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In the world, there's some supernatural things going on. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, but no matter what there's that one thing they all have in common. They're everywhere; there isn't a place in the world where they don't exist. Be they vampires who hunt humans by night and make it look similar to a murder, or a lightning demon trapped in a rock at the bottom of the ocean. Why, the girl sitting next to you in Geometry class, you know the girl with straight A's? Yeah, for all you know she might just be a shape-shifter. Someone who changes his or her shape, though not always by choice. In a way, similar to a werewolf. Oh, and your little brothers best friend? For all you know he might just be an illusionist who can make you see things that don't even exist.

Or what about that racket you hear all the time at night? Maybe what that guy on the Internet said wasn't true, about poltergeists merely being a stressed human doing all that… but what if you aren't stressed and you already went through puberty? You see, it's things like that no one believes you on. Then again, you probably never tried to tell anyone because you knew they'd think you're crazy. Especially if you try to tell them that you're friends with all of the above-mentioned things. Which was probably the reason Takuya never really did tell anyone about Kouji, Kouichi, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki.

You're probably absolutely and utterly lost, aren't you? Maybe you should be given somewhat of a clue what exactly is being explained here, huh? We'll start with how they all met, easiest going to hardest. Takuya knows Tomoki because the younger boy hangs out with his younger brother, Shinya. Yes, Tomoki is a master illusionist, besides the fact he's only fourteen right now. Quite a talent for things like that, and it's the younger boys method to get-rich-quick. Izumi and Takuya grew up together, and are close like and brother and sister. She wasn't always a shape-shifter, and what happened was entirely accidental. She was walking home one day, when she saw a feral cat. Its eyes glowed unnaturally and it was skinny. Feeling pity for the poor animal, she did her best to offer some food to it. Well, it got some food; her entire hand. The blonde freaked out, and you would too if a small house cat grew to the size of a wild cat and bit you're left hand off.

The cat disappeared afterwards, and Izumi soon passed out from shock. Some police found her and took her to the hospital. When she awoke, they asked her what happened. She shrilly screamed about her hand, and everyone gave her a funny look. Why? Because there her left hand was, except teeth marks were all over it. Eventually, the police asked her if she attempted suicide, and no matter how much she protested she didn't they took her to a therapist any way. Deciding she dreamt it, when talking to the therapist she left that tidbit out. A week later someone at her school ticked her off, and that night the Great Massacre happened. She went berserk and became an entirely new thing, part human, part cat. In fact, her first transformation was the thing that led to them meeting Junpei. While rampaging in a maddened state of a frightened animal foaming at the mouth, she accidently fell over a cliff.

Falling deep into the ocean, she sunk down to the very bottom where a large rock laid. Still in her transformed state, she banged against the rock in desperation to escape the watery world, until she broke it in half. Out came Junpei, a water demon trying to figure out who released him. By then Izumi passed out and became human again, and the lightning demon figured she 'saved' him and saved her in return. He stayed with them since. Now, for the two… slightly more complicated ones. Takuya had always known Izumi, and knew Tomoki through Shinya for a while. He met Junpei because of Izumi, so really the only person he met on his own would be Kouji.

Takuya was thirteen when he met the other, and wandering the dark streets of Odaiba hoping to find the drug store his parents asked him to go to. They moved there awhile back, but even still he didn't have a clue where anything was. Leaving the store after locating it, was then he saw something that wasn't exactly normal. After already meeting Junpei, seeing Izumi's transformation, and Tomoki's gift though… Takuya didn't brush it off like a normal person. He wasn't scared by it either like a sane person would be. Loud noises pounded along the walls when he walked towards the odd thing. What was so odd? Well, a lamplight was on, but there was a large shadow beneath it, like a black hole that sucked nothing in, but drew Takuya towards it any way.

Ignoring the loud noises created by an invisible force, he reached out to touch whatever it was that was in the darkness. A cold hand gripped his wrist, getting a startled reaction from the young brunette, but not scaring him much. "What do you want?" A cold voice growled inside, and Takuya was unable to find his voice for a moment. "Leave." It ordered, but when the hand gripping his wrist released itself he didn't leave. Rather, stepped closer. The noises got more agitated and violent by this.

"Why?" The brunette asked. His past experiences with the supernatural formed this lack of fear of it, and more of a curiosity to understand it better. "And you're cold. Would you like a jacket to wear?" He asked, blinking.

"I'm good with my own." The voice growled in response.

"But you're cold." Takuya insisted. He didn't know why, but part of his mind was in this trance-like state that wished to wander away. The other half, dazed by the lacking of intellectual help from the entranced one tried its hardest to not sound like a silly little kid.

"So? Buzz off." The voice hissed, and the loud noises were beginning to get hostile, and the occasional thing would be flung in the direction of Takuya.

"You're cold. Hey, how about you come back with me? My house is nice and warm." The young brunette insisted.

"I don't like lights, nor warmth." The voice answered coldly.

"Please? It's not good to be out here in the cold." Takuya continued. A sigh.

"Will you stop bothering me about it?"


"…fine." And so the dark thing followed Takuya back to his house, where his parents were sleeping. It took around a month before the brunette actually got to see what was hiding inside the darkness. It was a boy a few years older than him, with long black hair in a low ponytail, and sharp blue eyes that now and then got a slight purple tint to them. Also when they first met the elder boy wore clothing from maybe 80-90 years ago. It was rather odd, and took some time before Takuya managed to persuade the boy to put on some more up-to-date clothing fashions.

The elders name was Kouji, and it turned out the thing that was making all the racket was his twin, Kouichi. Now, they were a rather interesting pair of twins, for two reasons. One, Takuya never EVER saw Kouichi, not even once. Reason two and why Takuya never saw him, was because Kouichi was a poltergeist. He died around 1918, and stayed even after his death because he didn't want his brother to live alone his entire life. Now, why would Kouji ever be alone? Maybe its because Kouji was a vampire? Yeah, that might just be why. In the month of February in 1918 Kouji had been attacked by a gang of vampires, and changed, then five months later a drunken man stabbed Kouichi. The two avoided people at all costs, unless Kouji got hungry that is. They both died (seeing as technically a vampire is kind of the living dead) at the age of seventeen.

Mind you, a normal person wouldn't feel very comfortable sleeping in a room with a vampire they didn't even know, but Takuya did that. It's been four years since the meeting of Kouji, and so now Takuya and Izumi are both seventeen. To this day though, the brunette is still unsure why he was so determined to have Kouji come back with him. As a lightning demon, Junpei ages at a very slow rate, and currently in years by looks he is eighteen. How old he really is, is pretty much anyone persons guess. Over the years Izumi gained more control over herself, Junpei hides out in her GBA (no need for batteries), Kouji stays in Takuya's closet and sleeps during the day, and Kouichi… goes about haunting the brunette's house.

Now that you have a background, and their ages, let's go to where this story really begins…


Takuya had his backpack slung over his shoulder, and couldn't wait to get back to his house. While the winter was coming in with chilly winds, it also meant that the night was longer again. Nighttime was the only time Takuya really did get to talk to Kouji (and to hear Kouichi's response on the brunette's complaints about the night-long racket). The poltergeist had this odd fascination with waking Takuya up in the middle of the night, and watching him trying to throw objects at a ghost. Kouichi found it hilarious, and Takuya knew this because often Kouji said Kouichi was laughing too hard to say one articulate thing.

It was also the night Takuya was going to talk to Izumi about how she's been doing, because he hasn't exactly spoken to her in around two weeks. School was keeping them pretty busy lately. It was also that night that Tomoki was staying over their house, so it was going to get pretty interesting watching the young boy trying to fool Kouji (which he hasn't been capable of doing). He was walking along, minding his own business until he saw two robbers run into the drug store where he saw Kouji not too far away from all those years ago.

Watching them, he was unsure as to whether or not he should go in there to help or not. Gathering courage he decided to stop them, because they had no right to steal money they didn't even try to earn! Storming in, he glared at the two men. How very very foolish…

"Hey!" Takuya barked, startling one of the masked men. He then settled, and chuckled at the seventeen-year olds glare.

"What do you want kid?" The robber asked, and readied his gun to fire.

"What do you think you're doing?" Takuya demanded, and the cashier was trying to motion for Takuya to leave. The brunette pretended to not notice the kind persons warning.

"Getting some money this hellhole owes us." The robber snorted. "Now scat, before I decide to blow your nosy head off." He warned.

"Not unless you leave too." Takuya answered.

"I will; with the money. Right?" The robber said, and the other laughed him.

"Without it." Takuya said, and clenched his teeth.

"Funny." The main robber snorted, until the warning sirens of police came in the distance. His eyes widening, he looked from the money the cashier was gathering in a bag. Seeing one chance, he ran over and punched a startled Takuya in the stomach, and grabbed the teenager. "Come here." He said in a low growl, and dragged Takuya away who began fighting against him despite a sore gut. The other helped, and they ran out of the store and down an empty alley. They ran off for a few minutes until the sirens were a faint noise in the background.

Stopping, the one holding onto the struggling Takuya tossed the brunette down. "Now stay there." He growled, and held out his gun. The brunette's eyes widened in sudden horror before a gunshot rang out. Gasping Takuya's hand reacted and instantly clutched the bleeding shoulder as the two men ran off. Wincing from the pain, the brunette found himself suddenly thankful that the bullet didn't hit any major organs or veins. The blood was coming out still, and he tried to slower it with his hand. Getting up with one hand, he looked around and tried to decide where he was exactly. He hadn't the faintest idea.

While Takuya was lost and hurt, Kouji slept in the closet and Kouichi was harassing Shinya. The younger brother of Takuya's was getting scolded by his mother for 'breaking' her old tea set her grandmother did. Now, Shinya didn't do that, but the mother would never believe someone if they said Kouichi did it. Especially seeing as she couldn't see Kouichi, plus the fact the poltergeist made it look like Shinya did it. Finding it amusing to torment the two Kanbara brothers became a hobby for Kouichi over the years, and he couldn't wait for the older one to come home because he had an excellent plan. As time dragged by, Kouichi was beginning to wonder what was taking the brunette so long. A moment of arguing with himself, Kouichi decided to find out and embarrass Takuya in front of whatever friend he came across. Wouldn't be the first time this happened. It was part of the reason Takuya's only friends were Kouichi, Kouji, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki.

Floating around the outside of the area, Kouichi stopped when seeing police cars gathered around the drug store. Looking down he recognized what was Takuya's backpack near the outside of the alley the robbers took off down with the brunette. Hoping Takuya didn't do something stupid (again), he floated up and down some random alleyways until he came across a wall with some wet blood on the wall. A flicker of panic came, and the ghost began to search more frantically. Last thing he needed was Takuya to die, and the other thing he needed was to bring home a bleeding Takuya. The last time that happened Kouji got out of the house before the sun fully set in a frenzy muttering something. It took awhile to hunt the vampire down too.

By the time he found Takuya, the brunette was still clutching his bleeding shoulder and ready to faint. The he fell, getting weak from the blood loss. While he wasn't shot in a major vein or artery, he was losing blood and he had been wandering around lost which didn't exactly help very much. Alarmed, Kouichi floated down and checked the brunette over. Okay, he was only bleeding at the shoulder, and if Kouichi could just do something to keep the brunette around long enough for help to come in time… placing his ghostly hand over the wound, he held time there so it was as if the wound did not exist. Concentrating, garbage cans leading to the way where they were and the police flew around in a manner of banging against each other, anything to attract attention really. Old still usable markers floated up and markers arrows pointing their way, red caps flew this way and that, and multiple other things.

This peculiar phenomenon didn't go unnoticed by a detective, whose curiosity was roused by this. Walking through he called for some officers to follow, and in no time found Takuya. Mind you, they didn't know they found Kouichi either, but eh. Paramedics were called and the brunette was sent on his way to get some blood for the bit he lost. Kouichi floated around in the ambulance on its way to the hospital, and when the nurse was trying to locate who his parents were Kouichi dropped Takuya's student I.D. (which he stole every week and made Takuya get a new one every month) onto her lap. More or less despite the fact he went out of his way to drive Takuya mad, he was helping. When night came, Kouichi returned to the Kanbara residence to tell Kouji why Takuya wasn't there…

…and got yelled at because Kouichi did something he was not suppose to do. You see, poltergeists are not permitted to touch a human unless it is to startle them or harm them. Kouichi did it with the intention of helping, a no-no in the poltergeists community. Nothing too bad happened besides Kouji left in annoyance. After recovery, questioning, some surgery to remove the bullet that got lodged in his shoulder bone, and some more recovery did the brunette finally return home. Got yelled at for doing something stupid (again) by his mom, lectured by Izumi, and laughed at by Junpei. Fun times, yes. No one really thought what Kouichi did would have a permanent affect on Takuya besides saving him. Well, as late one early October night, Kouji found out it more or less did.

"What do you do all night?" Takuya asked tossing a ball up and down while catching it, lying on his bed. Kouji was sitting on the bed's headboard, leaning against the wall his eyes closed. This was on of the few times he didn't bother to bend the artificial light away from him, probably because he had been doing it for two months straight now. He was wearing a loose dark navy blue short-sleeved shirt, with a long-sleeved black shirt under it. Wearing black fingerless gloves he rested his hand on the black jeans he wore with a silver chain attached to his belt. No matter how often Takuya tried, Kouji refused to wear anything lightly coloured. Oftentimes Takuya would wonder if the light colours reflected off and hurt his eyes more or if it was just because the vampire merely liked dark colours because he lived in the dark.

"Hunt." Kouji answered simply, and opened one eye before wincing and holding his head. He really didn't like the brunette having the lights on, and seeing this he sighed and turned them off.

"Even when you're not hungry?" Takuya asked, no longer playing with the ball. While he didn't approve of the fact three times a month Kouji would kill someone to live, he never really voiced this opinion. It wasn't like Kouji had much of a choice, and neither of them could realistically break into a hospital and take the blood others needed.

"Yeah." Kouji answered simply, and for a moment Takuya wondered if he moved. It wasn't until he found Kouji grabbing a hold of him and pulling him close. It was like a hug, but not a friendly hug, nor a more-than-just-friends hug. It was a weird thing Kouji began doing two years ago, and the brunette came to just see it as the vampires way of either showing some sort of weird friendshippy affection, or just because Kouji liked the feeling of something warm against his cold, dead one. The first few times freaked the shit out of the brunette, but his was more or less used to it by now.

"Why?" Takuya asked, repeating this conversation for the millionth time now.

"Something to do. Passes time." Kouji answered blankly. Yes, immortal and he was bored. He could do nearly anything, and yet he was bored. This guy needed a life. Wait a minute; he's kind of dead so technically he can't get one…

"Right. Why don't you get Kouichi to harass people and you just watch? This way he doesn't keep me up all night. Speaking of which, he hasn't been doing anything lately, why?" Takuya asked, recollecting every since the robbery Kouichi was never heard from and Kouji never spoke of him.

"He prefers bothering you. Besides, I don't really enjoy watching humans be scared. Not enough good things come from it, especially when they're hysterical." Kouji replied, not answering the second question.

"You realize that's insulting me, right?" Takuya asked, looking irritably at what he suspected was where Kouji's face was. He really couldn't tell. All he could do was make a guess based on how Kouji was hugging him. He knew Kouji wasn't answering this second question right away.

"So? And where Kouichi is, I haven't the faintest idea. Probably off doing a feeble attempt at finding those robbers." Kouji said, and moved away. The brunette was thankful for that, Kouji was stealing all his body heat and he was getting cold.

"It shouldn't be feeble. He can go through walls and stuff." Takuya said, and waved his hand around just as a habit to further show his point.

"It is when I already took care of the bastards." Kouji answered, and the brunette turned to look at where he last guessed Kouji was.

"What?" Takuya blinked. No wonder the police couldn't find them, Kouji did first.

"It's not nice to waste perfectly good blood." Kouji said in an odd voice, and next thing Takuya knew Kouji had him pinned down beneath him and began nuzzling his neck. Okay, this most certainly was new.

"Uhh… Kouji? If you're hungry, then go eat." Takuya said uneasily, and felt goose bumps cover his skin when two sharp fangs touched his skin, but didn't pierce it.

"Don't worry, I'd never bite you. You know, there's been something weird about you ever since you came back. For example…" Kouji began, then pulled down Takuya's shirt collar to where the bullet had hit him. "…there's not even a trace of where you got hit. There should at least be some minor sign. I doubt modern medicine has gotten so good a person gets better that quickly." He continued.

"Ehhh… I wouldn't know, I never got shot before, or met anyone who was." The brunette said in a still slightly alarmed tone. Kouji got off him a moment later, and Takuya sat up feeling a bit woozy. Whenever Kouji got that close, the brunette's mind just felt… weird.

"Sure." Kouji sighed, and the brunette felt the sleeves if Kouji's shirt brush against his skin so he now knew where the vampire was.

"Look, I'm the same no worry." Takuya smiled and put his arm around Kouji's shoulders. From not being brushed off, the brunette was happy that Kouji was starting to warm up to him. Right when he thought that though a flare appeared between his hand and Kouji's shoulder, and a loud screech pierced throughout the entire house and Kouji moved away so quickly it knocked Takuya over who was alarmed by both the noise and sudden light. A loud crashing noise was that of Kouji going into the closet, right when Mrs. Kanbara opened the door and turned the light on. Takuya was getting up to check on Kouji, and froze when seeing his mother's angry gaze.

"What… in the hell was that!?" She demanded.

"Uhm… the ghost?" Takuya tried feebly. She narrowed her eyes at him. He wanted her to leave; he had to see if Kouji was okay. He had never heard the vampire make such a terrifying sound before. It actually surprised Takuya none of the glass shattered from such a thing at that high-pitched quality.

"Nice try. In the morning, you and me are talking about all those weird noises you make at night. I'm tired of being woken up by all that banging." She growled, and then left. Takuya ran over, closed the door, and quickly turned the light off. He then stumbled around trying to locate the closet.

"Kouji? Kouji, hey are you okay?" Takuya asked worriedly, and looked around in the darkness hoping nothing happened.

"What was that!?" Kouji hissed angrily.

"I don't know." Takuya answered back softly. Whatever it was, it most certainly didn't bode well with the vampire.

"Did you just try and burn me!" Kouji demanded, with some rising anger in his voice. This had the brunette alarmed, as he never really made Kouji mad before. Agitated, annoyed, yes, but never mad.

"No, I don't know what happened." Takuya tried, but he felt Kouji grab him and shake him madly.

"Then what happened!?" Kouji hissed.

"I said I-" The brunette began, but was cut off.

"Don't know? Well, here I'll show the result." Kouji growled, and yanked Takuya over by the wrist to the light switch. Flicking it on, the vampire winced from its brightness, but tolerated it because Takuya needed it to see. The brunette gulped, because right on Kouji's shoulder where his hand was, there was a burnt hole and burn mark.

"Wha… wha… what happened?" Takuya asked, looking from the damaged area to Kouji's face, then back. "And why isn't it healing like that time Kouichi dropped a knife and cut your finger off?" He asked. Yeah, the finger re-attached itself.

"Its why we can't go into the sun," Kouji began slowly, his teeth gritting. "We burn easily, and the harmed area can take either days or years, depending on the damage." He went on. Takuya was shaking, because he didn't know how that happened, and because it happened to Kouji of all people. If it were Izumi, or Tomoki, or Junpei… it would have been bad, but not this bad. For obvious reasons too.

"Oh." Was all the brunette managed to get out. Seeing the trembling Kouji sighed, and flicked the switch off.

"I'm not going to hurt you, don't be so scared." Kouji said in a less annoyed tone.

"I'm not scared of that." Takuya said softly, and although he couldn't see it, Kouji looked at him with a curious expression. "I don't know how or why that happened, and I've never seen you angry… and what was that noise…" The brunette further said, and felt Kouji put his hand on Takuya's shoulder.

"Don't do anything to add on to my theory about nothing good coming from scared humans." Kouji said.

"I'm not scared!" The brunette responded quickly then stopped, and laughed at what Kouji just said. "As if, I'll prove to you good things come from scared humans." Takuya said with the voice of an egoistical person.

"Yeah right." Kouji brushed him off.

"You know, if I could find you I'd hit you for that!" Takuya scowled, then jumped when Kouji grabbed him.

"You know where I am now." Kouji said, a grin in his words.

"Yeah, but you know I'm going to hit you now." Takuya said, and shook his head.

"True." Kouji shrugged, then pulled Takuya close again.

"You sure you want to do that after what just happened?" Takuya sighed.

"Yes. This way, if that happens again I'll scream in your ear this time." Kouji answered.

"That… was a scream?? More like the screech of a dying animal." Takuya said, shaking his head. Well, even a dying animal didn't hurt a person's ear that bad.

"Thank you for calling me dying animal. It's somewhat a compliment seeing as I'm dead." Kouji retorted in annoyance.

"You're welcome." Takuya grinned. "When do you think Kouichi will be back?" He asked, curiosity suddenly coming.

"Who knows? And do you miss him waking you up in the middle of the night?" Kouji asked, and poked Takuya in the side who squirmed from it. Kouji poked him in a ticklish area, he couldn't help it. At least he didn't burst into a fit of laughter like he used to.

"Not really, but it was fun arguing with him. Sort of. Okay, when he comes back lie and say I moved." Takuya said, realizing the error of his ways.

"Nah, I'll let him bother you." Kouji said simply, then moved away again. The brunette was relieved again, he was getting very cold. Tripping over some things, he finally found his way to his closet.

"Do you need something?" Kouji asked, trying to not laugh at the brunette's yelping over stepping on something sharp.

"Gahh… itai. Eh, a jacket. You're like ice, even with that on." Takuya grumbled, and tried to locate a jacket.

"Let me get it." Kouji sighed. "You're never going to find it, you day-creature." He sighed, and pushed the surprised brunette out of the closet.

"Hey, it's night and I'm awake!" Takuya argued, then blinked when Kouji tossed a jacket on the brunette's head.

"Yeah, but you need to go to bed now otherwise you're mom will be even more mad at you." Kouji replied easily. Glaring, Takuya plopped onto his bed and sighed.

"You're evil." He sulked.

"Oh well." Kouji answered.

"Hey, Kouji?" Takuya asked, finding himself suddenly sleepy. It was like something was trying to force his eyelids down.

"I'm not letting you stay up, Takuya. Just go to sleep." Kouji said bluntly. So he was the reason that the brunette was getting this sudden tiredness. Not only was Kouji immortal and able to bend light, but to boot he could make a human mind get either very tired or very dazed. Nice, huh?

"Just one question." Takuya asked, feeling himself already slipping away.

"Fine." Kouji sighed.

"What do you think… happened… with the… light… fire… thing…?" Takuya said, already going away into unconsciousness.

"…I think it was you. When Kouichi helped you out, something happened to you because something like that isn't allowed to occur." Kouji said softly, and after hearing no response he sighed figuring the brunette didn't hear him at all. Walking over, Kouji took the jacket off of Takuya's sleeping body, knowing full well in the middle of the night the brunette would wake up from it because it got too hot. Opening the human's window, the vampire jumped out to find his missing twin.