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Set at the end of 'This Years Girl' instead of Faiths little device swapping her and Buffy's bodies, it malfunctions and turns them into kids, while the council is still looking to capture Faith.


They can't be older then 6

Child Buffy and Faith can't remember anything about being adults.

Faith must make references to her bad child hood/mother who drinks ect...

Joyce playing mommy to both girls quite often. And Faith must say a few times that Joyce is much better at the mommy thing then her mother.

Angel must show up (and getting babysitting duty.)

Spike babysitting.

Each girl must have a temper tantrum at one point.

One of the guys (of your choice) getting a 'makeover' at the hands of the mini slayers (who can't actually have their slaying powers.)

Feedback: Cherished!!

Flames: Given to Mini-Faith and Bitty-Buffy to play battle with!

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Faith was never loved. She spent her life being hated by those she had been taught were better then her. The few people that saw her as more then a thing were taken from her. Ripped from her grasp in the dead of night as she slept. She couldn't save them. She was weak. A little bitch. That's all she was. Just like her mommy told her so long ago. She looked in the window of the Magic Box, tears coming to her dark eyes. Buffy. Buffy Summers had everything. A mother who loved her, a clan of friends who worshiped the ground she walked on, a boyfriend, and about five other guys devotedly in love with her. She pushed her hair from her face, ignoring the stinging of the bruise on her right cheek. Buffy had everything. It was time Faith got something.

Buffy's feet slapped the ground rhythmically as she ran. She had to get home. Faith…she was coming. Her mother was home alone. She had to get there. Had to save her mother. The front door was locked and the blonde slayer allowed a curse to slip from her lips. Her green eyes scanned the house, looking for any way to get in. The light in her mother's window shone onto the roof. Buffy smiled.

Faith was laughing inside. It was time. It was time Buffy learned just how bad her life was. To never be loved. To never be hugged. The silver present was cold in her hand. Buffy's fist came at her in slow motion. She grabbed it in mid-air and they started to glow. Faith threw her head back. Finally. She would be loved.

Two little girls. One with blonde hair and one with brown. One with a smile, one with a frown.

Joyce walked down the stairs, nursing her swollen cheek. Her eyes grew wide. A small girl, about five years old, sat at the bottom of the stairs. Her blonde hair was in pigtails and three fingers were stuck into her small mouth. Recognition hit Joyce like a sledge hammer to the gut. This was her daughter. Her daughter was supposed to be eighteen. She raced to the phone, only to be stopped by a small whimpering sound. Sitting in the corner, curled up in the fetal position, was another child. Her dark hair covered her face like a curtain and small tears fell from her eyes. The mother of a slayer sighed as she dialed Giles' number.


"Rupert, we have a serious problem,"

Two little girls. One with blonde hair, one with brown. One with a smile, one with a frown.

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