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Far Away Visit

Chapter one: Letter Arrival

The letter arrive that morning.

Must be the mail thought Sandy as she hopped down from her hamster wheel.

She gulped down her glass of water and placed it back on the table.

She made her way toward the mail.

The pinkish envelope caught her eye.

"To Sandy, from ...... Tia!" She stared at the letter as she went ahead and tore open the seal.

With trembling hands she began to read. "Sandy, it's me Tia!!! So how is it under the sea??

Coming to visit!! Bringing Sparkle!! Be there soon!! Bye!"

Sandy stared at the bold printed words.

Tea?? Coming to visit me??

All the thoughts were getting mixed up in her head.

She jerked her head up.

"Oh my!! She's going to be here any minute and I'm not even close to getting ready!" Sandy cried.

Her eyes raced around the aired house. "I know what!! Spongebob will know what to do!"

Sandy grabbed her watersuit and putted it on. She then galloped to the pineapple.

"Spongebob!!," she yelled into the pineapple.

No answer.


All the windows in Bikini Bottom scattered.


Patrick came running. "What is it??!!,"

He looks around seeing every window totally busted.

"Ahhh!!! Godzilla's here!!! Run for your life!!," scream Patrick.

He started running to town screaming as he did.................

He screams and screams and screams and ..............do I even have to tell you??..............ok fine........and he scream.

Sandy continued to stare. "Ok................."

She suddenly remembered. "Spongebob!!,"

She grabbed her shell phone and quickly dials Spongebob's number.

It began to ring and he picked up on the first ring. "Hello?"

"Sponge bob! Where are you?? I'm outside you house!! Come here as fast as you can!"

"Sandy I'm right here,"

She turned around and sees Sponge bob. "Oh,"

Gary meowed.

"So......,"started Sponge bob, "What brings you here Sandy?"

"Spongebob!! I almost forgot!! My cousin Tia is coming to visit!! And I really need your help!!,"

His eyes widen. "Wow!! A friend coming to visit!! We should get ready!!,"

He begins to walk Gary into the house.

Sandy grabbed him and pulls him back. "Spongebob!! I haven't seen her in a long time and I want this to be the best visit ever!!,"

Spongebob looked at Sandy. "Sure!! I'll help you Sandy. This will be the greatest!!,"

Before Sandy could reply Patrick cam running back again. "Ahhh!! Godzilla!!,"

He stopped in front of Sandy and Spongebob. "Oh yea, I just saved a load of money on my boat insurance by switching to Geico,"

The sponge and squirrel looked at him.

"Why are you looking at me like that??!! I saved!! I thought you cared!!,"

He broke down and began to cry.


Sand turn back to Spongebob. "We better get going if we want to get ready in time!!!,"

"Then, we have no time to lose!!!," yelled Spongebob.

Spongebob rip his shirt to find a cowboy suit on the inside.

Sandy did the same and found a cowgirl suit. (She's still wearing her suit on the inside)

Two seahorses galloped up to them.

"Hie-ya!!," yelled Spongebob.

"Lets go partner!!," say Sandy as they were about to take off.

Then he and Sandy jumped on the seahorses and they both galloped away.

Patrick looked after them. "Old west style..............I like it!!!!,"

End of Chapter One

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