Call me Mr. Potter!

Author: Pokari,


Rate: R

Disclaimer: you know it's not mine

Summary: Harry is a mediwizard especially for children and he is now working as a nanny for Draco's twins.

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Sirius/Severus

Time: Post-Hogwarts

Warnings: slash, slightly AU.

Beta by Meridian

Chapter 1

Harry was looking at the address written on the parchment in his hand, making sure that he had come to the right house. Big house.

He was uncertainly looking for the doorbell. Or, in this case, anything that would help him to inform the master of this house of his presence. But before he even touched the wall the gate was opened.

Harry took a step into the property and saw a huge playground surrounded the house but no flowers, just green grass everywhere. And no children. Or children's voices either.

As he went to the door Harry noticed a man, around forty, waiting for him. 'Must be some kind of butler,' Harry thought.

The man only nodded his head, and signalled for Harry to follow him. The house was even larger on the inside. They had walked through so many doors and corridors that Harry was sure he would get lost if he were left alone to find his way out.

Finally the man stopped in front of a closed door. Again, he signalled Harry to enter the door and then he left him.

Harry knocked on the door three times and came in when a voice told him to.

"I don't want a nanny." Said a childlike voice.

"I don't want one too." Said another voice that resembled the first one.

"Please, children. We've talked about it. We're lucky we found someone." It must be the father, trying to show authority. "Just be nice."

The voices intrigued Harry. When he pushed the door further, he saw two small faces that looked exactly alike, even their pouted faces, sitting on the bed. The person he assumed was the father kneeled on the floor, in front of the twins, not at all intimidating.

'This must be the children's room.' Harry coughed a little to announce his presence.

"We're on strike." Said one of the twins.

"Yes. We're on strike." Followed the other one.

"Oh, please." The man stood up. "You don't even know the word." He turned around to meet Harry.

"We do know." No echo from his brother now. Harry felt three pairs of identical eyes staring at him.

"I…" Harry searched the parchment that assigned him to come to the house in the first place.

"Harry Potter." Harry stopped. "Long time not see you. What brings you to our humble home." Oops. Harry frown when he remembered the smirk.

"I obviously came to the wrong house." Harry frowned deeper. He hadn't changed. Well, not much. Harry thought sadly, he's still very handsome and… and he grew an inch more. Harry pouted.

"Nope," Draco Malfoy smiled. "We're in need of a nanny actually."

"They're on strike." Harry nodded to the twins. "I heard them."

"No, they're not. You can start working now."

"I don't see that they are in pain or any health emergency." Harry eyed him suspiciously.

"They're healthy." Draco smiled again.

"Then why are you calling a mediwizard?" Harry looked at the parchment on his hand. "A qualified mediwizard, who knows a lot and loves children, preferable someone who knows a lot about defence and charms."

"To take care of my children." Draco walked to his sons. "This Alexander, and this Andrew, the younger one. They will be five in three months."

"You could pay someone to baby-sit them." Harry put the parchment back in his pocket. "And if you show me the way out, I won't bother you again."

"NO way." Draco looked a little cross; he moved his hand and the door was closed with a loud thump. "I've been looking for someone for the last two weeks. And no body was brave enough for those two. You see, you're the perfect candidate."

"Even with your money?" Harry glared at him, not at all flattered. "I'm not stupid enough to throw myself into a suicide mission."

"I'll lead you." Harry felt a small hand pulled him. Alexander, if he remembered it correctly. They walked to the door, which wasn't locked and walked through another set of corridors.

"I'll come with you." Came the echo.

"Oh no, you won't." Draco managed to catch his younger son and carried him on his shoulder and followed his other son. Well, one was enough to scare the hell out of the Gryffindor. And he was telling the truth when he told him that he needed someone brave to handle his sons.

Harry smiled when he heard Draco grumbled behind him while his son was wailing and squirming and telling his daddy to walk faster.

"We're here." The voice bellow him took him back to reality. Harry was looking at another massive room filled with all the toys imagined for wizard children.

"I thought you'd take me to the entrance door." Harry asked the boy.

"This is our playing room." Alexander announced proudly.

"I can see that."

"You're not our new nanny, right?"

"Nope." Harry shook his head.

"You're not our new mommy, right?" Alexander was still eyeing him suspiciously.

"WHAT?" Harry lowered his tone. "No, and never will be."

"Alexander Malfoy." Draco couldn't decide whether to laugh at the look on Harry's face or scowl at his son, so he did nothing. Draco looked at his older son who suddenly looked shy.

"We don't like nanny." Alexander tried to defence.

"Yes." Andrew supported his brother. "Nanny is awful. Mommy is more awful."

"How is that?" Draco put his son down, so that he could glare at them both.

"We can't play. And we always have to clean. Right, Andy?"

"Yes." Andrew, Andy, nodded his head. "And I don't like orange. It's awful."

Harry looked around the room and couldn't agree more with the twins. This orange was awful. Automatically Harry pulled out his wand and changed the colour into light blue.

"Better?" Harry lifted his eyebrow to Andy.

"Thank you." Andy ran to Harry and hugged his feet.

"Well done, Mr. Potter, you've earned yourself a job. You can start tomorrow and we'll talk about your salary." Draco smirked at the shorter man, satisfied with himself.

"Oh no," Harry tried to free himself from the small hands. He refused to get closer to anyone whose last name was Malfoy.

Alexander followed his twin and walked to Harry. He grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him closer to the wall. "I want a biiiiiig big dragon here."

"No," Andy pulled Harry's hand and sticking his tongue out at his twin, "You lost yesterday, Alex, so we'll have a biiiiiig big wolf there."

"It's not fair." Harry shook his head.

Harry looked at the small hands pulling his hands. He turned to Draco who didn't look like wanted to help him out. Great, I shouldn't have listened to Sirius to get a life and I would still have my life.

Sigh. It's gonna be a looooong long day.

16 July 2003, 11:02 pm