here!" Brook said between sniffles. "They-can't-do-that!" Lily joined in on the tears some more.

"It doesn't matter...I'll still get to see you on school years and stuff!" Lily whispered.

"Yeah...'guess..." Brook said.

"Bye..." Lily whispered quietly.

"Bye..." Brook whispered even quieter.

There was a concluding click signalling the end of the conversation. Minutes later Mrs. Evans walked in and sat down beside Lily.

"I'm sorry honey...But I have a surprise for you!" She said in a hopeful voice.

"What? Am I adopted or something?" Lily spat back.

Mrs. Evans simply grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bathroom.

"Now, since you're getting older and more independent I've decided you should start putting on make up! So I got you your very own make up kit! Isn't it wonderful?" Mrs. Evans said waving her hands about frantically. Lily forced a smile. Mrs. Evans turned to a drawer and pulled out a box that was, it looked bigger, than the drawer it self. Mrs. Evans clicked open the flaps anxiously. Inside was loaded with anything imaginable! Starting with eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, liquid eye shadow, liquid eyeliner, eye lash curler, lip gloss, lip stick, lip liner, lip moisturizer, lip conditioner, lip softener, lip sun screen, eyebrow pencil, blue eyeliner, pink eyeliner, green eyeliner, red eyeliner, brown eyeliner, purple blush, burgundy blush, red blush, pink blush, and the list could go on and on forever. Lily nodded trying to be happy and said, "Thanks mom...it's just what I wanted..."

"Oh! I forgot Brook's mom said she arranged for all of you to go to some alley tomorrow to buy your school supplies!"

Lily grinned. 'Good...the only think that'll keep me alive while I pity my own situation in utter MISERY...'


Later that night Lily did everything in her power to go to sleep but nothing worked. No matter what she did she would go to sleep for 10-15 minutes and wake up marinated in sweat. She had crazy dreams, like one where she moved to like Africa or something and she had to eat bugs and her friends sent her postcards from the North Pole. She eventually just gave up and listened to music the rest of the night.

"LILY! WAKE UP! YOU'RE LATE!" screeched Mrs. Evans from the stairs. Lily must have only been asleep for 3 hours because she felt like she was dying. She crawled out of bed unwillingly. She got dressed eyes half open, then she finally realized the she was putting underwear on her foot. She finally managed a pink tank top and a plaid skirt, the only clothes Lily considered acceptable enough to wear in public. Lily braided her hair into pig tails and reluctantly put on some make up her mom had bought, because she didn't want to break her mom's bubble. She was just putting on her shoes when the doorbell rang, which she was only faintly aware of.

"LILY-PIE! YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE!" shouted Mrs. Evans. Lily raced as fast as she could downstairs. At the door all her friends hugged her sympathetically. Brook's mom, Mrs. Adolph, clapped her hands together.

"We should be off now!" she said. They all nodded and let her lead them all to Lily's fireplace. Lily was too tired to even notice the fact that there were people disappearing in her fireplace until it was her turn.

"Um...I dunno bout this..." Lily stuttered.

"Oh it'll be FINE! I did this all the time when I was your age!" Mrs. Adolph reassured.

"Ok..." Lily said half-heartedly, grabbing a handful of dusty stuff. She threw it down and yelled, "DIAGON ALLEY!" as soon as the words escaped her mouth she was spinning in all sorts of directions. Lily landed with a thud on the marble floor of Gringotts bank. Her mom had just handed her a wad of muggle money to change to wizard money a couple minutes before she left. Everyone retrieved their money and we were out into the wizarding world...

Shopping Spr-EE At Diagon Al-LEE

Kris smiled as they walked out on the street that was bustling with busy people and last minute shopping for whatever. It was so pretty... She seemed to be in a place of heaven. Besides the fact that Lily was moving back. But it was only 2 months of the year she wouldn't get to see her so it wouldn't hurt as much as going to different schools. Besides that whole deal every thing was peachy perfect. It felt like there should be a happy song on like all romantic and happy. She hummed happily to herself as Mrs. Adolph told them all to get a wand while she ran to fetch a coffee with her friends.

"So? Shall we go for the wands?" asked Lily. They nodded and followed her. As they entered the cracked door, they saw a very filthy room and a giggly looking lady, looking around middle twenties. She had bright pink hair and an overload of pink lipstick. She had three earrings dangling from each ear. They were in shapes of peace signs and yin yangs.

"Like HI!! Sorry, but like Oliver is like SO not here today! He's getting a nose job!" the ditsy lady squeaked. She wore a flowery dress with her hair incredibly short, above her ears in fact. It was all slicked down with at least half a bottle of gel. She looked like a Barbie doll gone wrong.

"Like SORRY! Forgot to introduce like myself! Heehee! I'm Shanty McNeil! I'll like help you pick out a like WAND!" Shanty giggled. Kris jumped up and down waving her hand.

"OOH! OOH! I WANNA GO FIRST!!" Kris exclaimed. Shanty nodded and directed her towards the counter. She rummaged around in the walls of shoe boxes when she pulled out a yellow wand dusted lightly with sparkly confetti (all though we didn't know at the time that it was spiders' eyes shudder). Shanty handed the wand to Kris as Kris grasped it in a dreamy smile. She waved the spider eye wand with glee. Immediately the walls began to shake and the room exploded with painful screams. Everyone smacked their hands over their ears scrunching their eyes together.


Kris, a little disheartened, placed the wand on the desk.

"Like totally like NOT!" Shanty giggled.

She dug deeper into the pile of boxes until she sighed, sounding quite satisfied with herself, and pulled out what looked like a prehistoric wand. It was a nice shade of light purple encrusted with chunks of silver.

"Ah hah... now like see here, This here is like a nice wand. It's 9 inch, palm wood, star dust interior!" Shanty said, "Isn't interior like a good like word for your like vocabulary? I know...I got it from my word calendar for dummies," she said as if it were something spectacular.

"Anyway! Give it a try!" Shanty said. Kris screwed up her eyes in concentration. She waved and the room erupted in confetti with background music of Aero Smith, 'dream on', a big hit lately. Kris giggled.

"Is that good?" Kris asked as she watched and laughed as Katie did a priceless impression of Aero Smith live.

"OF COURSE!" Shanty shrieked. The hunt went on and on until we ended up with a 11 inch cedar wood, with a hair strand from Athena (particularly pricey), for Elena, a 8 inch, willow wood, unicorn hair, for Katie, a bamboo stick formed properly into a wand, Firenze hair, for Brook, a dark red wand, cedar wood, 7 inch, phoenix feather, for Lily, and finally particularly soft velvety black wand, palm wood, hippogriff hair, for Mena.

Once they were out on the street their chatter began.

"So! I think we did pretty well you guys!" giggled Katie.

"Totally! My wand is way too kewl!" Kris said sending sparks flying at a little kid, who was now screaming 'CODE RED!' Kris laughed evilly.

"Hey guys? Wanna get some ice cream?" asked Brook, "I heard they have like really strange flavours, like chocolate frogs...I hope it's not real..." Brook now looked alarmed. Elena rolled her eyes.

"Do you really think they'd be selling us real frogs?" Elena said. "I mean, that'd break a few Health codes!"

Mena snickered. "Oh come on! This is Diagon Alley!"

Elena grinned. "Good point."

So they walked to the Ice Cream Parlour in search of chocolate frog ice cream. At the entrance everything was decorated for the summer. Yellow, Red, and Orange streamers floated around the room, obviously enchanted. Yellow suns were painted across the windows. The girls approached the counter happily although a little apprehensive except for Kris, she just walked on up.

"Six chocolate frog ice creams please," she said smiling. The clerk grinned back and yelled to the back 'SIX FROG ICE CREAMS!'

"That'll be 8 sickles and three knuts..." the clerk said. Kris looked at the rest for them to pay her their share. Kris collected the money and handed it to the clerk.

"Here y'are!"

"Thankies!" Kris said in an overly happy voice.

"So you guys! Is this school all girls or what?" asked Katie once they had seated themselves at a picnic table. Kris shrugged.

"I dunno...I hope not...there better be some attractive young fellows there..." Kris said eyes widening with every word. Mena, Brook and Katie sighed dreamily. Elena snickered.

"Your guys' hormones are incredibly active...Mine must be dormant," laughed Elena.

"Or maybe you're just weird," Kris teased back. Everyone laughed except Elena who stuck her tongue out. She was just about to reply when four boys walked in.

Meeting the Marauders

All looking for the most part very very very very attractive... Except one who was particularly ugly. A chubby boy with a big nose. Beside him was very handsome young man with messy black hair and glasses framing hazel eyes. He had a sturdy muscular looking body. Lily was staring at him like he was a god. The one beside him had black hair too, no glasses, very tall, and deep chocolate brown eyes. Last but not least was a boy with sandy blond hair. He had bright blue eyes and was a little shorter than the two with black hair.

They started walking over to the girls. Elena saw Kris hyperventilating and laughed.

"Whoa these guys must be really nice looking to let Kris loose her cool," she laughed. Everyone glared at her; silently screaming at her to shut up, don't embarrass them in front of these really cute guys!

Kris elbowed her in the stomach and took a spoon full of ice cream. The boys walked over and stood beside their table.

"Hello, what a pleasure," said the tall boy with the glasses. Lily's jaw dropped. Kris smiled, holding her hand out for him to shake. He did it politely, yet coolly; sophistication the girls hadn't heard much of.

"Hey! Who are you guys?" Kris asked, grinning flirtatiously. Mena and Katie smiled suggestively. Elena rolled her eyes, and leaned back in her chair, thoroughly disinterested, spooning ice cream into her mouth.

"Well, this is Sirius," he said pointing the boy with chocolate brown eyes, "This is Remus," he said gesturing to the sandy blond haired boy, "This is Peter," he said pointing to the unpleasantly fat boy.

"And I'm James, and may I ask who you are?" he finished coolly. Kris nodded and started the list.

"I'm Kris," Kris said, smiling, "This is Mena," she pointed to Mena, who flipped her hair, "Elena," she gestured to Elena who was still eating her ice cream nonchalantly, "This here is Lily," she motioned to Lily who was blushing furiously, her crazy red hair framing her pale porcelain face, "Brook," Kris gesticulated towards Brook who grinned widely, "And last, but definitely not least, Katie!" Kris said.

"Pop a squat!" Katie said grinning. They did and soon they're table was quite full.

"So your accents are very different, where are you from?" asked Remus intelligibly. Elena smirked.

"Canada! The best country in the world!" she challenged, watching to see their reaction.

"Yes, wasn't Canada a British colony?" James replied casually.

"Uh huh. I'd much prefer to be in Canada. But we'll be spending most of our time in Britain, we got into Hog-"But she was caught off by Kris who was glaring at her in a face that could be determined as 'what-the-heck-are-you-doing-we-aren't-supposed-to-tell-anyone', but then again, it could mean anything...

"Hogwarts?" James brightened. "So are we! This is our first year!" Kris giggled and clapped her hands together.

"OURS TOO!" she shouted. Kris was like that. When she was flirting she became a complete and utter extrovert. Even though Kris was only 11 she still knew lots of valley girl stuff. A LOT of valley girl stuff.

Sirius smiled. "You guys bought much yet?" he asked. They shook our heads.

"Naah...Just wands," said Brook. Kris smiled.

"Yes! Wanna see?!?" Kris said pulling out her wand and shooting sparks in every direction in hopes of playing Aero Smith again. She giggled.

"Yes, you're so talented," said Peter sarcastically. Kris raised an eyebrow.

"Having a bad day Petey?" she giggled. They all laughed and Peter walked out, muttering something that sounded like "Mugood" or something. Elena shot a disgusted look in his direction. Katie started laughing in her teeheeheeeheeeheeheee way. Elena rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Excuse me, I need to use the washroom," she said staring at Brook. It took Brook a moment or two to realize she wanted her to come.

"Oh! Duh!" They walked away, whispering incoherently, eyes darting towards the door where Peter had left.

So it was Katie, Mena, Lily, and Kris left chatting with the three boys. Remus seemed to be quite smart. His quick wit seemed to work well with Mena; they both said the same things at the same time. It was as thought they were long lost cousins reunited. Kris and Sirius seemed to hit it off right away. Apparently Sirius was a big Aero Smith fan too and they spent most of their time together sharing daydreams of what it would be like to meet them.

"Well, we should go...Mrs. Adolph should be getting worried!" said Mena. Brook nodded.

"Yeah, she'll ground me again if I'm late...I mean, it's understandable she wants me to clean my room. But who would have thunk that sneaking out at 10 at night is punishable?" sighed Brook. The Marauders (as they called themselves) looked disappointed.

"Well, we'll see you at Hogwarts!" grinned Remus to Mena.

"Yeah! See you guys then!" Kris said eyes bright with colour. Sirius flashed her a smile to die for and with that they left. Kris turned to her friends who were now all had a faraway look on their faces.

"Hot...tie..." Kris sighed. They all laughed and left the Ice Cream Parlour and the Chocolate Frog flavoured ice cream behind, in search for their school supplies...