"Mrs. Knight, I don't know how we could ever repay you." Julies said sitting next to her daughter in Theressa's office.

"It was nothing. Just doing my job, besides I see Stephanie as I do my own children. So Stephanie are you going to stay?"

"I guess. I mean if it's all right with my parents."

"It's completely up to you, dear." Stephanie's dad said from behind his wife.

"Then yeah, I'll stay. Stephanie said smiling.

"I'll leave you to say your good-byes." Theressa said walking out of the room and into the kitchen where Wolverine and Chelsea sat. 'So what about you kid?" Theressa said walking to the refrigerator and pulling out three cokes and handing one to Chelsea and Logan and opened her's as she sat down.

"What do you mean?" Chelsea asked opening her coke and taking a sip.

"Well are you staying or do I have to call for the next plane out of here?"

"I was thinking about sticking around that is if it's all right with you two."

"You kidding. I've never has aliitle sister before. Why don't you go find your nieces. They'd love to meet you."

"Okay. Their names are Andi and Mian right?"

"Yeah." Chelsea took her coke and walked out of the room. Theressa turned to her father and said, "We have to talk about Angel."

"Yeah, what about him?" Logan said sipping his coke wishing it was a cool beer.

"you called him to help with the money after I told you not to. Why?"

"Because you need help and you won't admit it."

"He asks a lot of questions."

"So do you. Listen, T. I'm sorry but I knew that is I didn't do something then we would lose everything. I knew that would hurt you more than me calling Ol' Featherhead for help." Logan said as he hissed his daughter on the forehead and with drink in hand, left Theressa alone.

A smile came to her lips as she thought about ehat her dad said asn she knew he was right. She could and would have to get used to depending on Angel for money.

Then she thought about Stephanie and Chelsea who had both found a family today. True, Stephanie all ready had a real family but she found the x-men, who in a sense become your second family. Where as Chelsea had found her biological family and as of now really wanted to know more about it. Theressa pulled herself out of her thoughts and went to find out what everyone was up to.

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