Title: Butterfly

Author: Looney Connoisseur




"And now may I introduce Makino Tsukushi." The crown made a collective gasp at the familiarity of the name. They began to search for the person the speaker was taking about. Even the F4 seemed to be very curious if it was really the Tsukushi they know that the speaker was talking about.

Tsukushi stood up and walk to the platform. She removed her glasses and looked to the audience.

"Tsukushi." Tsukasa called out but Tsukushi didn't look at him. Rui Soujiro and Akira were all smiling at the news. They were glad that the huge barrier between Tsukasa and Tsukushi were now removed.

"That is right I am Tsukushi Makino the girl you all once bullied." Tsukushi said.

Tsukasa ran up to the stage pulled Tsukushi to a hug. Tsukushi was so shocked she wasn't able to react. After she recovered she tried to push Tsukasa away but he won't budge. Tsukasa remove his hand from Tsukishi's back making Tsukushi relieved. But suddenly he cupped her face and kissed her in the lips.

Rui, Akira and Soujiro all cheered. So did majority of those in the hall. But suddenly Tsukushi pushed him away, stepped back and punched Tsukasa straight in the face making him fall to the ground.

"I am Tsukuhi Makino and I declare war with you Doumyouiji Tsukasa"


Yesterday was a complete chaos. After she declared war on Tsukasa she decided she already had enough excitement for that day and decided to go home instead. On her way to her car Rui stopped her.

"Hey Tsukushi here's my number, call me if you need anything." He paused for a while then added.

"He really is sorry you know." After that Rui left.

During dinner time her phone suddenly rang. It was from an unknown number. She excused herself to go and answer the call.

"Hello, who is this?"

"It's me Tsukasa, I just wanted to say, I won't give up." He hanged up.

"How the hell did he get my number?"


Tsukushi woke up early the next day and decided to cook her lunch like she used to do, back then school food was too expensive for her to buy but right now she decided she preferred to keep her habit of cooking her own lunch. After preparing her food she took a bath. Looking at the wide selection of clothes she had in her closet she decided to wear a tank top under a simple sleeveless yellow babydoll top, white mini shorts and wedges. She grabbed her bag and car keys then went to school.

She was at 11am class when it started to rain heavily. The rain always made Tsukushi feel calm somehow. The class soon ended without anything interesting happening. During lunch time she decided to not to go eat at the cafeteria and went to the gym to eat instead. She didn't want to risk running in with Tsukasa and ruin her lunch.

When she got to the gym a couple of cheerleaders were there practicing. She went to the bleachers and started to eat her lunch while watching the practice. Back in grade school she used to be a very good gymnast. She was even the representative of her school at interschool competitions, but when she transferred to Eitoku she lacked the courage to go and apply for clubs like the cheering squad.

She winched as she saw one of the cheerleaders fail to reach the top of the pyramid. She was the head cheerleader Katrina scold the girl calling her stupid and other mean words.

Tsukushi hated people who treated people badly specially those who think they are better than others. She decided to approach the group.

"You shouldn't do that to people."

"I'm the HEAD Cheerleader I can do whatever damn pleases me bitch." Katrina said.

"So what, being the head cheerleader still doesn't give you the right to treat people like that."

"So you think your better than me?"

"What if I am?"Tsukushi made a quick comeback.

"Prove it." Katrina started to do some back flips.

"Is that all you've got?" Tsukushi removed her wedges and took out her handkerchief and tied it around her eyes. She did double back flips, cartwheel and ended her routine clean landing.

"Wow! Go Tsukushi!" The other cheerleader shouted.

"Shut up! Or else I'll remove you from my squad." Katrina fumed.

"We don't need you we can ask Makino-san to lead us" One of the girls said

"You'll do it right Makino-san" Another girl begged

Tsukushi taught for a second. She always loved gymnastics so she decided to say "Ok, I'm in."

"I'll get you Tsukushi" Katrina left the gym grabbing her stuff along the way.

"Well I guess, I now have reason to stay late at school. " Tsukushi said then she smiled at the squad.

After classes she had a meeting with the cheer squad they talked about practice schedules and they even bonded together telling stuff about each other.

"Are you and Tsukasa back together yet?" One girl asked.

Tsukushi blushed at the question. What was happening to her she was suppose to hate that man for everything he did to her but instead her heart was pounding like a love sick puppy.

"We were never together in the first place. It's getting late let's call it a day." She said farewell to the girls and headed to the parking lot.

It was still raining heavily when she reached the schools entrances which lead to the outdoor parking area.

"Shit I don't have an umbrella how will I get to my car." Looking down on her ensemble she taught she will definitely get drenched.

Figuring the rain will not die down anytime soon she decided to make a run for her car. Before she was out the building someone grabbed her arm pulling her back in.

"Wear this and use this." Tsukasa removed his hoodie revealing his a black muscle shirt underneath. Tsukushi was too shocked to act. He placed an umbrella in her hand and then made a run for his own car.

"Thanks" she whispered to the disappearing figure of Tsukasa.


The next day she woke up to a very sunny Saturday. She decided to breathe in some fresh air so she opened the sliding doors leading to her balcony. After a couple of minutes she went back in her room to freshen up before breakfast. On top of her dresser was Tsukasa's hoodie which was already neatly folded courtesy of the maids. She needed to return it to Tsukasa. Grabbing her phone she looked under her received calls to locate Tsukasa's number.

"Hello, may I please talk to Tsukasa" Tsukushi said

"Tsukushi!" A shocked and tired voice answered the phone.

"I would like to meet up to return your jacket. Meet you at Aubergine around 1pm is that alright with you?" Tsukushi said trying to maintain a calm voice.

"Ok I'll see you there." Tsukasa said in a weak voice. He coughed a couple of times.

"Are you alright?" but even before she could ask the line was cut off.


Tsukushi arrived at Aubergine 2 minutes early. She looked around and was amazed that Tsukasa was already a table waiting for her. At first she didn't recognize him because his head was resting on one of his hands which was on top of the table. She walked towards him.

"Hey! pineapple head I came to return your hoodie." Tsukushi said to get Tsukasa's attention.

Tsukasa remained still.

"Hey are you alright." She can closer to Tsukasa to tap his hand.

"Oh my God! Your burning up." Tsukushi placed her hand on his forehead to try and see how hot he was.

"Tsukushi" Tsukasa look at her and fell to the floor.

"Somebody help!" Tsukushi screamed. A couple of waiter went to help Tsukushi they carried Tsukasa to a private waiting room and lay him on the couch. Tsukishi didn't know what to do then she suddenly remembered she had Rui's number. She took her phone and dialled his number.

"Hello Rui! It's Makino I need your help."


A couple of minutes later Rui was at the restaurant.

"What happened to him" he asked.

"He has a fever and fainted."

"What are you doing with him? Are you two back together already? " Rui smirked.

"Why does everybody keep asking me that." Tsukushi flushed.

"No I just met him to return his jacket."

"Oh I see! We better get him to his apartment."

"He doesn't leave in the Domyouji mansion anymore?" Tsukushi asked.

"No he bought his own place a couple of weeks ago." Rui answered "Do you have a car?"

"Yes" Tsukushi answered.

"Ok! I'll drive Tsukasa's car just follow me." Rui said.

A couple of waiters helped Rui get Tsukasa in the car.


When they got to Tsukasa's apartment Tsukushi helped Rui carry Tsukasa to his room.

"Man this guy sure is heavy. Tsukushi look after him while I call a doctor."

"Ok" She replied.

She went to Tsukasa and tried to make him more comfortable. She removed his shoes and place the blanket over him as she was turning to leave Tsukasa grabbed her hand.

"Don't go." Tsukushi feeling it was her fault he got sick didn't refuse his wishes. She sat down on the bed beside him. Rui came in with the doctor and smirked as he saw the two holding hand. Tsukushi tried to pry her hands away but Tsukasa's grip was strong. He's still strong even if he is sick, Tsukushi taught to herself.

The doctor checked Tsukasa vitals for a couple of minutes.

"He will be fine he just needs a lot of rest and he needs to drink this medicine." The doctor announced making Tsukushi relieved he also handed her a bottle of Tsukasa's medicine.

"Thank you doctor." Rui said

"Tsukushi take care of him I have some business to attend to this evening I can't accompany you here." He addressed to Tsukushi.

"But.." Even before she finished Rui and the doctor left the room.

She had no choice she could leave a sick man alone no matter how much she hated him. She took out her phone and called her mom telling her that she will be spending the night at a friend's house. After that she went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. She needed to make Tsukasa drink his medicine for him to get better.

"Tsukasa wake up you need to drink this." Tsukasa weakly obeyed and drank his medicine. After this he immediately fell asleep again. Tsukasa was sweating a lot so Tsukushi decided to change his shirt. She looked at his pant and taught HELL NO! I ain't changing anything below the waist.

After changing Tsukasa's shirt she fell asleep at the couch in room due to exhaustion.



Tsukasa woke up feeling a lot better. Did he really dream Tsukushi taking care of him yesterday it was all a blur to him. He confirmed his taught when he was Tsukushi curled up on his coach. She looked beautiful to him. He approached her slowly looking closely at her face. Thinking she will be uncomfortable he carried her to the bed and placed her there. Feeling hungry he decided to go down stairs a prepare breakfast something he mastered quickly after transferring to own his apartment.

Tsukushi felt the sun on hair face and smelt food. This woke her up, her stomach was already growling because that last meal she had was lunch yesterday. She was shocked to see was no longer in the couch were she remember dozing off but at Tsukasa's bed minus Tsukasa.

She went downstairs to the kitchen and saw Tsukasa cooking what seems like pancakes. Tsukasa feeling somebody was watching him turned around.

"Good morning. Breakfast will be ready in 5 minutes." He said Smiling

She walked towards him and placed her hand on his head feeling his temperature. Feeling satisfied that his fever had now died down she said.

"You should he resting. Let me do that." She said determined to take the spatula from his hand. He quickly lifted his hand preventing her from getting it.

"Your my guest just take your sit." She tried to jump to get the spatula but was unsuccessful.

"If you don't stop that I'm gonna kiss you." She blushed and quickly went to the dining area. Tsukasa had a smile on his lips. He always taught Tsukushi was super cute when she blushes.

They had a very quite meal. The tension between the two of them was so thick you needed a butcher's knife to cut through it.

"Thanks for the meal. It seems you are ok now, I'll be leaving." She stood up.

"Don't go." He pulled her hand which caused her to land in his lap.

Head held her head and kissed her gently on the lips. He slowly depend the kiss longing for her to respond. She felt a surge of passion running through her body. She gently responded to his kiss making him more aggressive. His hand was caressing the back of her neck increasing the passion of their kiss.


I am graduating in March... hopefully...

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- Rui Nakamiya