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By flipstahhz

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" It's quite amusing, seeing you dressed in peasant clothing," the king eyed his queen, a glimmer of laughter played in his deep azure eyes. He had known his queen ever since child hood and seeing her in peasant clothing was something he never knew he'd ever face.

The woman had just about completed the adjustments to her outfit as she placed the brown hood over her long curly mass of chocolate colored mass of hair. The large dark cinnamon robe draped over her body and the only flesh that could be anticipated was her small elfish delicate face. Even though she was clothed as a peasant, not in the formal garments she wore as a Queen, she still managed to carry the same beautiful aura she always had - even though she was rather melancholy that evening. In fact, everyone had the right to be.

Her cherry red lips pursed in irritation and her eyelids fluttered, " I do not find it appealing to be made a mockery of, especially in these times of fear. It may even be the last time that you will ever see me again…or I to see you."

"Do not speak like that, my love," he whispered. He advanced to her and wrapped his large arms around her slim frame. " We are quite aware that something is going to occur soon. The enemy will wave it's ghastly wand and strike, that is why we must be prepared to take such a risk…and glare at it in the eye. Truthfully my dear, I must confess that this battle is not ours."

"But I cannot…I cannot stand it, no longer! This conflict, this death…what is it truly worth! Why does not anyone see to it that you can solve disputes without using a dreaded rapier? We do not need to fight…but why is everyone blinded by hate that they just can't see the easier way…instead of dealing with shed tears and pain?"

"Your fingers have not been stained the sticky crimson aqueous of blood yet, my dearest. You are a lady who has dealt with innocence all your life that you have laid foot on this earth. You do not understand the reality of being alive. You speak of peace and ecstasy, when the true existence is always envy and hate. Look at what is happening presently? Just yesterday, Lord Kamiya was assassinated, yet he was the had leader of the soldiers."

"I'm scared," the woman admitted as she pressed her back against him and could hear her husband's slow soft calm breathing tickled against her neck, it reassured her.

King Ishida carefully placed his hard hands on his mistresses' face stroking her tears away. He didn't need to even gaze upon her to know that she had cried. He knew his sensitive wife in and out, since she had courted him at an adolescent age.

She glanced up at her husband with love, " Yamato…is he safe?"

"A few hours after the revelation of Lord Kamiya's death, he retaliated south accompanied with the Takenouchi kindred. He already departed south, a few hours the death of Lord Kamiya was revealed, with the Takenouchi kindred. There is no need to fret over him, Yamato is a strong boy…he can take care of himself. At the age of six, he is surely a mature boy to be quite proud of."

"I know he is. But I did not get to bid farewell to my oldest son, I may never see him again. He will certainly grow into a strong handsome gentleman and will become a fine leader."

"Of course he will, just like his father," the King gave a weak arrogant lifeless smile that displayed his rather pale complexion. The man still remained tranquil at a time of such haste.

"What frightens me…is being parted from young Takeru. How can I abandon him at only two years of age!"

" For a woman, you question many queries. Queries are nothing but a waste of time and thought, " he stated. The King had always been a straightforward man. " But never less, I'll answer you. Takeru will be in safe hands, but if he is with us…, he will be in grave danger and will be risking not only our lives, but his as well. Not only in safe hands he will be in, but he will also be learning and knowing the lives of his people, as we have failed to do."

The woman nodded.

A wave of tension and silence filled the room, trying to mesmerize each other's presence in a memory. Even though it was very quiet, the two heard the rustling crowds of people outside their castle.

The Queen examined her husband in sadness, " So this is goodbye?"

"I guess it is," he replied honestly in a husky tone, evident sober in his usual neutral eyes.

She wriggled her way out of his tight grip, blew the candle out and was about to exit the room when she felt that she was restrained back. His left arm held firmly onto her, pulling her back towards him. He pulled her back to him. She stared passionately at him as droplets of diamond tears fell down her blushed cheeks.

With closed eyes the Queen drew his face down, enfolding her arms around his neck. He placed his arms in a strong embrace around her small waist. They slowly pressed their lips together, and did what lips do…for the very last time

Fin of Prologue

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