------Chapter Two: Elegy of Emptiness-------

The Abbess briskly walked past the young and gentle giants and
opened the door. Abbess, midwife, and four giants were
stupified by what they saw. The mother was dead; her eyes were
rolled back and her tongue hung out. But she had not died in

There was a fifth child, a girl, wrapped somehow in a blanket,
lying on her back. She seemed to be asleep. But that was not
the most unusual thing in the room. From the sleeping infant's
chest rose a plume of purplish haze. The haze had taken the form
of a young girl. The image was sobbing silently, stroking the
dead woman's cheek with a translucent finger.

The young giants saw the cold form of their mother and began to
sob, their cries sounding strangled and bereffed.

The image turned her head to the four and smiled at them through
Her silent tears.

The giants looked at her intently. She closed her eyes, lifted
her head, and began to sing a soothing and mysterious melody.

"Shi-in no a-a-a.
Lis-ten to my el-e-gy.
Can the gods fall in love?
Can the dead be set free?
Or will all of our hearts
Remain empty?
Time shall tell,
Both I and thee."

The giants watched her unblinkingly, her long hair, her ritual
robes, her near-perfect face. They continued to watch her as she
began to sing only the tune.

"Ooo, ooo woo ooo ooo ooo ooo . . ."

Then slowly, coutiously, the giants joined in the mournful song.


The image smiled.

"Ooo, ooo wooo ooo ooo ooo ooo."







And with that the image smiled, began to fade, then shattered as
the giants continued to sing.

The Abbess called the song, "The Elegy of Emptiness," and gave the
baby that world's first name, Shinnoai.


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