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3The 'Secret' PenPals

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Kris, tumbling down the staircase, screaming her freagin' head of pretty much waking up the whole school.

"SPIDER IN MY BEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" While Mena, Elena and Lily stood by giggling, holding a jar full of fake spiders. Kris stopped and turned her head to look at her friends. She looked white with rage.

"SONOVA BEEYOTCH! I'M GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!" she screamed chasing after Lily, who shrieked and took off running around the common room. Considering it was 3:00am the reactions of the fellow students weren't enthusiastic...





Kris blushed a bit and made a puppy-dog face which earned a few awwwwwwwwww's from the crowd.

"She's so cute!"

"I can't resist that face!"


"THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND!" yelled Sirius angrily from the crowd. Kris snickered.

"Calm Sirius..." Kris said, and then turned to Lily and Elena who were standing in the corner whispering and giggling. "PREPARE TO DIE LOPEZ!"

Kris screamed knowing she was the master of this scheme. A small scream escaped her lips and she hid behind Remus. Remus laughed nervously.

Kris lunged forward and tackled both Remus and Elena to the ground, and began tickling Elena non-stop. When Elena realized she had the power to fight back Kris was being attacked with pinches, kicks, and screams.

"LET-GO-EVIL-DOER!" she yelled. Kris laughed and pinched back. Sirius sighed and lifted Kris off Elena, who'd obviously had enough. Lately he'd been touchy, and serious. HAHAHAHAH. Serious Sirius. Serious Sirius. Serious Sirius. This could go on for a while.

Kris scowled at him.

"Sirius, you're such a fun-ruiner." Kris said irritably. "What happened to livin' large on the party barge?" Sirius sighed.

"Well, you're too MUCH of a partier. You ARE the one who woke everybody up!" Sirius said angrily. Kris glared at him.

"You're being such a stiff lately, Sirius. You've like, lost your sense of fun. What's wrong with you?" Kris asked bunching her fists into balls. Sirius glared.

"You want to know WHY I'm being such a 'stiff'? Hmm?" he said, intimidating. Kris folded her arms.

"Try me," she whispered dangerously. Sirius smiled sourly.

"My parents. I was just disowned. I don't LIVE anywhere. I HAVE no family," he said loudly. Kris' dangerous, angry face, transformed into a soft empathetic one.

"Oh my god..." she whispered, reaching out and touching his face. Sirius sighed.

"I feel so bad..." Kris whispered. Sirius sighed again.

"Don't be. You didn't know," he said squeezing her hand. Kris tackled him with a hug.

"You know, you could stay at my house for awhile." Kris suggested. Sirius laughed.

"How would your parents take that?" he laughed. Kris groaned.

"Ah, not too good. And by the way it's just my mom. My dad lives in Campbell River. They split up when I was like four or something." she said casually. Sirius hugged her tighter.

"Looks like we've both got family troubles. All the more reason to start our own..." some groans were heard from the Flixie lovers, but Kris tensed up. She laughed nervously.

"Hehe...yeah...well I'm beat. Uh, test tomorrow. Night night," Kris said running towards the stairs. Sirius coughed.

"Kris? It's still holidays..." he said awkwardly. Kris shrugged.

"Ah well...revising OTHER screwed up tests..." she said with shifty eyes.

"BUT FLIXIE! You've gotten straight O's all year. You haven't gotten anything less than O's all term!" Elena said smiling. Kris glared.

"At Muggle school I was practically failing!" she sniffed. "Goodnight fellow students." she said turning on her heel. James patted Sirius on the back.

"Smooth Sirius...reeeal smooooth..." James said laughing. Sirius shrugged.

"Weird...ah oh well. She'll get over it," he said, although he sounded unsure himself, as he walked back upstairs. Elena laughed evilly.

"I know why she's scaaaaa-red!" she grinned insanely, while a few of the girls stopped up the stairs and walked back down.

"Ooh! Do tell!" one giggled. Elena shrugged.

"Sorry fellow gossip lovers. I swore on Ixie's honour...and if I break that I am no longer an Ixie. Lixie would be no more," Elena said, looking ashamed of the very thought. The gossiping crew groaned.

"Yes, yes, we're all depressed. Goodnight," she said walking up the stairs, followed by Lily, and Mena. The rest of the Ixies hadn't gotten up, due to the fact, this SAME prank had been played over 28 times that term. Kris flopped down on her bed that was still covered in plastic spiders. After everyone was sleeping they heard a shriek.

"WHERE THE HELL AM I?!?!!?" screamed Marlena, pacing the room. Kris rubbed her eyes.

"You alright, Zix?" she asked groggily OMG! I HAVEN'T USED THAT WORD YET!! haha, sorry i'm being random again. Mena grunted and flopped back on her bed. Kris exchanged a glance with Elena and snickered.

"I've done that before..." she muttered, and turned her head and went back to sleep.

In the morning, Mena had a watermelon set on her knee and she was trying to feed it some sort of liquid. A small happy face was drawn on it and it looked a bit like J.F. Kennedy.

"Hey...Zixie..." Elena said awkwardly. Marlena looked up at beamed.

"Hey Elena! Can Mr. Boinky sleep in your bed?" Mena grinned. Elena looked appalled.

"Let a watermelon? Sleep in my BED? Are you kidding?" she asked disgustedly. Mena looked offended.

"It's not a WATERMELON! You're hurting it's feelings!" she said covering the messily drawn on ears. Elena raised an eyebrow.

"Oh...kay..." she said stiffly. Mena walked over to the window the watermelon sitting under her arm. She set the watermelon on the windowsill, and whistled innocently to herself, while she secretively pushed the watermelon over the edge. She gasped, and looked over the edge, to see the pink and green splat on the brick walk way.

"He went SUICIDE! ELENA!" she yelled accusingly. Elena's eyes widened.

"I think you should leave," Mena said simply looking down. Elena coughed.

"I'm sor-" she began but was cut off by Mena who held up her hand.

"Just go..." she whispered. As Elena went down to breakfast, with Kris and Lily they discussed Marlena's suddenly ahem...shall we say 'odd' behaviour?

"Yeah! She is starting to scare me. I mean, really...she played with a jack-in-the-box for at least 2 hours this morning and screamed for at least 20 minutes each time it jumped out." Lily said with wide eyes

"I've done that!" protested Kris. Elena and Lily stared at her.

"What? It's really scary sometimes..." she said blushing.

Elena pfted.

"You think THAT'S bad, this morning I walked into our dorm, and she had all the plants arranged in front of her and she seemed to be delivering a speech, to the PLANTS. Then when I walked in, she stopped and whispered to the plants, 'we'll finish this later. The enemy is here.'" Elena said shaking her head. Kris giggled nervously.

"Hehehe...yeah...weird..." she said with shifty eyes.

"Hey guys!" greeted Brook from behind them, Katie following behind her.

"Do you guys know what's up with Zix? She was yelling at a box of Rice Krispies this morning..." Katie said looking around. "Then she knocked it over onto the ground and wouldn't clean it up. She said she wanted to watch it suffer." Elena stepped back.

"Weird...yeah she's been doing weird stuff 'round us too!" she said as they started walking to The Marauders who were gorging down waffles and sausages. Kris flopped down between James and Sirius.

"Do you guys have any idea what's happening with Mena lately?" asked Kris tossing a waffle on her plate, and marinating it in maple syrup.

"Ah...pure maple syrup imported from Quebec City!" she said excitedly stuffing waffle pieces in her mouth. James looked at her curiously.

"No...Why?" he asked, trying to stuff a sausage in his mouth, choking. Kris sniggered.

"Cuz she's drawing on watermelons and suggesting we brush our teeth with vanilla extract," Kris said simply, as owls started circling the Great Hall. A Letter flopped down on Elena's waffle. She shooed the owl away (which was pecking at Lily's sausage), and untied the letter.

Dear Elena, Kris, Katie, Katie, and Lily,

As you may have noticed, Marlena has a strange ... 'thing' that she's had since she was four. When she was four years old she was playing at the park, and an odd creature came over to her. It bit her, and ever since, every four years she does odd things, and says strange things. And sometimes she's brutally honest about everything and spills out her secrets, and sometimes fake things she thought of a long time ago. Please take no offense to my daughter. It'll pass within three days. I already sent an owl to Headmaster Dumbledore. Do take care of her, and please don't be offended by anything she says.

Your mum away from mum,

Mrs. Sass

Elena finished reading it aloud, and set it down.

"Well...uh...that's...reassuring," Elena said uncomfortably. Sirius sniggered and burst out laughing, until Kris socked him hard in the leg. Sirius moaned.

"Kris! Sometimes you don't realize how bloody strong you are!" he said rubbing his leg. Kris rolled her eyes.

"You need to toughen up, Sirius. Honestly...I'm just a little girl! Aren't I James?" Kris asked James, punching him on the leg.

"Yeah! Sirius!" James agreed, secretly wincing when no one was looking. Kris smiled smugly.

"So you guys what are we doing?" asked Lily avoiding James' eyes, which were lately constantly on her. Their fight had turned into a whole big thing that the author really doesn't want to discuss right now. Elena shrugged.

"I dunno...polar swimming?" she suggested hopefully. Kris grinned. Sirius, however, snorted in disbelief.

"Swimming? In this weather?" he asked gesturing to the current downpour, displayed on the roof. "Fat chance,"

Kris socked him again. "That's why its called PO-LAR SWIM-ING..." she said slowly. "DO YOU UN-DER-STAND ME?"

"Why would anyone want to go swimming in this weather?" Sirius shot back. "Bloody hell, you must be crazy!"

James nodded.

"Yeah! What were you thinking? Are you insane?" he asked eyes wide in amazement. Elena smiled sweetly.

"No. Not insane. Canadian...which, when you think about it, is pretty much the same thing..." she said, thinking. Kris laughed.

"Yeah! Come on you guys! You have to learn to be cold if you want to come visit us!" Kris whined. "Wait...SUMMER vacation...haha, oh yeah. It's usually hot in summer huh?" she said grinning, at her own stupidity. Just then Mena came tumbling down the stairs, screaming that one of her potatoes was missing. Soon she was dragged out by one of the teachers, against Mena's wishes, who was screaming "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME EAT HIM! HE'S MY FRIEEEEENDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! MR BACON!!" She snatched the bacon of a poor first-year Hufflepuff. "DON'T EAT MR BACON!"

"I-I-I w-w-won't e-eat M-M-Mr B-Bacon a-anymore..." the poor girl stuttered.

"Oh...kay then..." said Peter awkwardly.

"So? Who's up for polar swimming?" asked Kris wickedly. Sirius rolled his eyes.

"I still think you're crazy..." he said smiling a bit. "Ok, just let me get my stuff!" Kris said kissing Sirius on the cheek, but just then another owl flopped down beside a plate of bacon. Kris sighed, sat back down, and untied the letter. She read it to herself, and started muttering profanities to herself as she slammed the letter into Elena's face. Kris made a death sign, signaling not to let anyone else read.

"Bitch," Kris muttered as she stomped up the stairs. Soon, Elena's face became pale and she too, followed Kris out of the room.

"KRIS! WAIT UP!" panted Elena catching up to Kris. Kris looked angry.

"She's a bitch. I hate my family so MUCH!" Kris screamed throwing her bag on the floor. Elena nodded sympathetically.

"You could always run away, and live at my house..." Elena suggested quietly, as Kris sat on the stairs. Elena sat down beside her, as Kris hid her face in her hands. She started sobbing.

"I don't WANT to get married to someone I don't know..." she moaned. "But worse...how could I tell Sirius? He'd be devastated..." Kris whispered. Elena patted her back. "Come on...you never know...Sirius' family is pureblood...it COULD be him..." Elena consoled. Kris snorted.

"Doubt it...my mom's been in love with families who are all nice, and pure, and proper, and rich, and-and POPULAR..." Kris said annoyed. Elena sighed.

"Kris...my family will probably let you stay with me so you could avoid your parents for awhile..." Elena said, as Kris rested her head on her shoulder, looking slightly pathetic. "Now come on. The wedding is years from now. Let's go swimming and you can enjoy your remaining years with your boyfriend. Let's go get our bathing suits..." Elena said quietly standing up. Kris nodded, and wiped away her remaining tears, just as Sirius came bounding up the stairs.

"Kris! What's wrong?" he asked concernedly, walking up to her and rubbing her shoulder. Should she tell him? Would he get mad? Would he break up with her? Kris sniffed, and had a watery smile.

"I'm...I'm fine!" she said enthusiastically, wiping her bloodshot eyes. Sirius still looked concerned.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'm great," she said grinning half-heartedly. "Come on let's go get bathing suits." she said happily clinging on to Sirius' arm, but inside she was feeling broken, and sore. But her parents couldn't arrange a marriage for her-could they?

When everyone had gathered up bathing suits, except Peter, who said that we were all psycho, they went down to the lake and tried to dip their feet in, without screaming profanities at it. Mena also didn't go because...well, I think we all know the answer to that...

"EEK!" screamed Katie, ripping her foot out of the water. Remus laughed, and pushed Sirius into the water, and Sirius went down with a splash. He yelled, and tugged at Remus' foot who fell in too.

"If I'm going down SOMEONE'S going with me!" he yelled triumphantly. "Jesus, it's cold!" exclaimed Remus shivering. Kris looked nervously at the water.

"Sooner better than later..." Kris said, and diving in, head first. She came up seconds later holding a pair of black shorts. Remus' eyes darted to them and he blushed and grabbed them. Kris snickered and also blushed. "Oops..." she said innocently. Remus looked angry.

"ANY LAST WORDS BEFORE I GIVE YOU TO THE SQUID?!" he yelled. Kris screamed and hid behind Sirius. James, who cannonballed into the water with a yelp, followed by Elena, Katie, and Brook who jumped in at the same time singing Mrs. Robinson, interrupted their minor-feud.

"GOD BLESS YOU PLEASE MRS. ROBINSON! HEAVEN HOLDS A PLACE FOR THOSE WHO PRAY! HEY HEY HEY!" screamed Brook, Katie, and Elena, as they winced, bodies hitting the freezing water. Elena's eyes grew big.

"Oh my GOD, is it COLD!" she yelled, and then smiled. "Just like home..." Kris looked a little depressed. "Yes...yes it is..." Kris said sadly. Her frown flickering a bit.

"POLAR swimming. Damnit, you'd think you guys never learnt English..." Kris said climbing on Sirius' back, who sank down under the water, but he screamed a bit and pushed her off. Elena laughed insanely and tackled Remus under water until her reversed it on her and called a truce. Katie, who was pretty short, kept sinking a bit and jumping up, and trying to keep a conversation going.

"And then-when we got-slushies-we could-go to my house-and-watch a-movie!" she said taking gulps of air each time. Kris sniggered, and subconsciously splashed Lily in the face.

"Quite a multi-tasker aren't you?" Kris giggled, as Lily sent a wave after her. Kris ducked it and stuck her tongue out. Remus started floating on his back until he realized it was frikken cold out of the water too. Just then, Professor Mcgonnagall came storming out and yelling curses.

"GET-OUT-OF-THERE-THIS-INSTANT!" she screamed, with a particular emphasis on 'instant'. Kris snickered.

"For god's sakes! I KNEW having Canadians here would change school customs! Swimming outside in winter! What next, Hockey Night in Hogwarts?!?" she screamed stomping her foot, not talking to anyone in particular. Kris faked a outraged face.

"Don't you think that's a teensy bit RACIST??" Kris said smiling sweetly. "But you know, Hockey Night in Hogwarts is a pretty good idea. Has merit."

Mcgonnagall glared.

"Get out," she whispered dangerously. Kris nodded, and rolled her eyes, following her out in-a white-rainbow bikini, and reaching for a towel.

Mcgonnagall scoffed. "When I was your age, we had a bit more dignity..." she said harshly. Kris rolled her eyes again, and motioned for everyone to follow. They clambered into the castle, and up the stairs and into their dormitory.

"Well it was fun while it lasted," Marlena scowled, as everyone came in. From what it looked like-she was having a party, with 'Love is a battlefield' blaring, and at least 50 stuffed animals sprawled across the common room, wearing party hats. Everyone stopped.

"Hahahhahahahahaha!" began Sirius, under Kris' glare. Mena stopped the record player and stomped up the stairs chucking her party hat to Brook, who caught it and put it on. Lily coughed.

"I think we should get dressed...It's still a little chilly..." she said quietly massaging her shoulders. James shot I talk to you?" he asked gently. Lily nodded slowly and followed him into a corner. The rest of the group didn't move just starting having a staring contest championship with each other. James grabbed each of Lily's hands.

"Lily...I'm so sorry. I can't believe it. I'm appalled at what I did and please forgive me...Because...I think I love you-" he said his eyes full of honesty and strength, but being interrupted by a laugh from the onlookers. Lily was overloaded with all kinds of thoughts.

"Oh god...oh god...James...It's been pretty bad without you this week...and I miss you...and I love you too. But-but..." she said, anxiety circling through her senses. James squeezed her hands

"Please Lily! PLEASE! I'll do ANYTHING! Just please-I swear nothing like that will happen again!" James begged. Lily sighed.

"I-I don't know," Lily said looking around. James looked on the verge of tears.

"What if I said, that I loved you more than anything in the world, and would do anything to keep you safe. I'd carry you through hell with your eyes shut, just so that you wouldn't have to feel one ounce of negativity. Please. Please Lily Evans. Will you take me back?" James said looking directly into her eyes. Lily's eyes filled with tears.

"Yes, oh yes," she said, as James wrapped his arms around her tightly.aw, come on folks, one great big AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

As Kris, Lily, and Elena clambered up the steps to change, they came across a disturbing sight. Mena was sitting down in front of a miniature black coffin, with lit candles sprawled out around her.

"We are gathered here today, to remember Mr. Boinky. Mr. Boinky was a great watermelon. Although he was a watermelon of few words, he spoke to me all the time...through his beautiful marker eyes. However, he had a terrible death. As a person who I thought was my best friend, insulted the beautiful creature of mine. I always thought of Elena as a traitor, but to see it up close was unreal. I couldn't believe it when she badmouthed this innocent thing. I am ashamed of her..." Mena spoke out to the Barbies spread out on the beds. "That's right Kelly! He DID say Elena always hated him..." Mena said pointing at the inanimate doll. Elena coughed from the back.

"Oh hello..." Mena said curtly. Mena stood up, and whispered to the dolls "to be continued..." eyeing Elena suspiciously, as she gathered up everything and stuffed it in her trunk. Elena raised an eyebrow and flopped on her bed, as Mena started muttering about if she could fit in elephant in the dorm. Kris soon fell asleep, and started sleep talking about cheese and chocolate mushrooms. Lily started writing excitedly in her diary making mutters of agreement to herself every now and then. Elena however, took out her contacts and had a shower. She lathered her hair in shampoo, rinsed it and followed with conditioner. She got out towel dried her hair, and dressed in a purple sweater, and jeans. It was so terrible what was happening to Kris. She could only imagine what stress Kris was going through, if even she was a little stressed out. Oh well...but who would the groom be? Was Kris dreaming about this? Naah...she was still talking about cheese-flavoured mushrooms. Could it be anyone here? At Hogwarts? Or a total stranger? Who knew?

"Kris?" whispered Sirius shaking her lightly. Kris stirred. "It's time to wake up, love. Dinner. I told everyone we'd catch up," Sirius said lightly, smoothing out her rib-cage length hair. Kris' eyes opened slowly and she forced a smile.

"Morning Sirius..." she said kissing him softly on the lips. Sirius grinned.

"It's evening...you fell asleep for awhile..." he joked sitting down beside her. Kris swallowed. It would be the perfect time to tell him. Could she tell him? Was it go-go time? Was it!? Well, even if it was Kris would never be able to do it... Or could she? Just go for it!

"Sirius...I-I" Kris stuttered. "Yeah?" Sirius said stroking her shoulder.

"I love you..." Kris said smiling lightly. Smooth Kris...real smooth. Sirius grinned. "Love you too, sweet. Now let's go eat. I'm starving..." he said lifting her up, and grabbing a hoodie off her night stand. Oh yeah, Kris thought. Kris was wearing a bikini top, and pyjama pants she'd quickly changed into. Sirius threw it to her.

"Thanks..." she muttered sleepily. God! she thought angrily to herself. What's wrong with you, you coward! Kris scolded herself, as Sirius dragging her down the stairs and out the door.

"Hey guys," Sirius greeted, sitting down next to Peter, who was stuffing mashed potatoes down his fat throat. Kris thumped ungracefully down beside Sirius and rested her head on his shoulder moaning slightly. Elena looked up from her plate heaped with only green beans and French fries.

"Are you alright?" she asked, brushing a piece of hair out of her face. Kris sighed.

"I don't know. I don't feel great..." she said in a raw voice. Elena set down her fork. "You don't look great either," added James, insensitively. Kris smiled sarcastically at him. "Thanks," James shook his head.

"Naah, I meant...you look slightly flushed..." he said, examining her. Sirius turned to her, and felt her forehead. "Yeah, you've gotta bit of a fever as well..." he said worriedly. Kris shook him off.

"Naah, I bet it's just from the nap..." she said carelessly. Kris was never usually the one to agree to any sickness. She felt, if she did, no one would think of her as 'tough ixie' anymore. Sirius rolled her eyes.

"Come ON, you're really burning up..." he said irritably. Kris rolled her eyes. "I'm FINE," she said swatting at Sirius' hand. Sirius felt her head again.

"Nup, come on. We're going to the hospital wing," he said finally, practically dragging Kris from the chair. They walked away, obviously bickering at each other, unless they were saying "Vet 'o of me, you lon of a stitch'. Haha. Soon, Dumbledore was leading Mena down the stairs, talking gently to her, while Mena looked uneasy. "You promise I don't have to eat Mr. Potatoe Man?" she asked. Dumbledore shook his head, smiling.

"I promise. But will you please, dine with your friends, and drink something?" he said motioning to the Ixies and the Marauders.

"Oh..kay..." she said looking at him suspiciously, walking to her friends. Remus smiled gently.

"Hi Mena...would you like some juice?" he asked pouring her a drink of pumpkin juice. Mena glared at the drink.

"'Tis contaminated..." without any warning at all, she knocked the flask in the air splashing in Maria's face, who just stood there looking amazed. Finally a teacher dragged her away, saying, that she was in shock. Elena tried to high five Mena, but Mena just looked at her disgustedly. Elena looked at the rest of the group.

"All over a watermelon," she said, but her eyes got caught on James and Lily who were grinning, and holding hands, and she made a adoring noise.

"Awwwwwwww....are you guys back together?" she asked hopefully. Lily and James nodded enthusiastically. Mena glared at everyone who was currently eating mashed potatoes.

"You're eating my FRIEND!" she said swatting at Katie who was trying to get a forkful of potatoe in. Mena gasped.

"You know what we need now? The Wave," concluded Mena excitedly. She stood up and waved her hands over her head, but nobody continued it. She grinned. Just then, Kris and Sirius came walking back, Sirius with his arm around her waist. They walked back to the table.

"Kris, had the flu...but Mme. Pompfrey made her drink this stuff...and she's just tired now..." Sirius said sitting down with Kris who faked a smile.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. She didn't have to pin me down..." she said moodily. Sirius rolled his eyes.

"Well you, didn't have to THROW things at her!" he said glaring. Kris sighed. "Whatever. I'm not hungry...I'll see you guys up there ok?" she said depressed, walking out of the room. Sirius sighed.

"Wonder what's gotten into her..." he sighed. "She's really sad lately. Wonder if it has anything to do with that letter..." he said stirring his potatoes idly, earning glares from Marlena. Elena choked on her green beans. Uh oh...Kris hasn't told him yet? Oh NO... Well, of COURSE, she hasn't told him...he'd be just as depressed as her...

Kris was soooo gonna die.

"Goodnight everyone," said Lily, followed by Elena, Brook and Katie. Marlena was upstairs mumbling incoherently about having the 'documents'. Kris waved. "Night guys..." she said absent-mindedly. Elena looked back.

"You coming?" she asked. Kris shook her head.

"Naah...I can't sleep just now..." she said looking into the fire. Elena shrugged. "Ok. Nightey Night."

Sirius got up too. "I'm tired too, goodnight Blueberry," he said kissing Kris on the cheek. Remus stood too, along with Peter, who was always following the two. This left James and Kris. Kris walked over to James' couch and sat next to him. "Hi," she said still looking in the fire, thinking about how she was going to tell Sirius. James grinned.

"Hello." he said simply. Kris' vision of the fire was blocked by another owl. Kris apprehensively untied the letter, until she realized James too had a letter.Oh my god...wouldn't it be like so frikken mean if i stopped the chapter like right here?. She opened the letter, and she burst into tears when she read it.

Dear Kristin,

Guess what? I found your lucky guy. He comes from a rich family, so you won't have to work BITCH. I know he's one of your friends there (Kris' heart stopped), at Hogwarts, so I figured it wouldn't be as bad as having to marry a stranger. He comes from the Potter family. James Potter (Kris almost yelped with disappointment). I met with his parents today, and they both agree it would be wise. Hope you're happy with my choice haha, happy right....

Your Mother,


Kris slowly looked up, jaw still dropped, up to James.


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