Chapter 17:

Harry rested in his house for two weeks, regaining his energy after the excessive use in the rescuing and the attack. Hermione spent her time between teaching DADA and being with Harry. He knew that as soon as he returned to Hogwarts, he will be summoned to Dumbledore's office and asked about the explosions.

Harry and Hermione were sitting in their garden when Harry remembered something. He never gave Hermione her Christmas gift, between the kidnapping of Ginny and finding Sirius. He waved his wand and a book flied from the house, making Hermione raise an eyebrow. She had never seen this book before and she went through their library from back to front.

"Harry, where did this book come from? I've never noticed it before in the library," Hermione said curiously. Harry grinned at her and waved his hand at the book and it wrapped itself.

"I forgot to give you your Christmas gift. I was busy between rescuing Ginny and finding Sirius," said Harry, giving her a kiss "Sorry." Hermione opened the book and skimmed through it. She was stunned at the hundreds of useful and unknown spells, charms, and runes in this book. She looked up to Harry and threw her arms around him.

"Thank you, Harry," she said, releasing him from the hug. She looked at the cover but there was no author or a title. She looked up to him and asked about the book.

"Who wrote this book, Harry? It is amazing but there is no name or a title for the book. It looks new so it's a modern wizard who wrote this book," questioned Hermione, her curiosity at its peak.

"You have three guesses to name the wizard who wrote this book," said Harry mysteriously, grinning at her. She scowled at him but tried to figure the author out.



"Nicholas Flammel"


"I don't know" she complained softly "they are the most powerful wizards with the exception of Voldemort and you." Her eyes widened and she looked at Harry who grinned innocently at her. She mouthed 'you?' that he returned with a nod of his head. She tackled him in a hug again, kissing him on the lips. After breaking up from the lack of air, she looked from the book to Harry and vice versa.

"You wrote this?" she asked, not believing what he told her before "for me?"

"What do you think?" asked Harry, grinning at her. Hermione's answer was kissing him fully on the lips, pouring her emotions into it. They were kissing for a while, until Draco interrupted them bursting into the room, followed by Ginny and Blaise.

"Harry, Hogwarts is under attack!"

'Give me a break," sighed Harry as he apparated to Hogwarts, ducking curses as he appeared. He saw Voldemort battling Dumbledore and Dementors attacking left and right.

"Expecto Patronum"

The majestic stag galloped towards the Dementors, tearing through them, causing them to shriek and disappear in a puff of black smoke. He took out his sword and proceeded through the vampires, killing them without mercy. His actions were mirrored by both orders, fending off the attacks. He cut through the vampires until he came to a particular one.

"You lived long enough, scum, and now the Elvin Royal family will be avenged," hissed Harry angrily. The vampire growled and attacked Harry with his hands and fangs with an inhuman speed. A scream from Blaise shattered Harry's attention for a second, allowing the vampire to have his fangs attached to Harry's neck.

"It's your end, wizard."

This was the last sentence the vampire uttered before his head was cut off and he fell to the side, revealing a smirking Draco Malfoy.

"You owe me, Potter."

Harry turned to look for Blaise and found that Hermione had helped her from being attacked by a group of young vampires. Harry head snapped as the battlefield suddenly became silent. He looked towards Voldemort and Dumbledore, to find his headmaster and grandfather on the ground, bleeding heavily with Voldemort standing above him with a raised wand.

"I finally got the Albus Dumbledore under my mercy," gloated Voldemort gleefully. Harry's fury increased and his aura flashed around him, throwing several death eaters and order members several feet in the air. The action did not go unnoticed by Dumbledore or Voldemort as both of them looked towards him, one with a kind smile and the other with a sneer.

"I forgot about you in the moments of my victory, Potter," said Voldemort with a sneer as Harry walked gracefully towards him, his anger rising with every step.

Harry waved his hand and Dumbledore floated gently to the side and out of further harm, making Voldemort's sneer more sinister if it was possible. People moved out of the way as the boy who lived and He Who Must be Kicked In His Scaly Butt stood facing each other.

"It is as you said, Voldemort, they are mere moments of victory but mine shall be eternal."

This sentence was probably the last sentence to ever be shared by both wizards as the final Duel began and hell opened its gates wide.

"Avada Kedavra." The green light spread towards Harry, who summoned a Death Eater to intercept it. Lightening began to gather around Harry in several large balls then flew towards Voldemort, who was taken by surprise and managed to be hit by one of them. He screamed in pain as electricity coursed through him before standing up and throwing various dark curses.

Harry used his mind reading ability to get a glimpse of what Voldemort was going to throw at him but unfortunately, most of the Dark curses were modern ones and Harry had to resort to dodging or summoning objects to intercept.




"Avada Kedavra"



Both wizards traded hundreds of curses that left their audience of Dark and Light wizards watching in awe. Harry's curses were mostly ancient in nature, having been proficient in them for a long time. Elements flashed through the skies as Voldemort threw his fire element and Harry used the lightening power.

In the heat of the battle, Harry opened his telepathy channels and connected himself to every light sided wizard in the surrounding area while trying to dodge Voldemort's curses.

'Blaise, when I give you the signal, hit Voldemort with a strong lightening ball. Everyone, I want you to think the happiest thoughts you ever had. Please everyone think clearly, it is vital in this fight.'

Everyone around him received Harry's message and they began to think their happiest thoughts. Harry was waiting for the right moment to begin his powerful attack and he kept trading curses with Voldemort until his chance finally came. Voldemort began to gather his most powerful fire attack, seeing Harry began to weaken in front of him and was about to attack when He heard Harry shout.


A very powerful ball of lightning hit Voldemort squarely in the chest, making him fall to the ground writhing in pain. Harry opened his telepathic channels to their maximum and performed the most weirdest spell anybody have ever heard of.

"Expecto miles militis."

Some people thought it was a Patronus charm but they were stunned when Harry did not use his wand nor hand but the spell was emitted two meters in front of him. An corporal Patronus was formed in front of them but it was not their usual Patronus charm. It was a violent red ball that began to take the shape of a samurai warrior with his sword held high.

The Patronus was directed towards Voldemort and the Death Eaters tried with huge amount of spell work to stop the Patronus but it seemed to be invincible. It stopped before Voldemort and the Patronus warrior raised his sword and brought it down like a guillotine on Voldemort's head, separating it from his body.

Every Death Eater began screaming before they fell to the ground. Those who were serving Voldemort unwillingly had their marks removed as Tom Riddle was killed but those who willingly served him, screamed to death after their master fell. It was the last thing Harry remembered before falling unconscious from the strain of using mind magic with huge quantity.

A week had passed before Harry woke up from his deep unconsciousness to find Hermione by his side reading a book. She looked extremely peaceful as she read the book and had one hand holding her belly. He was confused but cleared his throat, which brought Hermione's attention to him.

"Harry," she shouted happily before throwing herself into his arms, hugging him tightly, and sobbing in relief. She was followed by another person, which he discovered was Blaise.

"Don't you ever scar me like that again," said Hermione as Harry grinned at her.

"It's in my nature, Hermione, I can't help It." He saw Draco and Ginny standing at the side and beckoned them to come closer. Ginny hugged him while Draco slapped him on the shoulder.

"You did it again, Potter. You can't stay away from the fame, can you?"

"You know me, Draco. I love my fame and what comes with it, the money, the girls." Hermione who mock glared at him hit him in the shoulder and he raised his hands in surrender, making everyone laugh and Draco mutter 'whipped' until he was also hit on the arm and repeating the same gesture as Harry.

Someone cleared his throat from the other side of Harry's bed and he turned to see Dumbledore in the bed next to him, smiling kindly and proudly at his grandson. Everyone else seemed to slip out of the room quickly, leaving Dumbledore and Harry to talk privately.

"Are you okay, sir?" asked Harry concerned, seeing Dumbledore bandaged. The headmaster chuckled cheerfully as he replied. "They are just minor scratches, my boy; maybe I ought not to participate in such heavy games."

Harry snorted as he heard Dumbledore name his duel with Voldemort a heavy game. However, sadness and guilt filled Harry as he realized that he killed a member of his family, whether he was a dark wizard or not. Dumbledore seemed to realize what Harry was thinking as he patted him on the back comfortingly.

"He chose his path, Harry, but it was not the right one and he paid for it."

"He was my grandfather, Headmaster."

"He chose to kill rather than take care of his family, Harry. He had forsaken and severed his love for his family to gather power and kill those who opposed him. You did the right thing yesterday and you saved many lives and gave vengeance to those who lost their family to him."

"I did nothing, I just performed a weak spell, it was not that much," Harry mumbled quietly.

"A weak spell, Harry? Not only did you create a spell more powerful than any other spell ever created, but you performed it without a wand or wandless. You used your heart and love for everyone and this made you win, Harry. I was also impressed by your knowledge, Harry, Leo had taught you well."

Harry was released from the hospital wing two days after he woke up and moved to his house with Draco, Blaise and Hermione. Both Harry and Draco proposed to Hermione and Ginny respectfully and got married after a year of traveling around to see the world.

Headmaster Dumbledore retired and took a well earned vacation, leaving Harry to fill his position as the Headmaster of Hogwarts and its rightful master.

Hermione gave birth to twins and they named them after the two persons who gave them the gifts of living a life after Voldemort, Leo James Harold Potter and Lena Lily Molly Potter.

The End.

AN: Yea I know it is crap but I wanted to finish it.