Beast Boy's thoughts when thinking of the object of his affection....

Three Little Words

There is something

That I'd like to say to you,

Three little words.

But they are so hard to say,

And I don't know if I can at all.

What will change if I do?

You will probably just laugh at me. . .

Or instead,

You'll mock me as you normally do.

When those three little words are spoken

They are out in the open


Never again to be carefully contained.

So much to lose,

Yet so much to gain

If you'd happen to feel the same. . .

But I just can't tell.

For if you don't,

I'll be destroyed.

But if you do,

I. . .

I normally have no problem expressing myself.

Who knew that I'd be defeated

By three little words?


I won't be defeated!

One day,


I'll find a way,

And I'll say them to you. . .

Those three little words.

Author's Note: Now, if you were paying close attention, you will know who Beast Boy was thinking about. So, now that you have read, feel free to review. And I am still working on Magic Of My Color, but I've been busy with classes.