The Scoundrel of Go PG-13
Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson

Summary: AU. Hikaru already knows Go when he first comes across Sai. How will this change things, as we delve into the Hikaru no Go world, Hawk-style? Come on in and find out...

Disclaimer: Hikaru no Go, Hikaru, Sai and whatnot are not mine, though I certainly wish they were. I could use the money! The story is mine though, all mine.

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Previously, on 'The Scoundrel of Go'

"You're going to take the exam, Tatsuhiko?" Kenji asked with a confused expression. "I though you said that you wouldn't be taking it for a couple of years yet?"

"I wasn't, Kenji. But I can't let this insolent brat get too far ahead of me, now can I?" he asked with a grin. "Once I've recovered my old skills, you're going down, kid!" he announced.

"Once a week, huh? Well then, Old Man. You've got yourself a deal." Shindo replied and glared daggers at Kadowaki. "But you'll be the one going down!" he added with a grin of his own.

"Grrrr!" Kadowaki snarled.

"Grrrr!" Shindo snarled right back.

/Oh my.../ Sai sighed and shook his ghostly head.

"Now, now, you two..." Harumi started, gesturing at them to keep it down as not to disturb the other customers.

"Oh boy, now there's two of them." Kenji sighed and shook his head.

Roll credits

Chapter Four:

"Another win, eh, Isumi?" Waya commented as he walked up to record today's win, standing in line behind Isumi who was jotting down the results of his own match.

"Yes." Isumi calmly responded. "You too? Congratulations."

"It's going just about as expected, Insei dominate!" Waya said with badly concealed pride. "How did Mashiba and Honda do today?" he inquired, seeing as the two of them weren't still playing.

"Still undefeated." Isumi confirmed after a moments pause to check the records. "As are Kadowaki-san and Shindo-san."

"As expected from Kadowaki-san. He got three student titles, after all. But who's this Shindo?" Waya inquired. "He got through the preliminaries undefeated, didn't he?"

"Yes. He was the only one to beat Kadowaki-san in the preliminaries." Isumi confirmed. "By seven and a half Moku." he added.

"Seven and a half? Against Kadowaki?!" Waya exclaimed as Isumi moved out of the way, so Waya could record his own win.

"Yes. I saw the later part of their game. They're both incredibly strong and focused players. But in the end, Shindo-san simply went above Kadowaki-san and walked away victorious." Isumi replied.

"Why were you watching the preliminaries?" Waya inquired with a confused expression.

"My sempai Sanada from the Nine Stars Club went through the preliminaries." Isumi answered, referring to a former Insei who was still part of the Nine Stars Club. "I came to support him." Isumi added and glanced at the records, shaking his head. "My third last game is against Shindo-san, second last against you and the last one with Kadowaki-san."

"Kadowaki third last, you second and Shindo for the last game." Waya commented after glancing at the records himself.

"I can hardly wait." Isumi confessed. "I really wanted to play against Kadowaki-san when I first heard about him taking the exam. Shindo-san will be interesting too."

"All the troublesome guys for the last three games." Waya responded with a sigh. "I don't know weather to be relieved or dismayed."

"Oh, I don't know about that. I see that your next games are against Fuku and Honda." Isumi commented with a faint smile, causing Waya to tense up for a few moments.

"I will beat Fuku this time!" Waya exclaimed angrily. "Honda is good, but I have confidence in my Go. I will beat him too!" Waya swore.

"I'm playing Nase next. The Insei winning streak will be over soon, one way or another." Isumi said with a sad expression.

"Yeah..." Waya agreed. "But you're the number one Insei, you'll kick ass all the way until you play me. Then I'll hand you your only defeat and we'll both become professionals!"

"What are you talking about? I will be the undefeated one." Isumi responded indignantly and the two of them continued to banter as they left the room.

"One loss each. Shindo-san is the only one still undefeated." Isumi commented as the two of them rode up in the elevator. Shindo and Kadowaki both beat Honda and Mashiba. Shindo also defeated Kadowaki again. Isumi had forfeited a game, due to being stuck on the subway because of a broken-down train engine on his way to the game. Once he made it to the Institute, it was too late and he'd gotten a default loss. Waya had won against Fuku, only to loose against Honda.

"We're playing Shindo and Kadowaki today." Waya said, swallowing nervously, before he puffed himself up. "I'll win, so you'd better win too, Isumi!" Waya blustered, concealing his nervousity with fake bravado.

"Todays game can determine it all." Isumi said, wiping a few beads of sweat off his forehead. "A win today, is an all-clear no matter what happens in the last two games." he added.

"Yeah." Waya agreed, swallowing nervously again, before falling silent. Today's game wasn't the last in the exam, but it could very well be the most important one. But both of them would be playing against very troublesome opponents.

"Two losses, eh?" Waya mumbled as he seated himself in front of the Goban.

"Two losses." Isumi agreed with a morose expression. "Shindo-san was a fearsome opponent."

"As was Kadowaki. Man, he slaughtered me! Never even got to Yose." Waya reluctantly admitted. "Both Honda and Mashiba won their games." he added.

"Yeah." Isumi said and fell silent, as did Waya. Shindo was undefeated, Kadowaki had one loss, Isumi and Waya had two each, Mashiba had racked up three losses and Honda was still at four. After today's game, one of them would be at three losses while the other would still be at two with just one game left. And to top it off, the remaining opponents were Shindo and Kadowaki.

The possibilities were mind-boggling. Shindo had already made it. Even if he lost both his remaining games, he'd only be at two losses. Either Waya or Isumi would wind up with three losses after this game. Mashiba was playing Fuku for the last game and he was strong against Fuku, today's opponent wasn't very good either. So he would probably still be at three losses when the scheduled games were over. Today's winner in the Waya-Isumi game would be in a favourable position, even if the last remaining opponent was a tough one.

Both of them shook their heads, clearing their minds of such distractions. For now, they had to focus on this one game. This extremely important game.

"Congratulations on becoming a pro, Shindo-kun." Amano congratulated the young boy in front of him.

"Huh?" Shindo exclaimed with a bewildered expression. "What? The exams aren't over yet."

"You're undefeated, with only one game left. No matter if you win or loose the next game, you've made it." Amano informed Shindo, who apparently were unaware of his situation. "Kadowaki-san has only one loss, so he has also made it, no matter what happens." Amano continued, seeing as how young Shindo was apparently unaware of how things were going.

"That's nice. Kadowaki-san is a fun opponent, I'm looking forward to playing more interesting games with him." Shindo commented with a wistful smile.

"Isumi-kun defeated Waya-kun today, so he's still at only two losses. Waya-kun and Mashiba-kun both have three losses. The last spot will be taken by one of them. Your thoughts?" Amano finished.

"Isumi-san? Yes, he was fun to play against too. I really enjoyed that game." Shindo said. "Mashiba-san is strong, but very conventional. He put up a good fight, but has trouble thinking outside the box. I have not seen Waya-san play yet, so I don't know what he's like. But if he only has three losses, he must be strong too."

"How long have you been playing Go, Shindo-kun?" Amano inquired.

"Six or seven years now." Shindo responded, not willing to get into the complicated argument of enduring Go and playing Go, so he went with the answer that made it seem as if he'd been serious about the game for longer then he actually had.

"Who was your sensei?" Amano countered, eager to learn more about this mysterious rising star who had gone undefeated against such fearsome opponents as Kadowaki and Isumi.

"My grandfather taught me at first. Other then him, I don't really have a sensei. I study Kifu, play in salons and on the internet, teaching myself." Hikaru answered.

/No sensei? Hiiiiikaru!/ Sai protested indignantly. /I am your sensei!/ he insisted.

/I can't very well tell anyone that I'm learning Go from a ghost, now can I? I'd be locked up in an institution!/ Hikaru thought.

"Is your grandfather a professional?" Amano inquired.

"No, just a happy amateur." Hikaru said cheerfully.

"Haven't you ever studied under a professional?!" Amano exclaimed in surprise.


/Hmpf!/ Sai huffed with an air of wounded pride about him, crossing his arms and pouting as he averted his eyes from Hikaru.

"Remarkable!" Amano said with a sense of new-found respect for the prodigy standing in front of him.

"Is it?" Shindo responded hesitantly, blinking owlishly.

"Most players as good as you at your age have studied under a professional for years to gain their skills. For you to not have, is rather unusual." Amano explained. "Take Touya Akira for instance. He has studied under his father the Meijin ever since he was a little boy to get as good as he is today. If he had taken the exam this year, getting to this point undefeated would have been a lot harder."

"Oh? Is he any good?" Shindo inquired curiously.

"He plays against professionals and wins." Amano replied. "I have no doubt that he's the strongest young Japanese player of his generation."

"Tch, I should have played him then." Shindo said with a faint sigh.

"Oh? You've met Touya-kun?" Amano exclaimed in surprise.

"Yeah. I played at his old mans salon once. He and the Meijin came over to watch my games against Ashiwara-san and two others." Shindo replied.

"Ashiwara-san the pro, Touya Meijins student?" Amano gasped.

"Yes. I asked the girl at the counter to set me up with a simultaneous game against the salons three strongest players." Shindo explained. "I didn't expect a pro to be there, though." he added with a bemused laugh and a shake of his head.

/Ah. He lost./ Amano thought, deciding to let the subject drop, even if Shindo didn't seem all that devastated about it.

"Well, I won't take up any more of your time, Shindo-kun. One final question for the article about this years pro exam though, if I may?" Amano inquired.

"Of course, Amano-san." Shindo replied. All that time spent around both his grandfather and Sai had done much to improve his formerly so horrible manners, even if he still caused his mother to throw the occasional hissy fit from time to time due to his brash manners and uncouth behaviour.

"What are your feelings regarding becoming a pro?" Amano asked, readying his notepad in case Shindo said something quote-worthy.

"I'm looking forward to it. I'm eagerly awaiting the strong opponents that I know will come before me as I walk the path of the professional." Shindo replied and took a moment to ponder the rest of his reply.

Facing strong opponents were not one of his goals in of itself. It was merely a means to his actual goal. Money. In order to win tournaments and titles, he needed to be strong. By playing against strong players, he learned, evolved and got stronger himself. When he got strong enough, raking in a few titles shouldn't be impossible.

However, he couldn't say that without pissing off a lot of people.

"This I hope, is what will eventually allow me to play the Hand of God." Shindo finished, causing Amano to gulp in surprise. /This mere kid is chasing after the same goal as Touya Meijin?/ he thought, quickly jotting down what Shindo had said. Perhaps there was more of a story here then he'd thought. Before speaking with Shindo, he'd believed that Kadowaki and Isumi would be the focal point of his article, focusing on them as two promising newly made professionals who had the potential to go far, very far.

But now after speaking with Shindo, he had a feeling that the real story might lie elsewhere then with those two young players.

"Oy, Ka-ossan!" Hikaru greeted the young man as he stepped into the elevator.

"Ka-do-wa-ki-san!" Kadowaki insisted with a disgruntled expression. "What's with you and your disrespectful form of address, Shindo-kun? I'm not an old man!"

"Sorry, Ka-ossan." Hikaru responded with a grin and an unapologetic expression.

"Feh. You're annoying." Kadowaki grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest, pouting angrily.

"Congratulations on passing, old man." Hikaru said with a less gloating expression and a note of seriousness in his voice.

"To you as well." Kadowaki reluctantly responded. "Not that I expected any less, from the cocky annoying brat who kicked my ass in our first meeting." he added with a grin. "Though I suppose I have to thank you for it. If you hadn't done that, I'm not sure if I would have studied as hard as I did and decided to take the pro test this soon. I'm not going to let a brat like you get ahead of me!" he declared.

"Heh, heh, heh. Well, it's good that you did. I've really enjoyed all of our games and I'm looking forward to many more." Hikaru said to his older friend/rival.

"Oh, you can bet on it. I'll beat you yet and be the first one of us to grab a title!" Kadowaki announced with a feral glimmer in his eyes.

"We'll see about that." Shindo replied with a bemused expression.

"Brat." Kadowaki snapped.

"Old man." Hikaru countered.

"Who are you playing today?" Kadowaki inquired, changing the subject before the two of them got into another one of their loud arguments.

"Waya. You're playing Isumi today, aren't you?" Hikaru replied.

"Yep. Gonna kick his ass too!" he declared. "I've played Waya. He's good." he added in a more sedate manner then his earlier energetic declaration.

"Isumi isn't half-bad either." Shindo admitted. "He's about your level or just above, I think. A bit more straight-laced and conventional, though his potential is good. Extremely good." he added, passing on a bit of information Sai had let slip after Hikaru's game against Isumi. "I don't think he'll match up well against the current you, though."

"Oh? Why is that?" Kadowaki inquired, curious to hear more. Shindo was obnoxious and he sometimes wondered how the hell the two of them had managed to become friends at all considering the age difference, but he couldn't deny that Shindo had some occasional astonishingly good insights into both the game of Go and the people who played it.

Which was very odd, considering how ignorant he could sometimes be about other matters.

"You've gotten very good at unconventional moves lately, Ka-ossan. Your ability to read ahead isn't bad either. I think your Go will confuse and surprise Isumi-san." Shindo commented with a faint shrug. "He's not good with players like you and me. At least not yet."

Shindo's prediction turned out to be accurate, Kadowaki surprised Isumi with some unconventional moves and managed to win by two and a half Moku. Shindo himself crushed Waya and won by resignation well before Yose. With Isumi and Mashiba both at three losses, there was a playoff for the final pro spot. Mashiba won that by half a Moku, due to a mistake made by Isumi who didn't cope well under the mental pressure. While he nearly managed to take back what he lost by his mistake, Mashiba still managed to win and thus earned himself a place in the world of Go professionals, while Isumi, Waya, Nase and Honda would have to try again next time.

/He resigned./ Sai commented and leaned his head back, letting out a gentle sigh of pleasure. /Neh, Hikaru? Can I play another game? Can I? Can I?/

"All right, one more is fine, I guess." Hikaru replied and looked over the huge list of challengers who wanted to take on the legendary Sai, the mysterious Internet Go genius who had made such a huge impact after Hikaru bought his computer. "Any preferences?"

/LL is on. He is a good opponent./ Sai commented after a while. He couldn't really read the romanji letters on the screen, but he'd learned to recognize a few of them.

"That he is." Hikaru agreed, who had played against LL himself a few times, under his own screen name, shindohikaru. He saw no need to hide himself behind some phoney name, so he used his own when he was playing instead of Sai. While he too had become something of a celeb on the net, Sai by far outranked him still.

Hikaru smiled faintly at that. While he'd gotten much better since meeting and starting to play against Sai, he still couldn't beat the energetic ghost in an even game. If Hikaru got a five stone handicap, they were able to play somewhat evenly. He had been starting to win more then he lost though, so he figured that it was time to move on to a four stone handicap.

"Oh, another challenger." Sai piped up and Shindo redirected his attention to the screen.

"Zelda?" he questioned out loud. "What sort of lame-ass name is that? Neh, Sai. You're playing Zelda." Hikaru informed his ghostly companion as he accepted the challenge.

"Zelda? Is he any good?" Sai inquired.

"We'll just have to see, won't we?" Shindo asked with a feral grin as he looked forwards to Sai knocking this sissy-named guy down a couple of pegs.

The End! ( For now... )