He sat alone on the playground swings, his ocean eyes hidden behind violet shades. Cinnamon brown hair tucked under a black cap, lithe body clad in a white shirt and black pants, around his shoulders a black hooded jacket and around his neck a chain which had a chrome crown hanging from it.

His skin was almost as pale as paper, his head spun, lack of blood. This boy was not normal, for his lips hid a secret that could chill the bones of those not very comfortable with legends, myths and horror. This boy was a Vampire. Around him were tall, tall, buildings. But he had had enough.

A boy with skin as pale as paper and hard as marble, a boy cursed never to age and die.

He would sit here and wait for that large fire sphere to come and burn him into ashes.

A cursed boy. A boy doomed to die by the light of the sun and live off the blood of the living.

Eternal suffering.

He was ready.

The sun was coming up. Riku stepped out of the pub smiling, slender hand running through his hair; he walked past the playground he had so often played at when he was a kid. And he saw what he thought was a dream.

Was it the alcohol?

No, it was reality.

That pale boy sitting at the swings, wearing purple shades that had slid down to that slender bridge of his nose, revealing ocean blue eyes that almost seemed too bright to be human. His clothing clung loosely to his body, but still revealed some of his slender curves. And that skin...too pale to be human...

He walked closer to the boy, his footsteps heavy and unsteady. The boy jerked, he was obviously heard.

Riku had just stood there, outside the playground fence, staring open-mouthed at the boy he looked no more than fifteen that sat on the swing. And he had spoken.


The boy had stared at him for what seemed a long time, before replying,

The sun had risen now, it rays peeped through the spaces of the buildings around them, falling on Riku and on the mysterious boy.

The boy had looked up scared.

Riku had silently gasped as he saw what was happening to the beautiful person that sat on the swing.

The sun was burning him.