Rants: Hello. This is my first entry to the Naruto fic business so please be kind, okay? I'm putting my other fic on hold (it's a Ragnarok Online one) for now while I continue gathering data for that (not the pervie type) and hopefully regain my inspiration to continue that one. This will be AU and probably contain spoilers for chapter 220 and up for the manga. One more thing, Shisui is not my original character, he was mentioned in the manga although he never did made an appearance so I'm kinda making up his character.

The door opened letting the cool night breeze into the house for a couple of seconds before shutting close once again. Ten year-old Uchiha Sasuke came home considerably late that night coming from his shuriken practice. Though tired and beat up, a smile of satisfaction was etched over his face. 'I managed to hit the target twenty-four times after thirty shots. I'm finally catching up to you brother.'

With his body completely sore, the little boy decided that he desperately needed to change his smelly, dirty clothes with fresh ones and flop down his bed for a much needed rest. He was halfway towards his room when he heard a familiar laughter coming from one of the closed rooms along the corridor.


'That's father's voice.'

"Well done Itachi."

Sasuke's eyes grew wide in glee after hearing that. Itachi, the big brother he idolizes and dreams of following the footsteps of, has finally returned after more than two-months of absence, probably coming from some high-rank mission or sorts. Itachi never talked to him about his missions and always treated him like a burden, poking his head and breaking his promise again and again. It obviously pissed Sasuke but then again, it wouldn't be like his big brother at all if he didn't do that. At least Itachi never changed and he was very thankful for that.

Sasuke fought the urge to come barging into the room knowing that his father was also inside. He knew perfectly well how strict his father can be. Sasuke wanted to greet his brother and decided to wait for them to come out from their little talk. However, the next words Sasuke heard made her heart fell.

"Becoming a full-pledged jounin at the young age of fifteen, as expected from my child..."

Sasuke silently wandered away towards the comfort of his room. There, he let his back fall into the bed's soft cushion and stared blankly at the ceiling. 'Brother. Someday I'll become a great shinobi just like you. Then father will finally acknowledge me.'

A young man wearing a Konoha Police Force uniform was leisurely walking along the paved walkway at the banks of Nakano River. Hands in his pockets, he was talking his time wandering about until he noticed a black-clad teen leaning against the metal railings a small distance away. With a small sigh, he went to approach the person. "Yo!"

"You're late, Shisui." Uchiha Itachi said momentarily shifting his gaze to regard the new comer before looking back into the river.

"No. I'm on time actually. You're just early." Shisui replied taking his place next to Itachi.

Both of them settled to watch the calm waters for minutes of undisturbed silence until Itachi decided to break it. "I'm tired of the duties..."

"What?" said a surprised Uchiha Shisui. Years of hanging around with Itachi has already conditioned him to the boy's attitude. However, this was something that he wasn't expecting to hear something like this from the young prodigy.

"I'm tired of the duties..." Itachi repeated.

Shisui sighed and eased his body against the railings. "It's been what? One year since you've become jounin. The work must be starting to get to you. That's why I always avoided being a member of Anbu at all cost. The pay's not worth all the work." He suggested growing a wide grin.

Itachi, however, maintained his serious demeanor. "Right now the motives and actions of the clan have been purely political. It has been putting more of its attention on raising its position along the ranks of power within the village. Clinging on and being blinded by its name, the clan will never reach its fullest capacity. There is no future for Uchiha. I cannot walk on this path any further."

"So you're saying that you have reached the fullest extent that the clan can give you?" Shisui asked aloud while keeping his eyes peeled on the water below. He could feel Itachi threw a fierce gaze at him.

"Yes." came the boy's reply.

'Well, I really can't blame him. Ever since he became jounin, his father has always been lobbying to the hokage to give high-ranked or crucial missions to him in order to become the useful connection his father has envisioned him to be. I pity the bastard.' Shusui thought while looking at Itachi from the corner of his eyes. 'Well, I guess being a genius does have its downsides after all.' he shrugged at the thought.

"Graduated from the academy at age seven, mastered the sharingan at eight, became chuunin at ten, Anbu squad leader at thirteen and a full-pledged jounin at fifteen. Now sixteen, you are considered to be the best jounin of the village and has become a useful connection for the clan. Honestly, you do have the right to become full of yourself." He said in contempt, shifting his head to the side and met Itachi's deadly glare head on.

Both Uchihas had their sharingan activated and a thick tension filled the air until Shisui turned his eyes down from red to black and gazed back into the river. "To tell you the truth, I don't like the way the clan is being run either so I guess in some way I can tell how you feel."Shisui felt Itachi follow his example, deactivate his own sharingan and watched the waters. "You know, I never see why people envied the sharingan. It's more of a burden if you ask me. Looking at the world through this set of eyes makes simple things look complicated."


"You don't have to walk the path if you really don't want to. You can always make a turn at the next corner and move towards the destination of your choice."

"You know that it's not as easy as you say," replied Itachi.

"That's what I'm saying. You always make simple things complicated." Shisui said with chuckled lightly. He detached himself from the railings and started to walk down the pathway from which he came earlier on. "Why don't you come with me?"

"Where are we going?" A dumbfounded Itachi asked but followed his friend nonetheless.

"To a place where you can measure your capacity."

The two wandered along the busy streets of Konoha for a few minutes before they reached the gates of the village's Ninja Academy. Shisui immediately took out his badge and flashed it at the chuunin on guard before he could asked them any question and continued walking towards the school's practice grounds.

"What are we doing here?" Itachi asked again.

"You'll see," replied Shisui. He waved at the brown-haired chuunin who was giving instructions to a whole class of young students. "Yo! Iruka! We're sitting in your class for a while."

The said chuunin, Umino Iruka, turned at them for a while and nodded before turning back to the class to introduce the two nins that positioned themselves beside him. "Alright class, today we have visitors who have come to watch your shuriken practice."

At that, the class gasped in awe and began talking to themselves about childish stuff like how they were going to show off to the visitors and such. Iruka hushed the class introduced first the taller man on his right. "This is Uchiha Shisui also known as Shisui of the mirage and works for the Konoha Police Forces." Shisui grinned and waved at the kids at after his instruction and Iruka proceeded on to the next person. "And this is Uchiha Itachi. He is the current Anbu squad leader and is rumored to be the genius among the jounins within the village."

A rain of oohs and applause came from the class after Itachi's introduction. The young jounin rewarded them with a light smile that made almost all the girls in class to blush and giggle, their eyes becoming shaped like hearts, and soon began talking with one another about who among them would eventually marry Itachi in the future.

The boys, most of them, shot daggers at the shorter Uchiha. One of them, a boy with a cute puppy perched over his messy brown head, even said aloud, "Dammit! Why do these girls ogle over that bastard? I'm way more handsome than he is, right Akamaru?" The boy received a bark for a yes from the small pup. Even Shisui was slightly pissed at the reception his friend was receiving. 'Damn that Itachi. He's a natural girl magnet.'

Itachi, for his part, glanced through the all faces in the class and found his own brother, Sasuke, looking at him with eyes full of determination. Itachi however choose not to regard his little brother and gazed straight ahead maintaining his calm visage.

Iruka hushed the class once more and continued giving instructions for the day's exercise. "As I was saying earlier, we will have our shuriken practice for today. You will be given fifteen shurikens each which you will throw at the target - those logs." Iruka pointed at three logs standing from the ground a couple of yards away. "Each log has a circle marking in them where you will be landing your shurikens on. Understood?"

The class boomed a collective "hai" for an answer.

"Okay, if there are no questions we will begin with Uchiha Sasuke." Iruka called.

Sasuke stepped in front of the group, his shurikens in hand. He glanced left towards his brother before returning his attention back to the target. 'Brother, I'll show you what I can do,' he thought a smirk forming on his lips.

The little Uchiha immediately leaped and threw all the shurikens in his right hand on his way up. All five shurikens dug themselves perfectly inside the circle marking of the first log. Sasuke then spun around in the air releasing the other batch on his left hand before gravity began to take control of his body. Again, all five hit well inside the marking of the second log. On his way down, Sasuke quickly pulled out the last set of shurikens from his holster and threw it at the third log before twisting his body in preparation for a perfect landing. Five successive thuds announced that the last batch have hit the target as well.

The girls in his class erupted in cheer after Sasuke's outstanding performance. Two of them, a pink-haired and a blonde with long hair screamed, "You're so cool, Sasuke!" Even Iruka-sensei cited him meaning another full mark. Most of the boys muttered "show off" under their collective breaths. Sasuke ignored all these as he walked back towards his place. Before sitting down though, he turned first to his older brother and cast his patented smirk at him.

"Sasuke is doing well, ain't he?" Shisui whispered to Itachi.

Itachi didn't bother a reply as he kept his eyes on his smirking brother. Only when Sasuke took his sit did Itachi turned his head towards the spiky black-haired boy wearing a pair of shades who was called next for his turn at shuriken-throwing. The young Anbu remained silent during the course of exercise watching carefully as each student took their turn. Shisui was whispering him his comments from time to time which didn't really came as any help since he had already spotted those strengths and flaws of each student's technique, thanks to his advanced vision.

"Alright, it looks like everyone here has finished the exercise. That will be all for today. Everyone, go back to the classroom to pick your things and you may go home," said Iruka. However he had this strange feeling that someone in his class has skipped the activity and went to check his list. Surely enough he found one. Suddenly, a loud boom echoed through the area causing everyone to turn their heads towards its direction. To their horror, thick white smoke was coming out from one of the windows within the school building. Itachi, Iruka and Shisui were about to rush towards the scene when they saw a blonde boy jumped from the smoking window with a wide foolish grin plastered across his face.

"You idiots can't do something as horrible as that! I'm amazing! HAHAHA!" The boy screamed as he made his escape.

Iruka slapped his forehead. 'He's causing trouble again.' "Get back here! Naruto!" The chuunin shouted as he broke into a dash towards his delinquent student. Seeing a mad Iruka ready to skin his behind, Naruto tried to leave the Academy premises but was immediately caught by his sensei before he could even make it pass the fences.

"Who's that kid?" Itachi asked.

"That? That's Uzumaki Naruto. You know what, I mean, who he is," explained Shisui.

'So this is the Fourth Hokage's legacy.' Itachi thought as he watched Iruka drag a squirming Naruto back to the training field.

"The police has been receiving a lot of complain about him lately. He loves making pranks out of people so I guess that's what makes them hate him more. Well, not that they don't hate him anyway knowing the fact that he is the 'you know what'," continued Shisui with a shrug. "The reason why the police force can't get him even with the large volume of complain is because Sandaime Hokage is fond of the kid. I think if not for the Hokage, that kid would have probably been thrown out or worse dead by now. Talk about being unwanted," he added as an after comment.

"Naruto! You're not going anywhere until you finish today's exercise! Now go throw those shurikens at those logs." Iruka commanded to a pouting Naruto.

"Why should I do that, Iruka-sensei? That sounds lame," replied the fox kid causing the knots of Iruka's temple to multiply both in size and number.

"Don't you see that we have visitors! Now show your skills and impress them!" Iruka shouted pointing at the two jounin behind him.

Naruto gazed at two men intently appearing as if he was carefully analyzing and calculating these peoples capacity. Itachi and Shisui stared directly back at the boy. Naruto then shifted his head towards his sensei and asked, "Ne? Ne? Iruka-sensei, who are these guys? They don't look strong."

Shisui, and from within the class, Sasuke, appeared scandalized. 'How dare he call me weak, that brat? I was feeling sorry for him earlier but now all I want is to strangle him.' he thought while Sasuke was seething his teeth at the comment that dobe gave to the older brother he looks up to. Itachi, on the other hand, appeared not to be affected at all and was perfectly maintaining his calm.

"Baka!" said Iruka landing his fist right into Naruto's crown. "Don't underestimate them! These two are the top members of the Anbu and the Police Force!"

"So what?" replied Naruto. "I'm going to become hokage someday and then I'll kick their ass!"

"What the..." Shisui was about to step forward to give the brat a piece of his mind but stopped on his tracks when he felt a light tap from Itachi. He turned a found the Anbu member staring at the blonde kid intently. Shisui sighed allowing the brat's rudeness to slide and settled to watch the show.

"Keep your eyes peeled everyone as the great Uzumaki Naruto nail those targets in a snap!" Naruto bragged before concentrating on the three logs a good distance before him. He quickly pulled his shurikens one after the other and tossed them at the targets. "How's that? Perfect isn't it?" Naruto quickly turned around after disposing all his shurikens and gloated. There was silence in the air as everyone in class appeared to be stunned. 'Ha! They're stunned at my spectacular shuriken skills they can't even say it! I'm the best! Hehehe!'

Suddenly the entire class began laughing wildly while a large sweatdrop appeared over Iruka's forehead. Confused, Naruto turned around only to find that not one of his shurikens made it inside the respectively large circular mark on the logs. "NO!!!" The blonde screamed in disbelief.

"I guess that's a fail Naruto," said Iruka writing Naruto's score in his record.

"I'll do it again, Iruka-sensei! I'll show you what I'm made of!" Naruto said, taking out another set of shuriken and trying once more. The result, one of his shuriken hit the circular line while the rest completely missed making the laughter grow louder. Naruto was clenching his fists as the laughter of the class rang through his head. He snapped around and shouted at the class. "I'll show you all! I'll be hokage someday! You just wait!"

"Yeah right, dumbass!" said the boy with a puppy on his head making the laughter grew louder once more.

"What did you say, dog-breath?!" yelled an angry Naruto flashing his fist threateningly at him.

"Alright, that's enough. Everyone go pick your things and you may go home." Iruka said dismissing his students. "Don't forget your homework for tomorrow!"

"Geez. What a no-talent bum." Shisui muttered still chuckling after finding Naruto's earlier antics as amusing.

Itachi stared at the shuriken which, out of pure luck, managed to stick itself on the line marking of the target. He then walked towards the blonde boy who was standing a few steps away and looking sadly down at the ground beneath his feet.


The eleven-year-old boy looked up to face the Anbu only to have the man poke his fingers on his forehead.

"You did well." With that said Itachi marched away towards where his friend was waiting leaving Naruto standing there totally confused. Itachi then mentioned Shisui that it's time to leave and the two started on their way.

'What was that all about?' Naruto contemplated over it for a few moments before coming to a conclusion. "Hey you! Are you trying to make fun of me, you bastard?!" The boy screamed after Itachi.


Naruto flinched when he heard Iruka's voice. He slowly peeked behind and found his sensei standing angrily, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Extra class for you."


"You're right, Shisui."

"?" Shisui turned to his companion who spoke only after they have made it several blocks away from the Academy. Itachi appeared to be thoroughly pleased, something he rarely see of the young genius.

"I have found it. The only thing I, as a ninja, have yet to do. A way to measure my capacity." Itachi's face flickered with a small smile of satisfaction.

Shisui smiled and turned his gaze back on the road ahead.