A.L.F: chap1

How It Started.

A/N: This is a response to my little Faith challenge at the CCS board. Yes I started another fic, yes I'll update the others soon but I couldn't stop thinking about this one, so here it goes. Oh yeah this is supposed to be during season 5 so they're working at W&H, Faith works with them and Spike(along with someone else) is around too. One more thing: shout out to Angels9thFanstasy, I hope you like it, and yes I stayed up til 3 just cause it was on my mind so much! Ok NOW on to the story.

"So where the bloody hell is this demon?" Spike impatiently asked Angel as they stood in an LA park late one night.

Angel pulled himself out of his thoughts, thoughts about how much quieter life used to be before Spike popped out of that amulet and back into his life. "It'll show. It has to be around here somewhere."

"That narrows it down." Faith commented sitting a bench. After the battle with the first she decided to go to LA to work with Angel.

"Why are we here though? Doesn't Angel pay people to do these things? You should get your moneys worth Angel." Anya, who also came out of the amulet, stated.

Angel sighed. She really did like to talk about money, however in his eyes it was better then her going on and on about sex. Especially sex with Xander. He almost impaled himself on a pencil during one of those rants.

"So what kinda demon is it again?" Gunn asked.

"A Frezler." Angel answered.

Suddenly out of no where the Frezler appeared. Angel attacked it first, the Frezler tossed him aside. Gunn was the next person to be knocked out of the way. Faith then charged the demon. As she went to push him to the floor her hand hit this triangular symbol on his chest with let out a green beam that knocked her into a tree and knocked her out.

When Faith awoke the next morning she expected to have a headache or feel somewhat sore but she wasn't. Alright for Slayer healing. she thought. However, she did feel different. Somewhat weaker. She was laying on her back looking up at the ceiling, which was strange because she never slept on her back. She turned her head to the side where a wall was and noticed she surrounded by bars. Was I sent back to jail and forgot? No, no Gunn got me off on all the charges recently. She then looked back at the ceiling and noticed that there were little animals hanging above her on a mobile, if she didn't no any better she would've thought she was in a crib. But no that couldn't be possible, could it? Faith turned her head to the other side and didn't like what she saw one bit. The strange room she was in was painted light pink and there was a rocking chair right by a mirror that aloud Faith to see that she was wrong. It could be possible, it was possible. She had been turned into a baby.

"Good morning." a familiar female voice said entering the room as if it was just a normal day. The women walked closer and Faith was able to see that it was Anya.

This can't be good.

"Did my small child sleep well last night and have lots of good dream involving money like your mommy did?" Anya cooed picking Faith up and giving her a Good Morning kiss.

What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On.


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