Call me Mr. Potter!

Author: Pokari,

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Rate: R

Disclaimer: you know it's not mine

Summary: Harry is a mediwizard especially for children and he is now working as a nanny for Draco's twins.

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Sirius/Severus

Time: Post-Hogwarts

Warnings: slash, slightly AU.

Note : Unbeta-ed

Chapter 19

"Harry?" Alex shook Harry's body, desperately trying to wake him up. "Wake up, please, Harry, Harry…"

"Huh?" Harry groggily opened his eyes. "Alex?" He lifted his hand to cover a big yawn. He tried to sit albeit difficultly since Alex clamped to him. He sobered up quickly when he realised the little boy was crying. "Hey, something happen to Andy?"

"No. Andy's sleeping and Daddy said not to wake him up." The answer was muffled.

Harry reached the shaking body and pulled him up onto his laps. "And why are you crying?"

"Sirius… he said… he…" Alex hugged Harry's neck tightly, unable to form the answer.

"Sirius is here?"

The little head nodded.

Harry walked to the waiting room; he could hear conversation came through the slightly opened door.

"Anybody care to explain why Alex' crying?" Harry looked at Draco. "And you should have woken me up."

"You look tired," Sirius smiled. "I told him to let you sleep a bit more."

Harry lifted his eyebrows. "So you could terrorize him?" Harry took the seat next to Draco, not a little bit angry at his godfather.

"Oh, I only let Draco know that I would take you away if he hurt you again." Sirius shrugged his shoulder. "You could always live with me and Severus."

"No." Alex said dejectedly. "Harry's living with me and Andy and Daddy."

"Well." Sirius smiled kindly at the little boy. "You have to make sure that your Daddy treats Harry nicely, okay?"

"Okay." Alex solemnly nodded his head. "Daddy," He looked at Draco in the eyes, "You shouldn't make Harry sad."

"Yes, Son." Draco answered with the same solemnest, though he rolled his eyes inwardly. He would never hurt Harry. Ever.

"As amusing as it is, you should stop meddling in their business, Sirius." Severus glanced at his fiancé. "Time's for dinner." He quickly added before the said man could protest.

"Yeah, I'm hungry." Harry smiled, also wanted to dissipate Sirius' attention from his and Draco's relationship or the lack thereof.

"It's chicken and potato with broccoli, all roasted." Sirius looked at Alex. "And you have to finish them all or you won't get the dessert."

"But Alex doesn't have problem eating vegetable, right Alex?" Harry gently put Alex on the sofa between him and Draco.

"Yes." Alex smiled; he would eat everything to make Harry proud of him.

The dinner went smoothly, though sometime Harry would catch Sirius giving Draco warning looks, but he wisely said nothing.

When the table was clean, Sirius joyously opened the dessert box. He smiled kindly at Alex, "Since you've been a good boy, you could choose first."

Alex giddily looked inside the box. There are strawberry cakes, chocolate cakes, fruity cakes and puddings. He carefully took the strawberry one and then anxiously looked at the chocolate one. "What about Andy?"

"Oh, we'll leave the chocolate one, right, gentlemen?" Harry looked at the other three, making sure nobody object.

Alex smiled brightly and started to enjoy his share. He liked it best like that, when his Daddy and Harry were around, and Sirius and Uncle Severus were being nice. 'Too bad Andy's sleeping.' Alex thought morosely.

Draco noticed his son's expression and hugged him. "Don't worry. Andy will wake up tomorrow morning, and we can go home together."

"Harry too?" Alex looked at his father worriedly. "He stays with us, right, forever?"

"Well," Draco glanced at Harry slyly, "I'm trying for the forever part."

Alex frowned. "You should try harder, Daddy."

Draco ignored the snicker he received from the older wizards; instead he frowned slightly at his son. "You need to learn a little patience, son."

"A good advice, Draco." Severus smirked. "But I know where he got that from. Remember when I told you that so many times a long time ago?"

"Yeah, I've learnt so much from you." Draco snorted.

"Here, Alex." Sirius handed him a book. "Severus thought you might need something to entertain you when your brother's sleeping. You could ask Harry or your Daddy to read it for you."

"Thank you." Alex beamed. He turned to Harry and crawled back onto his laps. "Harry, would you read this for me?"

"Sure." Harry took a napkin and gently wipe Alex' face.

"Thank you." Draco said to his godfather. "That's very thoughtful of you."

"Well, fatherhood kicks him hard." Sirius chuckled. "Here." He handed Harry a small travelling bag. "I search your wardrobe and got you and the twins' robes and pyjamas."


"Well, I guess it's time to go." Severus stood up and lifted a hand to Sirius.

"Let us know when Andy's better." Sirius hugged his godson and Alex. He patted Draco's shoulder and followed his fiancé out.

"Well, I guess we better clean up a bit and change into our pyjamas before reading the new book." Harry said.

"You do that." Draco nodded absently. "I'll go check on Andy."


Cecile was having dinner with Narcissa at the hotel she currently stayed. She had promised herself to make things right so that she could have a new start in life. And that was why she was having the conversation right now.

"It's no use, Mother, when love had turned into hate, there's nothing more could be done." Cecile sighed. She loved Narcissa like the mother she didn't have, which was why it made things more difficult.

"Don't leave, Cecile." Narcissa shook her head. "I'll talk to Draco."

"I hate how I have disappointed you, Mother; after all you only have my best interest in your heart. But a promise is a promise. If I break it now, Draco would never let me see the twins."

"He would never do that."

Cecile smiled sadly. "Nothing's change, Mother. I'll leave tomorrow after Andy's condition better." Cecile sighed. "I wish things were different."


Draco contently watching Andy's sleeping face; it was less colourless now. He had Tony brought him fresh robes and after changed and had his two cups of freshly brewed coffee, he felt refreshed. It helped to improve his mood after Healer Wilson came and checked on Andy, conforming that his son would wake any moment now.

Draco leaned back and getting himself comfortable. He could hear Alex laughter. Harry had been trying to bath him without making too much mess for the last 15 minutes. He didn't deem it necessary for his son to take a bath now, but apparently the activity was too much a fun for Alex that he didn't want to miss it. Though, Draco imagined, it would be more like splashing the water rather than actually showering. It was peaceful. If only his mother could accept the fact that things was over between him and Cecile, it would make his life perfect.

Ten minutes later Alex cheerfully greeted him. Demanding to be pick up and gave him a morning kiss.

"Where's Harry?"

"Poo poo." Alex scrunched his nose. "When will Andy wake up?"


As soon as Draco said that, Andy's eyes fluttered.


"Andy?" Draco was alert when he heard whimper came from the bed. "Baby, it's Daddy, can you hear me?"

"Hmph… ah…" Andy's face crunched as if in pain.

Draco quickly called the Healer. He wanted to hug his son but he wasn't sure it was safe to undo the incubator.

Andy blinked several times, trying to focus his eyes.

"Andy?" Alex called softly; afraid to touch the bubble around the bed. He stood on his father's lap, his body leaning dangerously.


Draco let out the breath he unconsciously held when he heard the coarse answer. "You're okay, baby?"

"Thirsty, Daddy."

It didn't take a minute for the medical team to reach the room. They took a thoroughly check up while Draco, with Alex in his arms, waiting on the side.

Little Andy only compliant to the procedure for the first two minutes. Then he started to rebel, and refused to stay still.

"Daddy…" Andy sobbed.

"Stay still for me, baby." Draco gently told him, but the boy only cried louder, which would be a disaster if not for Harry coming out from the bathroom.

"Harry." Alex smiled. "Stop them, Andy doesn't like them."

Andy opened his eyes wider, but it was too blur for him to see. He struggled to sit up, shying away from the hands trying to hold him down.


"Yes. Alex and Daddy are here too." Harry stood beside Draco.

Andy lifted his hands, silently pleaded to be hugged.

"Sorry, Andy. We need you to stay still, just for a moment, sweetheart."

When Andy started to wail, Healer Wilson gave up. "Could you sit with him, Harry?"

Andy stopped his crying when he heard the wizard's affirmative answer. Harry had to catch him when Andy decided to pounce on him. He solemnly hugged him, appreciating the feeling of the warm body.

"Harry?" Andy asked between hiccups.


"Are you a real Harry or a dream Harry?"

"Of course he's real." Alex chided his brother.

"Now, young man, you need to sit still." On of the healer said.

"I'm a little boy." Andy protested lightly, though feeling satiated to finally be with Harry again.

"What are they doing, Daddy?"

"Making sure that your brother's fine?" Draco explained.

Andy sat patiently. Now that Harry was with him, he changed back into his sweet personality. Only complaining that he was hungry and thirsty.

"Now we only have to do one more thing before you could have your breakfast." Healer Wilson smiled. "Would you lay on the bed alone?"

"No." Andy turned his body and hugged Harry's neck tightly.

"I'm not going anywhere." Harry rubbed the small back.

Andy bit his lower lips. He wanted to please the older wizard but… "Can you turn on the light? I can't see."

Harry's heart beat faster. "What do you mean? You can't see me?"

"I can." Andy smiled. "But I can't see Daddy and Alex. Too dark."

"We only need you to stay still for a moment, and then they will make you see again."


"Maybe you could fix his eyes first." Draco told the healer, worried made his voice sound cold.


"How's Andy?" Lucius asked his son.

"Playing little prince since Harry is all too happy to fulfil his every whims." Draco smirked. "How's mother?"

"Haven't seen her since yesterday."

Draco shrugged his shoulders. "Seems like the potion only affecting his sight. And his brain shouldn't suffer because it didn't show any anomaly activities."

"It's relieving." Lucius nodded slowly. "Look, Son. Just… don't let your mother prevent your happiness."

Draco smiled thankfully for the blatant show of support that was rarely expressed.

"Well," Lucius smirked. "Let's not be sentimental. I want to see my grandson now."

The conversation stopped the moment they opened the door.

"It's alright, Andy." Alex petted his brother's head. "It's Grandpa."

"Hello, Grandpa." Andy smiled.

"How are you feeling?" Lucius didn't even bother to try hugging him or taking him from the comfortable position on Harry's laps.

"They said the only thing we need to be worry about would be his sight." Draco explained.

"Of course. No Malfoy would be an idiot." Lucius huffed indignantly.

"Andy has to wear glasses." Alex informed. He pointed the one laying on the dresser.

"But I don't like it." Andy pouted, he shook his head vehemently.

Lucius looked at the glasses with interest. "I've seen it somewhere before."

Draco smiled. "The first time I saw Harry, he's wearing glasses."

"Really?" Andy perked up.

"My eyes are better now." Harry smiled.

"Let me see." Draco took the glasses and put it on his son's face. "What do you think, Father?"

"He does look a bit like Harry." Lucius easily agreed.

"Me, too." Alex stood up. "Daddy, I want it too."

Draco hugged the boys. "I want at least one of my boys to look like me."

Harry shook his head. The Malfoys, they would manipulate even their children to get what they wanted.

Andy was still beaming happily when two hours later Sirius visited him and commented how he looked like Harry. He even promised that he would look for Harry's old glasses for him.

"I think I've thrown it away." Harry frowned.

Sirius shrugged his shoulder. "So, if Andy's fine, why is he still here? My marriage will be in two days, in case you forgot."

"But Harry's staying with us." Alex turned to his father. "Right, Daddy?"

"Of course he's staying with me." Sirius said in victorious tone.

"No. With us."

"With me."

"It's so cute to see you arguing with a five year old." Lucius said in dry amusement, which of course, Sirius ignored.

"Can we stay with you too?" Andy asked.

"And who is this 'we'?"

"Me and Alex and Daddy." Andy answered quickly.

"You and Alex are okay." Sirius thought.

"Yay." Andy and Alex shrieked happily.

"Sit still." Harry chided lightly at the boy in his arms. He smiled at Draco's amused face. "So, how long should we wait?"

"Just until before lunch."

"Excelent." Sirius clapped his hands. "Then we can go to my shops and have a taste for the party food." He turned at the two elder Malfoys. "You're invited for lunch."

"Thank you, Sirius." Alex smiled angelically at him.

"Oh, aren't you cute." Sirius cooed. "I wish my baby would be like you."

"Then you're marrying the wrong person." Lucius lifted his eyebrow suggestively.

"I'll appreciate it if you keep you flirtation to yourself." Severs said coldly.

"Severus." Sirius' face lighted up with joy. "You said you can't make it here."

Obviously Severus couldn't stand Sirius' pouted face when he said he had to leave for work. He left after he safely apparate his fiancé at the hospital ground.

"I told the headmaster that I'm planning on an early retirement. And I'll be teaching until he found someone to fill my post." He shrugged his shoulder. "He gave me one week off. Starting today."

"That's nice of him." Sirius smiled. He turned to his godson. "Well, I'll be waiting at the shop. We'll have some of your favourite."

"Get me macaroni pasta." Harry grinned. "With lots of cheese."

"Cheeseee…" Andy giggled.

They watched the couple left the room and then through the closed door, they heard the angry voices spoke in increasingly high tones.

"Mother's here." Draco said dryly. He grimly noticed Alex's worried look. They boy wanted to cling into Harry but his arms already full of his brother. Draco walked to the bed and opened his arm, and instantly Alex jumped in, with such force that would have him crumbled onto the floor had he not been ready to catch him.

The sight in the room had flared Narcisa's anger even more. It should have been Cecile's holding Andy, and they would look like a prefect family. Not some… stranger.

Lucius watched with interest. In contrast of Harry's pale face, Narcissa's reddened face look uglier.

"What is he doing here?" Narcissa asked coldly.

"I could ask you the same, Mother." Draco answered unhappily.


"You scared Alex."

"Lucius…" Narcissa turned to her husband.

"We've been through this." Lucius frowned.

Draco looked at his ex-wife. "I thought you're leaving."

"Until I'm sure Andy's fine." Cecile lifted her head. "And you look good, Andy."

Andy nodded. "Harry said he's staying with us."

"I'm not…" Harry stuttered but Cecile cut him.

"Are you happy?"

"Yes." Andy smiled. "I have to wear glasses. But Harry too, when he's a little boy like me."

"Well, I came to say goodbye. Will you give me a hug?"

Andy nodded. He lifted his hands and allowed himself to be lifted off Harry's laps for a moment. "Call me when you miss me."


Cecile safely deposited him back to his previous position and turned to her elder son. "Alex?"

Alex stiffly gave his mother a quick hug when she was near enough. Saying a clear, "Goodbye, Mother." And hid his face onto his father's neck again. He made no promise of calling and writing.

Cecile made a silent exit after she gave Narcissa a warm hug. "Thank you, Mother, for everything." She whispered, and left before she was tempted to change her mind.

"Daddy, can we leave now?" Alex frowned. "I'm hungry."

"I'm hungry too." Andy readily backed his brother.

"Well, Healer Wilson needs to see you one more time." Draco looked at Andy. "Then we can go to Sirius' place."

"You're not taking them there, Draco." Narcissa said coldly. "We're going back home."

Alex whimpered when he felt that his grandmother was standing too close. And looking at his brother's distress, Andy became frightened too. He hugged Harry tightly. "I want to go to Sirius' place." He whispered softly.

"You'll have to accept it, Mother. Harry is staying in our life. You could decide if you want to do the same or not."

Narcissa looked at her husband, but receiving no support she silently asked, she turned her anger at Harry. "This is your fault. You ruined my life. I hope you're happy now, 'cause I'll never accept you."

Harry hugged Andy, hiding his face strategically from the others. He wasn't expecting acceptance but the blatant refusal hurt him so deep, his eyes was teary. 'I can't back down now.' Harry thought. Life without Draco and the twins wasn't a life worth living.

"Narcissa." Lucius looked at his wife with disappointment.

"Harry?" Andy whispered. "I'm happy with you."

"If you can't be nice, you better leave." Lucius said quietly. "We'll be going to Black's place after this."

Narcissa indignantly kept her mouth shut.


"You're late." Sirius smiled. "We almost finish all the pasta."

"You're not." Harry smiled.

"I'm hungry." Andy said.

"But didn't you just finish the chocolate cake before we left the hospital?" Draco teased his son.

"But I'm hungry, Daddy."

Severus frowned when he looked at his friend. "Lucius. You come." He glanced at Sirius, as if waiting for him to throw tantrum.

"Sirius invites us for lunch." Lucius smiled charmingly. "Too bad Narcissa couldn't make it. She's not too hungry apparently."

Harry decided it would be better to sit separately from the elder wizards, prepared the lunch for the twins, Draco and himself. He was glad that while Andy was demanding for his attention, Alex looked happy just to have him around.

"Daddy," Alex smiled. "My book."

"Want me to read for you?" Draco asked.

Alex nodded. "I can write now." He suddenly said.

"I know." Draco smiled.

"I want to show Harry." Alex said stubbornly.

"Me too." Andy said.

Giggling, Harry supplied the parchment and quilt. He watched attentively as Alex finished quickly while Andy seemed to struggle with words.

"I forgot." Andy frowned sadly. "Daddy help me."

Draco looked at the parchment and smiled. "You wrote it perfectly, Andy."

"No. it's not finish."

Harry only smiled. He was really proud of Alex when the boy patiently showed his brother how to finish the note.

"It's a nice touch." Harry whispered to Draco.

"Really?" Draco frowned. "But I didn't teach them how to write that."

"Mother taught us." Alex said.

"Really?" Harry asked, confused.

"She said it's magic to bring you back." Andy smiled. "And you're back."

Harry returned the hug. "I'm back. Well, I'll go to see if Neville need any help. I'll be back, okay?"


Harry spent the next hour talking to Neville, doing the last minute check for the party preparation. He would glance at the Malfoy once in a while, checking the twins. Lucius had left after lunch, while Severus took Sirius home for resting.

"Everything is perfect." Neville smiled. "Sirius likes the food. He didn't want to send out invitation, so I could only hope that the food is enough for all the customer who decide to come at that exact day."

Harry laughed. "You're doing fine, Nev. But I really think that Sirius should have employed another one or two to help you."

"He would. He said he'll start looking next week."

"Really?" Harry smiled.

"Don't worry, Harry. I'm doing alright, beside he gave me a raise, and a promise of a generous bonus."

"He should. Well, can you make sure that Blaise would be here for the party? I haven't seen him for ages."

"Don't worry." Neville tried not to blush. "He comes everyday. He loves our lunch menu."

Harry chuckled. "I bet he does."

"Oh, by the way, Hermione came yesterday. Asking if you would like the have her kitten."

"Okay, I let Draco know. The twins want to have one before."

Apparently the twins had changed their mind. "Can we go home now?" Alex asked.

"Sure." Harry nodded. "I would be time for a nap."

"But I don't want to nap." Alex frowned.

Draco had a slight crease in between his eyebrow. He didn't like it when his sons challenge his authority, but maybe just for this once he would relent.

The four of them end up watching Andy's favourite movie. The twins were ecstatic, not only they had Harry with them, but Daddy had decided that he would spend the rest of the day with them.

"Alright, what's next?" Draco asked his sons.

"One more time." Andy said.

"Again?" Draco sighed.

"I think it's Alex' turn to choose the movie." Harry said.

Alex grinned. He really wanted to watch the new movie Grandpa bought for them.

"But…" Andy's eyes watered.

"We can watch it again tomorrow." Harry said.

Andy pouted and silently lay back against Harry.

Alex silently walked to his Daddy. "It's okay. We can watch it again."

"Are you sure?" Draco asked his elder son. He didn't want to spoil Andy, though after almost lost him he really wanted to do anything to make him happy.


Andy looked at his brother. He smiled his thank tentatively.

Alex sighed as lean back against his father. He was bored. As much as Andy liked it, he came to hate it.



"I want to study again. I still remember the alphabet."

"You do?" Draco smiled. He should have started their education early, especially now that he knew Alex passion of knowledge.

"Yes." Alex grinned. "I want to read. I miss playing potion."

"What it has to do with potion?"

"Uncle Severus said he would teach me real Potion if I can read. He doesn't want Harry getting angry with him." Alex explained.

Draco grinned; he still remembered the episode when the twins last playing with fake potions. Quickly he got the quilt and parchment for Alex.

Andy silently watched his brother. Daddy sat beside him, and he would every now and then praise Alex. Soon, Harry was also interested in what Alex doing. Andy didn't like watching the movie alone.


"Hm?" The boy answered, but didn't look up from his parchment.

"Alex, I'm sorry." Andy sobbed now. "I'm sorry. You can choose the movie. I'm sorry."

Alex was surprised. "Don't cry, Andy. It's okay, I don't want to watch movie now."

"I'm sorry. Don't hate me."

Alex went to hug his brother. "I don't hate you."

"Well, I guess we have enough movie for today." Draco smiled.

"Right." Harry lifted Andy. "Bath time."

"But Alex…"

"I have bath this morning." Alex shrugged his shoulder.


After the bath, Andy also said he wanted to study. But unlike Alex, he soon lost his interest and said he wanted to draw instead.

Harry's mind went back to the first time the twins spent the night with him. It seemed like yesterday he helped the twins wrote the list, to get the right mommy. 'And it's as their birthday present.' Harry thought amusedly. And then Draco had proposed him. If he said yes, he would be the twins' mommy. If only he was braver.

"Dinner's ready." Anthony announced.

"We'll wait for Draco." Harry smiled.

"Of course, Sir." The butler retreated.

The last two days had been long for Alex. After dinner, Alex asked Harry to read a story for him and then promptly fell asleep. But Andy, refused to be put to bed.

"Read me another story, Harry." Andy hid his yawn.

"I'll read you another one tomorrow." Harry put the storybook aside.

"Just one more, please."

"Its pass your bedtime, Andy, I promise I'll read you another one tomorrow."

"Really?" Andy frowned.


"Will you sleep with me?"

Harry chuckled. "I sleep with Daddy. You sleep with Alex, remember?"

Andy grinned sleepily. "Beside, Daddy's bed is big."

"Right, now, let's tuck you in."

"You'll be here when I wake up?"



"Tired?" Draco gently massaged Harry's back.

Harry moaned appreciately. He was wearing Draco's spare pyjamas and tired enough to sleep the moment his head touched the pillow. And now, Draco's hand soothing his tired back was a nice treat for him.

Draco smirked. "You know what they want for their birthday. If you would only say yes, it would solve all of my problem."

Harry was silent. "I can't, Draco. You heard your mother."

"Forget about her. This is us. You, me, and the twins."

Harry sighed sadly. "You don't know what it feels like to lose a mother. I don't want it to happen to you."

Draco hugged Harry's body tightly. "She's my mother, Harry; I know how stubborn she could be. Beside, our tie couldn't be severe just like that. He would always be my mother."

"Come on, let's sleep. I need to go to Sirius' place tomorrow."

"Not before you kiss me."

Harry complied. He gave him a long goodnight kiss. "Night, Draco."

"Night, Harry."


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