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Spike was quiet as he entered the Summers' house, just as the sun began to rise over the horizon. Way back when, he would have stormed into the peaceful house and slammed the door with all his strength. Just to piss off the slayer. With an unneeded sigh, he allowed his blue eyes to scan over the bodies in the living room. Xander was asleep on the couch, unaware that a pintsized slayer was jumping on him. Buffy was greatly enjoying the way her to-be or former friend's stomach squished under her weight. He smirked, aware that the Whelp would have a nice bruise when he awoke. Cordelia and Wesley were sprawled across the floor, both half sleeping on the other. He mused for a moment at how un-ponce-like the Watcher looked while asleep. Then he heard a giggle, which instantly turned his attention to his grandsire, who slept on the armchair in the corner of the room. Faith had scrambled onto his lap, and was cautiously poking his face. She giggled when his game-face emerged in his sleep. He shook his head; amused that the "Great Angelus" was sleeping threw the five-year-olds torment. Buffy looked up at him, and smiled. Spike couldn't help but smile back at the child's innocence. From the look on her face, he knew she was about to say something. He shook his head, and placed a finger to his lips. She grinned and resumed her trampoline fun.

Joyce was leaning against the counter, her eyes closed and bacon sizzling on the stove next to her. Spike shifted the arm that held the paper bag from the butcher, and watched her. She sighed deeply, as though trying to catch her breath from all the chaos. A single tear rolled down her cheek and plopped to the floor. Spike carefully backed out of the room and re-entered a little louder.

"Morning," She smiled, the tear long since forgotten. He returned the smile and took two bags of blood from the bag and put them on the counter. "Oh good! You got you and Angel something to eat. I was worried I would have to go,"

"Nah, I got ya covered," He joked, putting the rest into the refrigerator. Joyce began making pancakes and Spike set the table. Willow, who stood in the threshold, watched the two. It amazed her how much the blonde vampire changed around her friend's mother. As though, he thought of her as his own. Joyce smiled at him from across the room, and told him that he had placed the silverware wrong. Willow, highly amused, leaned against the doorway. A small grin settled over her face as the vampire blushed and fixed his mistake. Maybe there was more to the creature then fangs and blood.

"Willow, would you mind waking everyone up, sweetheart?" Joyce asked, finally noticing the redhead. She nodded, and walked into the living room.

"Stop it!" Spike laughed out loud at his grandsire's roar, and turned back to helping Joyce.

"Good Morning," Giles greeted, taking a seat at the head of the table. Spike passed the British man the pot of coffee, nodding at his thanks. Willow came back, Xander, Cordy, Wes, and Buffy in tow.

"Mommy!" Buffy laughed, as Joyce scooped her into her arms. She breathed in the scent of child, holding onto her daughter. She had often wished that Buffy would revert to that state of innocence; the state where there were no vampires or boyfriends. The happy state where whatever Mommy said was holy and where she was in bed by eight every night. She helped her daughter into the chair, laying a kiss on her blonde head and turning back to the stove. Spike took the two warmed mugs of blood and placed them at his and Angel's spots.

"Peaches! Come eat!" He hollered, noticing that the vampire and the other slayer were both missing. Angel walked into the kitchen, Faith attached to his leg. Joyce laughed, glad that the pain from last night was forgotten.

"Joyce, please get this little urchin off of me!" He begged, causing Cordy to almost choke on her coffee. He turned to his seer. "What?"

"Urchin?" She managed in between laughs.

"Urchin, urchin, urchin," Buffy chanted, before taking a huge bite of pancakes.

"Urchin," Faith whispered, giggling softly. Angel sighed and pried the mini-slayer from his leg. He placed her in the seat next to his and took a sip of blood, automatically reverting to his vamp face. Buffy screamed. Joyce quickly gathered the crying girl in her arms as Angel turned back. His eyes were wide. Faith stared at him, her small tongue poking out of her mouth. She poked Angel, and frowned when he didn't change form. She tried again, her frown deepening as Angel attempted to apologize to Buffy.

"Buffy, it's O.K., sweetie, Angel's a good guy," Joyce attempted to calm the sobbing child. Faith watched Angel, and quickly sunk her teeth into his arm. He yelped and changed into his vamp-visage. She nodded, satisfied, and carefully used her small fingers to trace over the ridges.

"Good," She whispered, as Angel's eyes closed. Buffy, who had finally stopped crying, was put down by her mother and walked towards Angel. She climbed onto Angel's other knee and stared at his face. He opened one eye, and grinned. Both slayers laughed, and the room sighed in relief.

"O.k., girls, how bout we let Angel eat?" Faith returned to her spot next to the vampire, touching his arm apologetically. He grinned again, and began to eat his breakfast, listening to the chatter around him. A feeling of contentment washed across the room, and each person, knowing it wouldn't last, soaked it in.

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