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Chapter 1: Suicide

A month has passed since the incident in the Department of Mysteries and Sirius' death. It was very quiet in Number 4 Privet Drive. You could see a young, thin boy crying himself to sleep every night and waking up screaming.

The Dursleys left Harry alone from the moment he entered the house. They only called him for meals or to remind him to write to his 'freak' friends. For the past month all he did was study and do his homework to get his mind off Sirius.

It was midnight and Harry sat thinking on his bed at Number 4 Privet Drive. Thinking about what happened at the Department of Mysteries.

The only question on his mind was 'why?? '

'Why me?? I can't get near anybody without killing them, it's my entire fault Sirius and Cedric died and Voldemort is reborn' thought Harry.

"Why did you have to leave me, Sirius? " Harry muttered to himself with tears falling from his eyes.

'I have to finish this ... I can't stand the pain of losing you Sirius. Forgive me.' Harry brought a knife from the kitchen and stood in the center of his room. He cut both of his wrists and watched as the blood flowed free down his arms and on to the floor.

'At last I'm going to be with my parents and Sirius. To hell with Voldemort, to hell with Dumbledore and to hell with the entire wizarding world! Darkness began to embrace him and the last thought on his mind was 'I wish I could have been able to help. I'm sorry Hermione, and I love you'. Then he blacked out, not noticing that the cuts on his wrist were healing or the white light surrounding his body.

/Meanwhile at the Grangers House /

Hermione was sitting on her bed reading a book named 'The Most Powerful Wizards and Witches of all times'

There are many powerful wizards and witches throughout history. Many of them are not recorded in a book. But the most powerful wizard was Merlin and it was rumored that he time- traveled and taught the Founders of Hogwarts in their war against a Dark Lord. Merlin was a mage and all the founders were High Sorcerers.

The Only known Sorcerers in the modern age are Albus Dumbledore and 'you- know- who'. The degrees of power ranges from Mage, which is the highest, followed by High Sorcerers, Sorcerers, Enchanters, warlocks, and then normal wizards.

She stopped reading the book and stared at the ceiling thinking about Harry and what happened in the Department of Mysteries. "Oh Harry, you must be thinking that it is your fault he died." Hermione whispered to herself. "I hope I can help you Harry, I love you." She noticed that a white light enveloped her and then she blacked out.

Harry woke up to a bright light and saw a man standing in front of him dressed in a black cloak. He had light brown eyes and messy black hair just like him and he looked 30 years old. They were in the garden in front of an ancient looking castle.

"Hello my boy." The man said.

"You must be my heir; yes we have the same looks and hair, definitely my heir." Harry sat up and looked around him; they were in a beautiful garden in front of an ancient looking house.

"Am I dead? " Harry asked before realizing how stupid the question is.

"Who are you and where am I? " asked Harry suspiciously, thinking he was a Death Eater.

"First, your not dead, second, I'm your ancestor and you can call me Leo, and you are in Egypt at 2000 B.C." He said "And to why you're here, you are here to unlock and train your powers. I'm going to train you in everything I know from surviving to Magical Combat and every other thing that can help you." Leo said.

"You will stay here for a whole year but only a day will pass in your time." Harry opened his mouth to ask a question but was interrupted by Leo. "You called me by performing that ritual you did."

"What ritual? I didn't do any ritual, " replied Harry.

"The summoning ritual you did to come here, otherwise you would be dead, " answered Leo before he narrowed his eyes.

"You were trying to kill yourself, " said Leo. It was more a statement than a question.

"How did you know? " asked Harry in disbelief. Leo didn't reply but instead raised his hand and a book flew into it after a few moments.

"How did you do that? " Stared Harry.

"Magic." Leo replied, chuckling at the glare Harry sent him.

Leo opened a book and gave it to Harry. It read 'Summoning and Rituals'

The Ancestral summoning ritual

The ancestral summoning ritual is a ritual that is used to transport the summoner to the most powerful ancestor in his bloodline. These rituals are dangerous to anyone who is less than a sorcerer, as the ritual uses the magical core of the summoner and transports him/her to whoever was their most powerful ancestor.

Harry read the directions of the ritual and found that he did exactly what was written.

"How did you know what was I going to ask? "

"I read your mind"

"Can I do that? " asked Harry excited about reading minds.

"Yes its one of the traits of our bloodline, but it must be unlocked."

"You didn't tell me your name young man." Asked Leo.

"It's Harry Potter, " said Harry

"Are you the son of Godric and Rowena? " Asked Leo

"Godric and Rowena as in Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw? " Asked Harry.

"Yeah, they are also in our blood lines with Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff. But their real names were Godric and Rowena Potter and Salazar and Helga Riddle. I gave them their nicknames after their animagi forms. But the most powerful until now of my Heirs is Merlin. I can sense your power and potential to be powerful. But how powerful we'll have to see."

"How many heirs did you train? " Harry asked.

"A prophecy was made that I'm going to train 7 Heirs, " said Leo.

"But you only mentioned five, the Four Founders and Merlin."

"The last one before you was Albus Dumbledore."

"So I'm related to the Founders and Merlin AND Dumbledore.... wait a minute, did you say Riddle? " Panicked Harry.

"Yes, why? " Leo asked.

"Did you train a person called Tom Marvolo Riddle? "

" No I did not. Only my most powerful heirs can call me by the same ritual you performed or in a time where great evil is lurking in the world. And yes you are related to him and my other heirs."

Harry fainted.

"Kids! " Muttered Leo, rolling his eyes. He levitated Harry to the house.

/At another house/

Hermione sat up.

"Hello my dear, what's your name? " Asked a young witch.

Hermione looked around her; they were in a beautiful house.

She answered "Hermione ... Hermione Granger"

" Hello Hermione, welcome to my humble home. I'm your ancestor. My name is Lena and you were called here to unlock and train your powers." "But I'm a muggle born."

"No you're not muggle born, it's just that our bloodline after Morgana Le Fey's daughter were all Squibs." Said the young witch.

"But wasn't Morgana Le Fey a Dark witch? " Said Hermione.

"No, Morgana Le Fey wasn't a Dark witch Hermione. Don't rely on books, as they might be deceiving, as they also said that Salazar was a Dark wizard when in fact he was not. Both Godric and Salazar Fought the Dark lord of their time but Salazar died in the battle and Godric was severely wounded. And there is no such thing as Light or Dark magic. It's the intent of the caster that defines the magic he uses."

Lena led Hermione to a beautiful room, and it had a bathroom and a very big shelf full of ancient books about magic, potions, and a lot of other books. "This is your home now till you finish your training. And at the end of your training you will participate in a tournament before I send you home. Tomorrow we will begin your training, so rest now as it will be hard."

"Good night Lena."

"Good night Hermione."

/At the present time /

"Albus we have to find them, what if Voldemort kidnapped them and killed them, what if..." said a panicked Transfiguration professor before being interrupted by Dumbledore.

"Relax Minerva. Severus told me that Voldemort is as clueless to where they are as us. I hope wherever they are, that they are safe."