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So here we are at the end of our times. The spring, summer and autumn of our people have passed and we have come to our winter. But we have had a full time, and our memory shall be passed down from mother to daughter, so we shall not be forgotten. But who are we? We are the daughters of the Great Mother, and to her we give strength for our strength our life and our history. We are the women warriors so feared by men. We are the amazons, the moon riders, call us what you will. But I beg you, listen to our tale and recite it. For only if you recite it will we be remembered, otherwise we will fade into memory.

Many men have tried to call us their own, forcing us to serve them, and yet fearing us all the time. We have always retained our freedom, we only serve, and we are not owned. But men will call us their own. We let them think this in their ignorance; they do not know any better. We will never willingly surrender and give up, there is always a way we can win. First the Greeks broke us after the Battle of Troy, next the Romans. But now the Romans are coming to their last years, and we will outlast them by even a few years, we will taste our freedom again. I promise you this, we will never falter, whatever the cost.

For we are the amazons.