"Mine, Peaches!"

"Hell, no. She's mine, Blondie!"

"It isn't fair. You already had your time with her today."

"Ask me if I care..."

"Oh, c'mon!"

"Let go, Spike. We have to decide soon because time is running out."

"Ever heard of that song?"


"That's a song... it's bloody good..."

"Yeah, great... anyway, I'm gonna miss 'Bonanza'."

"One can only hope. Anyhow, so? You're gonna make me miss 'Passions'. And you better not make me miss that because they said something really big gonna go down..."

"Please! It's a soap... it takes them four real days to get through one day. Nothing's going to happen for at least two more days."

"It might! Give it here, mate!"

"No! Mine!"

Xander strolls into the room, very happily.

"Okay, move over, guys. For the next hour, she's mine," and takes the remote control from the grasp of Angel and Spike.

"Pfft! Who do ya think you are, Harris?"

"I think I'm the guy who's going to be watching television tonight."

"You wish! Xander, even as a human, I can kick your sorry ass," was Angel's response.

"Okay! Okay! I wasn't going to say anything because someone might squeal to Anya, but... on tonight's 'Smallville', there's gonna be partial nudity."

"Not of the blokes, right?" Spike questioned, trying not to produce a mental image.

"No, of the Lana chick."

"Boy, those writers are really getting desperate, aren't they?"

Xander nods.

"Excuse us for a minute." Angel says to Xander and takes Spike's shoulder to discuss something privately.

After many hand motions and pleased expressions, Angel turns to Xander and resumes a conversation.

"Now when you say partial nudity, do you mean like..."

"Bottom or boobies?" Spike quickly finishes, rather bluntly.

"From what I've heard... both."

Angel speaks again, "Excuse us again..."

Whispers take place between Angel and Spike, when Spike finally turns to Xander and says, "Alright then, here's the deal. You can watch 'Slutville', as well as Angel and I, but you absolutely can't, and that's a definite cannot, mention this to Faith or Buffy... or Dawn, because Nibblet's a bit of a chatterbox."

"Fine... but you can't say a word of this to Anya."

As the three men look at each other with such excited faces, they knew the trust-bond would not be broken.

"Pleasure doin' business with ya, Harris," Spike shakes Xander's hand.

"You've always been loyal to Buffy... hope you can establish that with us too... when it comes to naked celebrity women, of course." Angel says and shakes Xander's hand, as well.

"Alright, gentlemen. Prepare to be dazzled." Xander turns on the television.

Lana Lang appears on the television and all three men state, "She's mine....," followed by an empathic "I wish..."

Nevertheless, the prospect of seeing a nude woman became the hard-core foundation of a newly-formed friendship.

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