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Pairings: Yukiru/ YukixTohru

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The Confession

Chapter 1:

After class, Tohru and Yuki went back to Shigure's house. (Note: Kyo didn't go to school. Why? He was so busy practicing so he can defeat the rat/mouse....)

Tohru suddenly felt something held her hand, she looked down to her hand and saw Yuki holding her hand! Tohru slightly blushed.

"Sohma-kun.." she whispered but, Yuki didn't hear her.

On the way home, they saw Momiji waving at them. "Konichiiwa Tohru-kun, Yuki-kun!!!!" Momiji said with a big smile in his face.

"Yuki-kun, why are you holding Tohru-kun's hands???" "Umm... I was just... umm... I was just holdi..." Yuki-kun stopped because Momiji interrupted him...

"Ah! I know!! Yuki-kun likes Tohru-kun!!!" Tohru's face was now red, red as an apple!

"Tohru-kun, why is your face red??" Momiji asked. "Um..." "I see now that Tohru-kun also likes Yuki-kun! Hehe.." Now Yuki's face is now red too!

"Um Momiji... we have to go now because we have tons of homework to do so, let's see tomorrow at school ok?" "HAI!!! JA NE!"

"Nice excuse Sohma-kun." Tohru giggled. "Thanks." Yuki also giggled.

The two of them laughed until Tohru asked Yuki a question.

"Sohma-kun, is it true you like me...?" "Honda-san... I don't know... I just feel something whenever I'm with you.." "Eh?" "Honda-san let's just talk later ok?" "H-hai.."

When they got to Shigure's house. "Are you always this slow baka nezumi??" Kyo asked Yuki. "No, but I know that you're the slow one baka neko because I can always dodge your punches but you can't dodge with my own punches." "SHUT UP BASTARD!!!!!" Kyo started to fight with Yuki. "Sohma-kun, Kyo-kun, would you please stop fighting...?" Tohru begged at the two. Yuki made his final punch and sent Kyo flying out of the house. "Yuki-kun, Kyo-kun, if you want to fight, fight outside or else we'll have to fix the house again. Remember what happened last time..?"


"Kyo-kun, Yuki-kun, what the hell happened to my house?!?!?!?!?!?"

The windows were broken, only the half part of the door is there, the roof had holes, and the whole house was BURNING!!!!!

"Grrr... when I find you two I'm sure you'll be sleeping outside the house for 1 month!!!!" Shigure yell in anger. When the house was fixed, Yuki and Kyo sleeped in a small tent outside. Yuki and Kyo still arguing. "It's all your fault baka nezumi!" "My fault? I thought you're the one who wants to fight with me?" "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!" "STOP YELLING!!!!! I'M TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP IN HERE!!!!" Shigure yelled. The two of them became silent And went to sleep...


"So do you want that to happen again Kyo-kun, Sohma-kun?" "NO!!!!"

"Ah ok... because if that happens again I'm going to put you in a bag and send you to the SAHARA DESERT FOR 1 YEAR!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"

Shigure still laughing for 1 hour. Yuki and Tohru headed upstairs to Yuki's room so they could continue their conversation. "So Honda-san what did you want to talk about?" "Um Sohma-kun is it really true you like me?" They were both silent for 2 minutes... Yuki lifted up her chin and said "Yes Honda-san, yes I really love you... I loved you since I ever met you..." Yuki kissed Tohru in the lips, Tohru was shocked and pushed Yuki gently. "Sohma-kun I also love you.." Yuki hugged Tohru tightly and he noticed he didn't change! "Hey I'm not in my rat for..." Suddenly he became a rat then Tohru said "You know Sohma-kun, you are so kawaii in your rat form!" Tohru laughed. Yuki also laughed and transformed back to his human form. "Eep!" Tohru turned away from him so she wouldn't see him naked. Yuki put the clothes on him very fast.

Tohru noticed it was already 9:00 pm and she quickly said to Yuki "Sohma-kun I must go to sleep now ok?" she left Yuki behind but Yuki grabbed her hand and said "If you want you can sleep with me.." Yuki smiled seductively. Tohru blushed and said "Um... ok..."

To be continued...


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