Back at Discipline

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Chapter Three-Waxing Gibbous

When we last joined the mages, poor, unfortunate Evvy was about to get horribly mutilate- oh, wait, I mean fixed up like a proper mage. Apparently, though, Lark and Rosethorn had quite different ideas of what constituted "proper mage-wear". Therefore, theduo wasstuck inside, fruitlessly trying to compromise on what Evumeimei should wear. Of course, no one paid any heed to Evvy's own opinion, so their conversation went something like this:

"I'm not sure about that dress. That shade of yellow just doesn't suit her very well, does it Rosie?"
"A dress is a dress is a dress, Lark. We should get to trimming her hair, it's a bit too long."
(Evvy tries to cut in) "Actually, I'd much rather keep my hair like this, please. And could I maybe just get-"
"Hmm...yes. We should cut off an inch or two, shouldn't we?"
"Of course! I think this nice green should suit her well, and maybe a bit of embroidery on the sleeves?"
"-a nice set of breeches or something and maybe one skirt or two...I really don't want to be a bother and-"
"Oh, that is a lovely color. It compliments her hair nicely, and yes, I'll embroider the sleeves. What about the collar?"
"Sure! Not a lot, though, just a touch. We don't want her looking overdone, now, do we?"
"-can I please go now because my feet are starting to hurt and Pasco said he'dteach me this new dance he made up and-"
"Where shall we put her things, though? Certainly not in Briar's room. Maybe Sandry...?"

In other words, much was being said, little was being done, and Evvy wanted to go outside before they did any drastic things to her hair and clothes that they would regret later. Not fun at all.

Meanwhile, Sandry, Briar, and Pasco had finished their chores and were lazily trading off interesting tidbits of information that they had picked up while sipping juice and tea they had gotten from the coldbox. Briar regaled them with tales of Chammur's gangs (Sandry gasped at the appropriate points; Pasco just tried to look uminpressed.) as well as detailed descriptions of the gardens and nobles. Sandry shared her happiness at her uncle's interest in Yazmin and the letter she had gotten from Tris that said she'd be returning soon (Pasco had no idea who she was, but was later enlightened -and scared- by Briar with stories of her accomplishments and fierce temper.) Pasco gave out snippets of gossip that he had heard from the other dancers at the school and threw in a few half-hearted complaints about Yazmin's lack of mercy (He did admit, however, that she was a very good teacher.) The three lounged and drank and laughed and waited for Evvy to come out for about fifteen minuts before she finally emerged...looking exactly the same as she had when she went in. Sandry was the first to ask what happened. Apparently Evvy, tired of waiting for the two to decide her cosmetic fate, had taken the opportunity to leave quietly while Lark and Rosethorn were busy deciding on things. After explaining, she happily plunked herself down on the ground with the other three and joined them in their tea time, sipping at her juice with relish. Tea and juice were soon finished, though, and they went to go reminisce about the "old days" (in the case of Briar and Sandry) and to dance (in the case of Evvy and Pasco). All signs pointed towards a long, idyllic afternoon, with plenty of laughter, frolicking, and (for the two dedicates) headaches over various problems. Discipline hadn't seen this much activity in months, but soon, very, very soon, there would no longer be any quiet moments. Because Tris and Niko were coming home, and, as everyone must by now have guessed, Daja and Frostpine weren't far behind them.