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Epilogue: Wake

It was that time of year again.

With a grave look on his face, the wizard descended down the steps of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, dressed in all black- mourner's clothes.

The walk seemed short, as usual, mostly do to the feelings that accompanied this annual journey.

Eventually, he reached the quiet, secluded grove where they had erected the grave. Oh yes, there was that large, fancy mausoleum where they supposedly had his body, but in truth, this was more important.

This was the site where Harry James Potter's body, was buried, right alongside Hermione Granger.

They would have liked to place Dumbledore there as well, but the press was too great, and only one body could be snuck away.

With a soft sigh, the wizard placed the flowers on the grave of Hermione Granger. They were roses, red ones, signifying love. And then he placed yellow roses on Harry Potter's grave, the rose of friendship.

"Hey guys... it's been three years... I actually passed the N.E.W.T.'s, Mione... did pretty well." He said quietly, chuckling slightly. "It's been hard... on all of us. Mum still cries whenever she's reminded of you, or of Ginny..."

He paused, clearing his throat and blinking away unshed tears. "Speaking of which... the Healer's say they're working on a new treatment, to deal with insanity victims. Neville actually went to work with them, which I guess makes sense, seeing as how his parent's are affected too."

Damn throat... it's clenching up again.

"McGonagall replaced Dumbledore as Headmaster... and Snape," the wizard said with some distaste, "Is Deputy Headmaster... I pity the poor sods who have him for Headmaster." He chuckled, shivering slightly.

"I got accepted into Auror training... though I have to take a Remedial course for Potions before I actually start." He murmured, annoyance in his voice. "If Snape hadn't been such a prat, I would have gotten in..."

Realizing he was rambling, the wizard knew he had to finish. "I still miss you guys... and it still hurt... I can't roll eyes with you whenver Mione gets too studious, and I can't bicker with you anymore, Hermione." He coughed, and a small tear fell from his eye, impacting the grave.

"But I keep on living... because I know that I'll see you guys again, on the other side." Ron whispered.

"I'll see you guys next year."

And then he turned, and left the quiet graves, undisturbed in shadow.


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What started as a Yu-Gi-Oh (yes, it's true) inspired fic, became this truly massive thing about Light and Dark that I couldn't see it becoming. I loved writing Thanatos, from his witticisms down to his sadistic side. There were some bad points, and points where I knew I could have done better... but in the end, here it is, almost a year later, finally complete, and I'm satisfied with it. It's been quite a trip, and I'm glad you shared it with me.

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