"Aren't you afraid?" Sora stared into the other boy's sky blue eyes, seeking an answer through expression alone.

I'm not afraid of anything.

"No." Sora smiled, reaching out to touch Riku's hand. Riku had flinched when there was contact.

"Can you feel it? The cold of my skin?" He led Riku's fingers to his pulse point. Riku's eyes were locked on Sora, every move he made.

"Do you feel a pulse, Riku?" Sora looked up and stared at Riku again, a slight smile on his lips. Riku felt paralyzed, he felt the ice cold hand on his own, felt that piercing gaze. And he stared. They were like that for what seemed minutes. Kairi had left earlier, giving the excuse of having to meet her friend at the mall.

"No." It was a calm response; Riku had just stared at Sora's lips for what seemed like forever.

So perfect...

"Riku?" Riku leaned closer to the other boy, he didn't know what he was doing; he just felt it was right. Riku's hand reached to touch Sora's cheek, fingers gently clipping Sora's ear. Sora's ocean blue eyes were closed, his brows furrowed, as if in denial, in pain.

Riku pulled away. Sora had a hand on his chest as well.

"I'm one hundred and seven this year, Riku. I can't do this." Riku headed for the door.

Turning around and flashing a smile, he had said,
"I understand."

Riku sat in the living room of the apartment his parents had bought for him; he was eighteen, old enough to live alone.

He leaned back, letting his muscles relax,

"One hundred and seven is it?"

He got up and made for his room. It was unusually neat for a boy that was living alone; then again, his parents never tolerated mess. He reached for the calculator on the shelf, and punched in a few numbers.

Ye gods.

He opened the door silently, peering in to see the smaller boy lying on the bed, eyes closed, breathing steady. He looked simply angelic. He lay on his stomach, his right hand lay naturally next to his face, his left on the other side of him. Those rose petal lips were slightly open,

So childish...cute.

Riku moved closer, his hand twitched. It ached to have contact with that cold, flawless and beautiful skin, ached to hold that slender icy hand.

Wait...what am I thinking?

Riku backed away.

"I like girls."

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