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.:: CHAPTER 4 ::.

By Flipstahhz

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The tiny microscopic grainsofmoonlight projected through the dusty coloured stained glass windows, lighting the castle library and assisting a reader thoroughly amongst the sources. Since the reader had earlier figured out that using candlelight would catch a spark of attention, the moonlight helped greatly. At this late hour of the night, if you were caught you would be instantly hanged – yet another rule that Malicious and his followers had created.

It was lucky that they hadn't been caught…yet. The large room was filled with numerous books with shelves that stretched to the top of the ceiling down to the ground level. The library seemed to be abandoned, evident from the layers of dust that had grown throughout the twelve years of the new era. The townspeople would have known this was the weakest link of the castle in which anyone could sneak into without getting caught for it was not guarded at all in comparison with the other entrances of the Ishidan Castle. This made it rather easy for Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Kamiya to slip into.

But still…it just seemed too…too easy…

He flicked through the pages of the book, frowned, and placed it back onto the shelf. He sighed. It was impossible to go through all the books in time…it would take him a miracle to –

"Takeru, " she whispered. The brunette adolescent walked towards him, trying to make the floorboards to not squeak. In her hands, she carried a large brown leather covered book. "It might…it might be in here…"

Takeru nodded in acceptance, taking the heavy book from her grasp. He felt horrible dragging Hikari into this mess of his unknown past. He loathed putting her in danger as well as himself. Even though he had to guiltily admit it, he was rather relieved that he was not the only person to go on their little escapade of his past. It was a much easier process of Hikari taking the other 'restricted' side of the library while he took the other side of the Royal Library, which were filled with the wealthy people's favourites. The boy blew of the dust on the book to see a golden scripted title on the front cover.

" The Heredity of all the people in Ishida," he read it quietly aloud so that Hikari could hear as well. Adrenaline and excitement ran through his veins. " This has got to be it, Hikari! Where in heavens did you find this of such…?"

"It doesn't matter, Takeru. What's found is found. Enough of this folly and open it up this instant before suspense murders me!" she said in a hushed tone, cutting him off before he could find the perfect precise word for the book.

"But…what I see in here…may either displease me or fill me with joy," he dragged on…his finger quivering. One part of him was itching to furiously search through the book, but the other half was hesitating.

"If you do not open it, Takeru. I will open it mysel-"

"Fine…" he spoke. Thrusting his hesitation aside, he rummaged through the many pages searching the name "Takaishi." He gave up, " There's nothing. I can't find not a single speck of my name in this idiotic damned thing."

Hikari eyed her brother-like friend. Seeing the frustration and exhaustion through his posture and the dark bags shading under his eyes. Even though he had given up, he still was exploring the book in curiosity.

The girl smiled, she was glad that he was not the type of person to give up with such ease.

He suddenly let out a pained curse.

She advanced towards him and looked his hand, which he was shaking to lessen the pain. His palms were scattered with large swelling blisters.

"What happened?" she questioned, even though she had a clear hunch of what had occurred.

" One of the pages sliced onto my palm," he winced, " Sure…it's only some darn paper cut, but when you have blisters on it…that's a different story."

"You act like an infant wailing for his mother," she jeered, but could see the blood oozing out from the swelling, wiping the smile off her face She pulled a small checked cloth from her pocket and revealed a small jar of calendula ointment and smeared it on his open wound. "I was meant to give Taichi and yourself this remedy, which I conjured up earlier."

"Thanks," he murmured in response rather rigidly.

Takeru picked up the book with his not injured vacant hand and studied the page he had left it on – more like dropped it. The title was named " The Royal Family ", in bold letters on the top of the page. He examined the family tree, taking a closer look. He read the ancestral names quietly with familiarity since Lady Kamiya always spoke of the old tales of the Ishidan Family, being the best friend to the Queen. He yawned tediously, his eyes wandering to the last names on the list. He froze.

Antonious M. Ishida (b:7429-----) wed Natsouke L. Takaishi (b:7434-----)



Yamato A. Ishida (b:7453-----) Takeru K. Ishida (b:7458-----)

"Takeru…it's all done. Just next time, tell me when you get blisters so it will be much quicker to heal. Or in other words remind me to give the ointment," Hikari gave a sincere smile but frowned when he didn't answer her. She screwed the lid back on the jar and placed it on the splintery wooden table, peering over his shoulder to see what he had come across, " Takeru?"

The boy snapped back to reality, and shoved the book closer to her face causing her eyes to widen in shocked awe as soon as she saw what was on the page.

"Hikari…it can't…it mustn't be true, right?! After all the years of my life…hating the Royal Ishidan Family for not protecting her country strong enough…after hating how they abandoned its people. I find out…that I…I'm a member …I'm one of them? For all I know any one of them can be alive because this parchment does not give a date of my … my parent- the King and Queen's death. If they are still alive…they could at least try and bother to help their suffering people," he growled in distaste. " Or they've been hiding all this time…"

Hikari was still recovering her bottom lip quivering. She was now gazing at Takeru in a different aura. Knowing and hearing the rumours that Yamato hadn't been seen after the night that changed the whole country, everyone suspected he was murdered as well as the King and Queen. This meant…that Takeru was obliviously the only heir to the throne…but how…how could her best friend, her brother – one of the closest people she had known her whole life and been raised up with could be of such…upper class? Sure her family was already second to the Royal Family…but why Takeru of all people? It was simply unbelievable. How could her best friend become a leader of such…value?!

"But what I don't understand," Takeru whispered, " Is why our- your mother didn't tell me. She would of known that I was the prince this whole time, yet she lied in front of my face saying that she had brought me home from an orphanage. I d-don't understand. But I certainly know, your mother has her reasons. And I respect that."

Hikari stared at him. If she were in his shoes she would have let out a bloody tantrum that would cause the whole castle to shake with anger. Yet, he was being the same old humble Takeru. He appeared neutral and normal of what had occurred, and he was still forgiving her mother after hiding such a secret. Or Takeru could be either placing a wall, hiding all his emotions…and was pretending to remain calm of the situation he was in.

Hikari licked her dry lips, beckoning herself to talk and recover from the revelation they had discovered. " I think it's best if we get going. The sun will be awoken soon, and it will be hard to escape during daylight. Mama and Taichi will surely become suspicious. "

Takeru nodded, carefully tearing the page out and folding it into his robe pocket and followed the girl who already stepping outside the large library. Even though the answers to his past had been found, more questions had appeared and he was strongly determined to know every single solution. He just hoped Lady Kamiya would assist him in telling the truth…the whole truth this time

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The two, equal aged, young boys lazily lay limply and exhaustedly on the highest branch of the oak tree. One of the boys had messy sandy coloured hair, while the other boy had dark brown locks that were even messier.

After having a tough session of training against each other, they were massively drained and completely wasted out of energy, but still managed to have enough strength to climb the tallest oak tree in the Ishidan Gardens. The oak tree was where the two closest friends would hang out whenever they wanted to hide from their chores or when they just wanted to have time alone to sit back and relax. It was the perfect place. Perfect because you could escape the adults from their boring lectures. Perfect because you could witness an amazing view of the city and feel the windy autumn breeze go through your hair. Perfect because it was so high above the ground that it felt like you were a millimetre from heaven.

It was just too bad that within the couple two days, everything of peace and serenity would disappear without a trace.

"I wish we could be here forever. I hate mentors teaching us how to read. It was a good thing we skipped it and practised duelling with our swords without any old tarts around," young Taichi yawned and sighed at the same time. " It's so nice up here. Everything's so peaceful…and quiet."

"Not any more, you just spoke," his friend pointed out. Fiddling with a wooden harmonica between his fingers in which his father had carved when he was a boy of the same age.

"You know what I mean, Yamato," Taichi rolled his chocolate shaded eyes, yet amusement sparkled in them.

"I reckon it would be grander if Takenouchi joined us as well. We could have dragged her out of that girly ballroom dancing class and she could have joined us," commented Yamato as he suddenly noticed Taichi's eyes flickered mischievously." What?"

" Yama, you like Sora don't you?"

"Tai, I was just implying that it would have been more fun with Takenouchi hanging about. I simply just cannot pictured her in a dress, I shall never think of her as a feminist giggling girl…oh whatever," he murmured, deciding to change the subject when he caught the feeling that Taichi about to mock him again. " I heard from my father that your father is coming home today, with the other troops. I still wish we could have joined him in that battle! We're strong enough and even my father reckons we are good swordsmen!"

"I agree! We're probably back up in case they are in real trouble!" Taichi said excitedly to the boy besides him, laying on the opposite branch. " We should go and help the soldiers out! We should go north –"

Just in timing when Taichi pointed in the north direction, a navy uniformed army of people sorrowfully marched over the green hills and were coming towards their direction. The uniform immediately indicated and gave it away that Lord Kamiya and his skilled soldiers had come back after a fortnight on the battlegrounds of death.

With joy, Taichi and Yamato quickly climbed down the oak tree and when they were one metre off the ground, they jumped. Their exhaustion from training earlier had left them, and adrenaline rushed through their small bodies as they waited by the castle's gate for the arrival of the troops. Not once had the Ishidan army failed to complete their mission…not once!

Minutes crawled by, and soon they saw a better view of the soldiers. Blood stains soaked most of their uniforms with wounds and injuries, while the more fit soldiers carried still bodies. Straight faces were on each of their pale faces, in pure exhaustion and extreme sadness.

Taichi spotted a familiar person from the crowd and rushed towards him, with Yamato at his tail with a gaunt expression feeling the negative energy before him.

"Sir Takenouchi! Why are half of the soldiers not present? Why are they even injured or…dead?! These soldiers have not failed once…and yet…tell me, sir! Where is my father, Sir Takenouchi…where is he?" Taichi demanded stubbornly at the man in front of him, with the evident worry in the tone he was speaking.

Stressed lines appeared on his forehead, blood and sweat soaked his auburn coloured hair and his grey eyes stared sorrowfully down at the Taichi…speechless

"Did you not hear what Taichi said, Sir Takenouchi?" Yamato queried. " Is he alive Sir?"

The man cleared his throat, and began to speak to the child, " Yes, your highness he is alive."

"Then why not respond earlier?" Yamato questioned, raising an eyebrow curiously.

" Yes, your highness he is alive," Sir Takenouchi repeated as he nodded his head towards the cart next to him. " He is in there. I am being truthful that he is alive, but he barely is clinging to life itself …"

This sent Taichi running towards the wooden cart in a tremendous speed. The boy slashed the cloth urgently away from the entrance of the cart and stepped inside it. He was beyond tears as he witnessed his father, wounds were everywhere on his body and the enemy even came to extents to have his left arm cut off.

" We thought we won the battle," Sir Takenouchi spoke sombrely observing the man lying down and the boy kneeling down besides him. His spirit enraging in the words he began to speak, " But when we least expected it…another army of soldiers came…we were slaughtered. It was all a filthy set up! They treated your father the worst, I fear…knowing he was the leader of our fighters. They were killing him slowly and painfully, luckily one of the soldiers saved him in time. Your father, boy…was a good man…and he will be greatly remembered amongst the strongest warriors of Ishida."

Yamato took another glance at his best friend and his father's second man in command…the people who did this…they were animals… vicious beasts. How low could they get, by butchering his arm off when he was already beyond death…it was repulsive. Two single stabs in the heart would have been enough to put someone's life to rest, yet these barbaric creatures continued to cause tremendous pain and anguish. It was never to be forgiven nor forgotten…never

"Takenouchi!" the lying body softly barked, " D…Don't address m…me as if I were d…dead!"

"Commander!" Sir Takenouchi's eyes widened on disbelief, hurrying to other side of the dying man.

"I order you…to take Yamato t…to your home and flee this…this ci…city a…as soon as p…possible with all your…your k…kin!" his words slurred.

"But commande-"

"Do…n-not question m…e!" Lord Kamiya spoke weakly, eyelids fluttering up and down, fighting the dark cape of death.

Sir Takenouchi saluted his commander and pulled Yamato with him, away from the Kamiya father and son.

"Y-you already know what's going to be…become of me, Tai…" he said softly, " J…just be a m…man and acc…cept it, son."

"But…but…you still can make it!" Taichi said loudly, stubbornly, tearing falling. " You can't leave me! You can't leave us! I won't forgive you!"

"Yo-u've got…got to prot…ect the kingdom. You've got…you…you must look…after you're m…mother and…hik…Hikari. Tell…tell them that I love them…"

Taichi nodded, biting his bottom lip as more salty tears welled down his cheeks.

"D…don't cry. Di…dn't I tell you…you look like a infant wailing for its moth…mother," the dying man gave a weak, but visible grin. "Yo…you don't know how proud I am…to have a s…son like you…"

End of flashback/dream


He woke up gasping. Cold sweat soaked his hair and rolled down his pale face. It was rarely he had dreams of his father…or the night he died right in front of him. He had witnessed many deaths, but the death of Queen Ishida and his father had always taunted him.

Perhaps the reminiscence dream was revealed to him, that night, because he no longer could take hiding Takeru's secret about his past to him and that it was the afternoon he had last seen his childhood friend. Taichi Kamiya had sworn to his mother that he would not tell Takeru until he met a certain age, and he certainly knew that Takeru had always been a mature child and it was time for every secret to be known.

It was no use going to sleep now, he had too many thoughts haunting his mind that he probably wasn't going to get a descent rest. He stepped out of his bed, walked down the staircase crossing Takeru's bedroom. He halted.

Takeru's bed was empty.

He rushed to the next room to see that his sister's bed was empty as well. The troublesome duo. It reminded himself a lot of Yamato and him when they were five years old. They were always found together…it was too bad that he had not crossed paths with Yamato for twelve years. He treated Yamato's brother like his own…knowing if Yamato were in his shoes he'd be raising and looking after Hikari just as well.

Well…there's no point proving that I've treated Takeru like my own brother when I can't even find him…

Panic and worry mixed in his stomach as he grabbed his cloak and was about to search the Ishidan village, but just as he was about to head out the door a voice stopped him.

"Taichi, leave them be…they are fine. Their plotting chattering woke me up."

He observed that his mother tiredly sat in the same room in an armchair with heavy bags under her eyes, from the looks of things she had been up all night.

"Mother…where's…where's Takeru and Hikari?"

"They sneaked out to search the library," she said.

"The Royal Library?" Taichi raised an eyebrow, answering his own question. The Royal Library was the only place that owned books in the south, unless Takeru and Hikari had decided to go to Hida – the North of Ishida. " But…but they might find out…do you believe Takeru is ready to take this all in?!"

"It's about time Takeru did, as well as Hikari. If they don't find out soon and something may happen to you or I … it would be vital, since we are the only people who know this hidden revelation that was sworn to secrecy. Either way, it's time to tell them. When they come home and they have found nothing of Takeru's past, I will tell them still, " she stated rubbing her eyes to keep her awake. " I just hoped I did the right thing. Letting Takeru live his life freely for fourteen years without the burden that he may be the only heir to the country. The boy who will be a strong leader, who learnt amongst his own people knowing what they are going through. He will the boy who will be in charge of bringing peace and humility back…and you Taichi will assist him in doing so, as you have for a long time…"

As his mother spoke her words with passion, Taichi had made his way to the window, watching the lonely darkness. So much pressure was laid upon Takeru's shoulders for all he knew, Takeru did not have an ounce of knowing it. Why couldn't any thing in the country be ecstatic…full of happiness…instead of grief? Takeru was the last hope. Taichi let out a sigh, avoiding his mother's piercing eyes. Not knowing that he was not the only person thinking of the country's welfare…

¯.. ºº..´¯¯.. ºº..´¯¯.. ºº..´¯¯.. ºº..´¯¯.. ºº..´¯¯.. ºº..´¯

At the north of Ishida, was the Kingdom of Hida. While it was nighttime back in the Ishidan Kingdom, it was afternoon in Hida.

At the highest built tower in the kingdom of Hida, a small figure, stared down at his people. His wise eyes sadly loomed of how the hard working people living their daily lives. This boy was known to be the youngest ruler of Hida and he was still… a child. But as the old saying goes, " Never judge a book by its cover." And Cody Hida was a certainly good example of this.

His father passed away from an untreatable illness two years ago, leaving the kingdom's fate all pressured onto him. He was only nine at the time, but he still managed to accomplish great things. He sought to it that every Hidanean was treated equally and distributed with the equal amount of food. He also made sure that the homeless were treated with respect and were given shelter.

He was the sort of ruler everyone looked up to and admired, as his father. Though the Londares people did not. They were the enemies of the Hidanean people. The boy frowned, thinking of such a thought. He had never understood why the Londares kin hated his Kingdom so much. It brought so much stress and he hated having enemies when he did not know the cause.

The Ishidans were most likely the people going through the most pain and in a period of hating every city for not fighting off Malicious with them. Cody had decided not to get involved with any sort of war. War was death. And Cody did not want anything to do with it, after dealing with his father dying. His dream would be for the whole land to live in happiness. No fights. No wars.

But why could not anyone see that the only person that threatened their whole land was Malicious? Why could not they all join forces and fight against him…?

Cody let go of the curtain, causing the silk like material to block the sunlight from entering the room.

"Cody?" a feminine voice called from behind the closed bark door.

"Yes, mother?"

"Lord Daisuke has just arrived."

"Send him in," Cody replied straightforwardly.

The door swung open and a boy marched in. A lopsided grin played on his lips, with his sword tucked on his belt.

"Greetings your highness," he bowed mockingly.

"Daisuke," Cody laughed. Daisuke was the boy that knew him the best. Even though Cody was mainly serious most of the times, Daisuke always managed to put a grin on his face, " It has been a long time, I've missed your idiocy."

"Pleasant to know," Daisuke winked, " As I have missed yours."

"What brings such as a man as yourself, here? This present day," Cody questioned motioning him to take a seat, pouring wine for the two of them.

Dodging the question Daisuke spoke, " Aren't you a bit young of age to be drinking such alcohol. That shan't be allowed."

Cody raised an eyebrow, knowing the boy in front of him to well.

"All right, all right! Expect you to spoil the excitement, " Daisuke exclaimed giving a lazy yawn. " To jump forward, I did not catch the menace. When I heard news of him, he was already in the middle of the desert, quite a far long distance away from here. I tried my be-"

"Daisuke. You did not try your best!" Cody shook his head. " You are just too lazy. If you had tried your best, my expectation is that you would have caught him by now. And I know that it would be a easy task for you."

"Fine. You got me there. But why to I have to bring Ken Ichijouji to you? What has he done wrong?"

"Ichijouji has done quite a deal. Killing people for money, tis unacceptable," Cody started off, " How he prances around making a mockery of everyone…"

"But I do…so what makes the difference between him and me?"

"He kills. You don't," Cody responded shortly and simply.

"But Ken…he's not a threat to our Kingdom."

"He may not be a threat, but I cannot allow a man to walk freely around, doing whatever he pleases. Especially when he is a Hidanean, making us sound bad."

" No need to worry, he'll be under my belt in no time," Daisuke laughed, but Cody did not join him.

For the rather long period of time Daisuke had been away from the castle (five months to be precisely exact) it seemed Cody had become a whole lot glum.

"Why, King…are you so miserable?" Daisuke said seriously. He know knew that it was not the right time to be jeering and going hyperactive.

"I don't understand," Cody whispered.

"You don't understand? Cody," Daisuke decided not to address him highly, " Sometimes…you cannot understand everything. Some things are better left as it is. But what surprises me is…is…that you don't understand. You understand everything! So what is it that you don't understand?"

"You're speaking nonsense," Cody stared at him. " Daisuke, you have got to learn to look after your tongue and not just speak to hear your own voice."

"Cody, you know very well what I am going on about even though what I say does not make sense."

"What I don't understand…" Cody paused, taking a sip of the red liquid, stirring in his mouth and swallowing it. " Is why Malicious can't let the people be free and use them as his slaves. What I don't understand is why we are living our lives in misery. As happy as the Hida Kingdom is, we cannot hide the war that is happening to other half of this kingdom. Avoiding it is like avoiding ourselves. We are stronger as one, but being strong does not matter anymore. Malicious is powerful, and though I loathe to admit it…soon this Kingdom will be his target."

"It's simple, really," Daisuke said, eyeing him. " Malicious performs these retched plots because his pure evil. There is nothing else to it."

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