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After Angel and Anya put Faith to bed that night, she hoped that when she awoke in the morning things would be back to normal. That she'd be an adult again. Yes, they weren't bad parents, but they weren't really her parents and this certainly wasn't her life. Unfortunately, things were the same when morning came. The only difference was that it was Angel in her room instead of Anya. "Hey there, thought I'd give mommy a break this morning," Angel told the baby as he picked her up. "Sleep well?" She tried to put one of her fingers in his mouth. "I'll just take that as a yes."


Despite Angel's attempt to give his girlfriend a break, Anya entered the room anyway, bottle in hand. "What's going on?" she asked.

"I was trying to let you stay in bed late," Angel replied. "Guess maybe I should've actually told you, you didn't have to get up."

"That would've helped," Anya agreed. "But it's sweet that you tried." She kissed him.

'Oh, kill me someone. Please.'

"Don't you have work?" Anya questioned.

"I'm the boss Anya, I can go in late sometimes if I want."

"But you won't lose out on money, right?"

"Don't worry. No money will be lost."

Anya smiled. "Great! Then I am glad you're here."

"So am I," he replied. "Would you like breakfast at least?"

"Sure," she replied taking Faith from Angel. "I'll feed her in the meantime."


Fifteen minutes later there was eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes, on the table waiting for Anya. "Oh, wow, you made a lot," she commented as she sat down to eat. Faith was placed in a highchair at the table, watching her 'parents.'

"I wasn't entirely sure what you were in the mood for," he told her.

"This is great! It's like a little breakfast orgy!" she replied happily. Angel choked on his coffee a little. Anya began to eat. "Mmm, have I ever told you that you make breakfast much better than Xander?"

Angel smiled and was flattered. It's always nice to be told you're better than your girlfriends ex, especially, in Angel's mind, when that ex is Xander Harris "no, and thanks."

'He looks like such a dork when he's happy sometimes. And how sick is it that these two almost seem... sweet together?'

"You have sex better than he does too."

"Thanks," he repeated, still smiling. This was one case where he didn't mind her mentioning sex out of the blue.

'I need to change back!'

After a few minutes of eating in quiet, there was a knock on the door. Angel got up and answered the door, allowing Anya to continue eating without interruption. "Welsey," Angel said, rather surprised, upon seeing who was at the door. Anya stood up immediately, picked up Faith, and held her tightly.

"If you being here is going to get Faith...," she began to threaten.

"I'm fine," Wesley assured her, stepping into the penthouse.

"You better be sure. Cause I swear if Faith gets the flu..."

"Anya, I'm better," Wesley repeated.

"Are you?" Angel made sure, only out of concern for his friend, who looked almost as green as Lorne the last time he saw him.

"Yeah. Modern medicine does wonders."

"Good. Glad to hear it."

'Oh sure, Wesley get's over his flu and I get stuck as the kid of The Boring and The Horny. There is going to be wicked hell to pay when I find out who's responsible for this!'

Angel and Wesley began to talk about some business, so Anya took Faith back in her room to dress her. The outfit of the day was a light pink shirt, with lavender overalls.

'It's better than the dresses, at least.'

Once she was dressed Anya took her back to where Angel and Wesley were. Angel was putting his coat on. "You're leaving?" Anya questioned.

"Yeah. Looks like our breakfast has to be cut short. There's been a problem in our negotiations with the Sawlora Clan."

"Be careful!" Anya advised, worried. "Don't make them mad. They're big into vengeance."

"You're familiar with them?" Angel replied.

"Yeah. They were a blast to hang out with back in my demon days, and D'Hoffrins' best clients. But they better not do anything to hurt you."

"I'll be fine," he assured her.

Wesley had an idea. "Angel, Anya's right, these demons are not ones to make angry. Since Anya knows them maybe she should go with you," he told the vampire.

"I can't. Then Faith would be alone and that's child neglect and I will not have my Faith neglected. Not to mention that I'd be sent to prison which is a very dirty place where you can't make any money," Anya said.

"Wesley can stay with her," Angel concluded.

"I can?" he questioned, unsure of that idea.

'He can?'

"I mean, you want me too? What about Harmony," Wes added.

'Not Harmony again!'

"Well, you're already here, if you wouldn't mind," Angel answered. Truth was, he had her waiting for an important document to be drawn up, and he didn't trust her doing two things at once. Especially when one of those things was looking after a baby.

"Of course I wouldn't mind," Wesley told him.

"Okay then Angel I would love to come with you," Anya said, handing Faith to Wesley. "You better be telling the truth about not being infested with the flu anymore," she then threatened.

"I was never 'infested' with anything," he replied, not liking her choice of words, "but I am better."

'He better be better at other things too, cause the last time he was left in charge of me, so to speak, that didn't go well at all. Still though I guess he's better than Harmony. At least, I hope he is.'

Angel and Anya kissed Faith goodbye and then left. Wesley looked down at the baby. "Well, I guess it's just you and me. We'll have fun, won't we?" he said. From what he saw, the baby was seemingly happy, gurgling and playing with his fingers. He had no idea what was really going on.

'Fun? you? Doubt it. This should be interesting. It better be.'


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