To Always Remember

By: Max Pilote

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Harry Potter. All recognizable trademarks are property of J. K. Rowling. I just do this for fun.

Addition Disclaimer: Some of my information might be wrong. It has been a while since I have read the Harry Potter series and I have yet to read Order of the Phoenix. Thus, the only things I know are what I've gathered from spoilers. So, if some of my information is wrong, then deal with it, please.

Rating: PG

Summary: Sirius never wants to forget his days as a Marauders. He decides to compile a collection of stories and thoughts on his fellow Marauders.

Chapter One: The Gallant Knight

"Let's see...what can I say about the great James Potter?" mused Sirius with a soft smile as he watched the other Marauders. He held a quill loosely in his hand over a piece of parchment while he scanned the room.

Remus J. Lupin, their resident werewolf, was diligently working on a Potions essay. He was always concerned with his work. Of course, it served well to give him great marks in his classes.

Sitting by the window was the round Peter Pettigrew. Sure, he was a little chubby, but he was a good kid. Sirius hadn't taken an immediate liking to him, though. That didn't seem the cause now, as they were close friends as all the Marauders were.

One Marauder was missing, though. The tall, skinny young boy with hazel eyes shining with a perpetual happiness and untidy black hair that refused to be tame was oddly absent from the rest of his friends.

"Remus, what would you write about James?" asked Sirius, a thoughtful frown on his face.

"No, you're writing this. It has to be completely made by you. I think it would mean more to him," explained Remus, not even glancing up from his paper.

Sirius sighed and suddenly regretted his idea. It was still the beginning of the year, but it was the beginning of the end. It was the beginning of their last year at Hogwarts. No more pranks, no more Snivellus, no more late nights on the Quidditch more Hogwarts. With the threat of Voldemort growing ever stronger, they were quickly growing up. Sirius didn't want to forget these things, so he decided to compile a collection of stories and thoughts on his fellow Marauders. This would allow him, if he ever got a moment's peace after this year, to be able to look back on these times and smile.

He wanted to be able to look back on Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. He didn't want to ever forget.

"But I don't know where to start," said the ever impulsive young wizard.

Finally, Remus looked up from his essay and sighed heavily, fixing his amber colored eyes on Sirius. "Why don't you go find James. Maybe you'll get some ideas if you just walk around with him for a while. Just please let me get this done."

"Brilliant idea, Moony!"

Thus, Sirius Black set out to go find his closest friend. He left the common room, descended the stairs, and went to James's haven: the Quidditch pitch.

James wasn't there, though, which was a great surprise. He lived for Quidditch, or so it seemed.

The next place he could think of was the library. "Of course," he said to himself. "James is as much of a bookworm as Remus. He's probably in there studying to improve his already perfect marks in Transfiguration."

It was a good thing, though. Not only was James a great Transfiguration student, he was also one of the star players of the Gryffindor quidditch team. McGonagall favored him greatly, but she tried to hide it. Their little pranks, though dangerous, seemed to have less consequences because of James and his great prowess.

Unfortunately, James was not in the library either. He wandered the maze of shelves, hoping to find Potter just curled up in the back with a good quidditch book. He didn't find his friend, but he did, however, find Lily Evans.

Lily Evans, the only love interest of James Potter. It wasn't some stupid crush. It wasn't a little fling. This was actual, genuine love. It wasn't a mutual feeling. Evans, as they so affectionately called her, seemed to hate James with a great passion. Of course, they had to tolerate each other. She was Head Girl and he was Head Boy.

"Have you seen James?" asked Sirius.

"Potter?" she asked, her voice dripping with loathing and disgust. "I saw him by the lake a few moments ago. I thought you two were attached at the hip. Why aren't you with him now?"

A wicked smile crossed the young wizard's face. "Do I detect a hint of jealousy in your voice?" he asked sarcastically. Well, he wasn't entirely sarcastic. Sometimes, he thought maybe Evans wanted to be as close to James as Sirius was...but her meaning of close had a very different definition than Sirius's.

"NO!" she said indignantly, forgetting for a moment that she was in a library. "Go find your boyfriend, Black, and stay away from me."

She reached for her wand and Sirius quickly left the library heading for the lake. There, he saw James. Oddly enough, James standing with a group of people who had formed a circle around some others.

Apparently, the Slytherins had found a new target, forgetting the James was there for the moment. As Sirius approached, however, he knew exactly what he was going to write about.

James stepped from the crowd and stood between the Slytherins and the boy they had been picking on.

"Back off, you big gits," he said, a fire burning in his eyes. He drew his wand and pointed it at the Slytherins. "Picking on defenseless first years? I don't think you can get any lower."

The first year was a Hufflepuff. They weren't well known for their great courage such as the Gryffindors, but they weren't extremely mean like the Slytherins. The majority of first years were always nervous and timid.

Their target had become much more of a challenge, so the Slytherins dispersed. James turned to the boy and smiled, helping him to his feet.

"You be careful of those Slytherins," warned James with a smile. "They're tricky and mean little buggers, but you don't let them get to you."

He turned and smiled at Sirius, walking through the crowd and joining his friend.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

Sirius smiled, "I was wandering around when I saw you here. That's a good thing you did there."

"That was nothing," replied James, his cheeks tinted a light red. "I was just ruining a bit of the Slytherins' fun."

"Oh, come on Prongs," said Padfoot with a smile, "you choose now to be modest?"


Author's Notes: So, here is chapter one of my very first Harry Potter fanfiction. I hope you enjoy!!