For Better Or For Worse

"How could this have happened?" Jim asked his lover plaintively.

"Don't ask me! I have no clue," Blair replied.

"But you're the one who got me pregnant, shouldn't you know how?" Jim raged.

Blair shook his head frustratedly. "No. And you're the one who is pregnant, shouldn't you know how you got that way?" he returned.

Jim sighed. "Well, I must be a Bearer, one of the few men who can get pregnant. But why the hospital didn't tell my parents when I was born, I don't know."

Blair, seeing how upset this was making his lover, patted Jim on the shoulder. "Well, it's not like this is a bad thing – I always wanted children, I just didn't think I could have them with you. Now we can."

Jim growled. "What do you mean, 'we'? I'm the one who's pregnant, and I'm the one who will be…" he swallowed hard, "giving birth to this kid."

Trying to calm his lover down, Blair pointed out, "You can always have a C-section. Actually giving birth is the most dangerous part of male pregnancy, but doctors say a Caesarean is actually safer."

"I know, I just…I never expected this to happen. Things are going to change because of this baby," Jim said, unconsciously rubbing his stomach.

"I never expected this to happen, either," Blair pointed out. "And change isn't necessarily a bad thing. Besides, I'll be here for you."

"You will?" Jim asked plaintively.

Blair's heart ached at the poignant vulnerability he could hear concealed in his lover's voice. "Of course I will, Big Guy. I promised to stay with you forever, remember? We made vows – only to each other, but they still mean the world to me. Remember how they went?"

Jim sniffed and nodded. "For better or for worse, in sickness and in health…"

"…for as long as we both shall live," Blair continued, smiling.

"Into eternity and beyond," Jim finished, smiling through the few tears in his eyes.

"And that includes Junior in there," Blair said softly. "I'll be here for both of you. I promise."

Taking a shuddering breath, Jim pulled his partner into a bear hug. "I know you will, Chief. And I know you'll be a great Dad."

"And you'll be a great 'Mom', Jim," Blair said teasingly.

Jim mock-scowled, huffing. "That's Mr. Mom, to you, Shecky."

Blair just chuckled and snuggled closer to his little family. It had grown larger by one today, and hopefully would grow even more in the future. He smiled at that thought, knowing that they'd be there for each other no matter how many of them there were.