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"There seems to be a lot you don't understand. Firstly, they say you can have whatever wish you want to be granted if you win. That's a horrible little lie they feed you. You can't bring someone back from the dead; it doesn't go over well with either Reaper. You die in this match, Kouji can't ask for you back." Haunting words from a vampire that was killed in battle; killed by a mere human. However, those cruel words had been proven wrong. The human, Takuya, had survived and won the match. He was not the one who had died. Due to a riot, the group was forced into another match with a being known as a 'Shinma Device'. Kouji died because the 'Shinma Device' had cheated, a sign revealing it had been tampered with. Izumi in the previous matches had indeed been a possession case, but came the final battle with the Device; the creature within her had reached a level of something similar to 'nirvana' and settled with her soul. It became one with her, without destroying either of them. It was no longer a case of possession, but of a mutually decided living arrangement. Thus, they did not cheat. Because of some arrogant demon's choice to tamper with the Device, Takuya lost something that day that meant more to him than anything else. And he could not get it back. He had tried, but failed.
"Yamaki was a vampire! He became a ghost, why can't Kouji?" Takuya demanded of the Reaper of Souls, who sighed before turning to him.

"Yamaki had a purpose. His purpose has been spent, and now he is coming back with me as well. Ruki and he are making their final farewells even as we speak. The only thing that would give Kouji any purpose to come back, other than a loyal love to you, would be your promise. After that promise is fulfilled, I'll have to get him again. And you'll lose him a second time." Serlio explained, eyes hardening. Her accent was gone, and her voice was devoid of anything. Cursed watched from the shadows, tail swaying to and fro. Her eyes were slightly watery, fox ears pointed downwards like a scolded puppy. She was concerned for the human, and could understand his pain. Once, long ago she had lost someone she had loved as well…and still could never have back.

"I'll go back with you, and you can have Kouji stay in my place." Kouichi suggested, floating through a wall. The first time Kouji 'died' all those years ago, it had killed Kouichi inside. When he had died, all he cared about was returning to his twin whom had returned to him. Though returning with Serlio and letting Kouji live would hurt him on the inside, he knew it was the right thing to do. Takuya and Kouji would always be suffering if they apart.

"Tch." Serlio shook her head, accent returning somewhat. "Leestin, I dun't want to hear you. I'll take you bahck when I have to." A weak, zombie-like smile before it disappeared. She was trying to lighten the mood. She was failing. "I cannot do that. You're purpose was to keep company to those close to your brother. You chose the path long ago to do anything to make your brother happy. Bringing Kouji back will do nothing good for him. The limitations on him would be even greater than when he was a human. Limited touch, limited interaction… at least a vampire may pull off being a human around real ones. Ghosts, of any kind, are incapable of doing that. Only those with a developed sixth sense will be aware of their presence, and even less of them could interact with them. Yamaki in all his centuries as what he was, not once was allowed to hold one of his grandchildren, for his body could not remain solid enough to. He can do simple things of bodily interactions, but he could only do so much. Even then, during the tournament he needed a special spell for me so no one would become aware of what he was." Her accent was yet again gone from her words. Words that spoke truth only, and thus no clear pronunciation was given to the words. They were just facts.

"But… that doesn't matter." Kouichi tried. "Right?" He asked, and got a soft nod from the brunette. Takuya didn't care about all that; he just wanted to be around Kouji again. To hear his voice… maybe get a rare smile…to just be with him.

"And when Takuya dies? I'll have to get both of them, and they'll be separated again. There is some truth to the stories of Heaven and Hell, you realize." Serlio stared at them. Receiving no response, she turned her heel and left.

It was sweet of Kouichi offering to have Kouji take his place. Despite all the moments that the poltergeist had grated on every fray of nerve in the brunette's body, Kouichi made up for all of it in his own little way. Whether it was when he was the only audience cheering their team on, or if he let his tired friends sleep without disruption (aka, scare off anyone who would dare awaken them). In Takuya's fragile state of mind after the fight with the Device, Kouichi had indeed gone unusually out of his way to help the brunette. The poltergeist had never been in love, but he could easily see what happened when someone a person loved died. The person who lost their love died as well, but not physically. Empty amber eyes, that only had a small hint of life in them when there was hope… hope that was crushed by the reality of a Reaper's words. The train whistled, signaling it was ready to take them back to the world of mortals and humans. Ruki, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki slowly got on board. They took their time however, waiting for the brunette and poltergeist.

"Even when you're not hungry?" Takuya asked, no longer playing with the ball. While he didn't approve of the fact three times a month Kouji would kill someone to live, he never really voiced this opinion. It wasn't like Kouji had much of a choice, and neither of them could realistically break into a hospital and take the blood others needed.

"Yeah." Kouji answered simply, and for a moment Takuya wondered if he moved. It wasn't until he found Kouji grabbing a hold of him and pulling him close. It was like a hug, but not a friendly hug, nor a more-than-just-friends hug. It was a weird thing Kouji began doing two years ago, and the brunette came to just see it as the vampires way of either showing some sort of weird friendshippy affection, or just because Kouji liked the feeling of something warm against his cold dead body. The first few times freaked the shit out of the brunette, but his was more or less used to it by now.

Faint memories flickered through the brunette's mind, sitting on the trail. He said nothing, and looked at nothing. Kouichi hovered worriedly near him, while Junpei and Izumi watched with concern as well. So badly did Junpei want to hug Izumi to comfort her, for he knew she was hurting from watching her childhood friend suffer so. But it'd be cruel to display affection in front of someone who just lost someone they loved. He kept to himself because of this. Tomoki sat next to his brotherly friend, leaning slightly against the brunette as a small sign of comfort. Ruki appeared to feel guilty, obviously feeling as though she did something wrong because she got to have a 'grandfather' care for her after Kaishi murdered her parents. Yes, Yamaki was the grandfather that came to her home after her parents had died.

"It shouldn't be feeble. He can go through walls and stuff." Takuya said, and waved his hand around just as a habit to further show his point.

"It is when I already took care of the bastards." Kouji answered, and the brunette turned to look at where he last guessed Kouji was.

"What?" Takuya blinked. No wonder the police couldn't find them, Kouji did first.

"It's not nice to waste perfectly good blood." Kouji said in an odd voice, and next thing Takuya knew Kouji had him pinned down beneath him and began nuzzling his neck. Okay, this most certainly was new.

"Uhh… Kouji? If you're hungry, then go eat." Takuya said uneasily, and felt goose bumps cover his skin when two sharp fangs touched his skin, but didn't pierce it.

"Don't worry, I'd never bite you. You know, there's been something weird about you ever since you came back. For example…" Kouji began, and then pulled down Takuya's shirt collar to where the bullet had hit him. "…there's not even a trace of where you got hit. There should at least be some minor sign. I doubt modern medicine has gotten so good a person gets better that quickly." He continued.

Another memory, another pang hit Takuya's heart. Everything just flashing into his mind, and he could not stop the memories. He couldn't stop hurting, and he certainly couldn't stop loving. The memories hurt being recalled, but in a way… it was a relief and a kind of red-hot irony burning him. He didn't want to forget the memories of Kouji with him, but he couldn't stand remembering.

"Yeah right." Kouji brushed him off.

"You know, if I could find you I'd hit you for that!" Takuya scowled, then jumped when Kouji grabbed him.

"You know where I am now." Kouji said, a grin in his words.

"Yeah, but you know I'm going to hit you now." Takuya said, and shook his head.

"True." Kouji shrugged, then pulled Takuya close again.

"You sure you want to do that after what just happened?" Takuya sighed.

"Yes. This way, if that happens again I'll scream in your ear this time." Kouji answered.

They were coming faster, quicker than before. The brunette trembled, and clenched his eyes shut.

"You weren't supposed to know that." Kouji muttered.

"And why not! Because I am a human?" Takuya demanded.

"No." Kouji answered.

"Then why?" Takuya sighed.

"I don't want you to enter." Kouji explained.

"Why should you care? If you don't think I'm your friend, then I don't see why you should care." Takuya grumbled.

"…" Kouji was silent.

"Not going to say anything huh?" Takuya mumbled, then crossed his arms. It was quiet, a bit too quiet. Did Kouji just leave him alone in there! Probably left with Kouichi and Yamaki too! That jerk! While the brunette was fuming in his head, he paid no attention to his surroundings. While caught up, it didn't occur to him someone was behind him until two arms wrapped around him. Feeling how cold they were, Takuya instantly realized it was Kouji. He didn't leave; he was probably walking around trying to figure out how to explain whatever it was that went on in his mind.

"I am." Kouji said. "I can't consider you a friend Takuya. In maybe 70, or 90 years from now you're going to die from old age. And I'm going to still be alive, and I'll always know you and remember you died. Think about that." With that, the arms left and the brunette was speechless.

"Don't bother. It's your decision, I can't stop you." Kouji sighed. "Just don't bleed or anything." The brunette laughed at this comment.

"This coming from a vampire? What, afraid you'll bite me?" Takuya chuckled.

"No, but every time you're bleeding it makes me nauseous. I guess you have some sort of nasty blood that repels vampires." Kouji said, getting another laugh.

"Oh, thanks. I really appreciate that. At least I don't have to worry about getting turned into a raisin." Takuya said, and smiled. The arms were back, but only momentarily.

"Lets go check on the two idiots and your unconscious brother." Kouji suggested. Nodding, he felt the cold fingers and soft fabric of the glove grab his hand, and tug it towards the direction of the kitchen.

"I can't sleep anywhere." He (Takuya) sighed. The vampire stepped away from the window (where he was trying to fix the damage) and tilted his head at the brunette. Curious as to what Kouji was thinking, and also when the vampire decided to not have the shadow around him. Walking around, Kouji looked up expectantly at his brother, who was writing tomorrow's nights plans on how to bother the Kanbara family as they slept.

"…uhm, yeah?" Kouichi asked, finally noticing the stare he was getting.

"Pick up your mess." Was all Kouji said, before Kouichi sighed and everything on the floor moved to make a big pile in a corner. Blinking in surprise, the brunette looked at the clean floor, then to the vampire.

"Sleep on the floor." Kouji said simply, then returned to trying to figure out how to fix the window.

"Izumi-san, are you having a breakdown?" Tomoki asked. While this went on, Takuya nearly jumped out of his skin when Kouji wrapped his arms around Takuya's waist.

"Gah! Bleh, I'm getting used to you doing that in the dark." Takuya muttered.

"Uhm…" Yamaki began, blinking at the odd thing going on between Takuya and Kouji. Poor guy, no one explained to him about that.

"Can I help you?" Tomoki asked, smiling happily. By now for whatever reason Kouji went to nuzzling Takuya's neck now, making the brunette sweat-drop at this.

"Hey! Okay, now you're not saying anything on purpose!" Takuya growled. "Come on, speak!" He tried, and Kouji still held his silence with a slight smirk. "I will make you make some sort of noise!" The brunette said with determination. Getting an idea, he reached over and gave Kouji a big hug. Startled by this sudden movement, Kouji raised a brow at the brunette.

"What are you doing?" The vampire asked.

"Hah! You talked." Takuya said happily, and then put his right cheek against Kouji's left. "Guess that means I win and you lose." He said happily.

"…" Kouji was suddenly very stiff and didn't really move.

"Hey, uh Kouji…?" Takuya blinked, unsure what was going on this time. Before he could ask anything more really though he felt cold lips on his warm ones and letting out a startled noise before he felt his back hit the bed with some weight on him. This most certainly was something new. Feeling arms wrap around him, the brunette slightly blushed when feeling Kouji trying to pull him closer (when its physically impossible to really do that without crushing one of them). To be honest, it was something Takuya had actually been hoping would happen, but then would push it away. He felt his heart flutter some, and blushed more knowing Kouji would immediately notice the quickened pace. It was part of the reason the brunette tried to discourage his feelings because the vampire would find out easily and well… the end result even if Kouji liked him back wouldn't be good. But there the two were kissing on the brunette's bed. Interesting how these things seem to work out.

What started out as something simple and no more of just an impulse Kouji really couldn't stop, got a bit more encouraged when Takuya began to respond. Momentarily forgetting the dangers of this sort of thing, the vampire began to deepen the kiss more and got a soft moan from Takuya.

"So you killed a murderer?" –Takuya

"Would you rather me cause property damage?" –Kouji

"No, but why?"

"Remember when I explained a vampires mind may not want to do something but the body does?" –Kouji

"Brother, that sounded weird…" –Kouichi

"Yeah?" –Takuya

"Well… that's why!" –Kouji

"Whoa whoa, can you two explain to me what exactly is going on?" Kouichi sighed, getting confused. Sighing, they did and Kouichi was raising a brow accusingly at Kouji by the end. "That's cute you two like each other and all, but that wasn't smart Kouji."

"Look I couldn't control what I was doing, okay?" Kouji growled, acting like an irritated child.

"If you weren't hungry why did you try to bite him?" Kouichi asked.

"I wasn't hungry! It was! IT IT!" Kouji yelled.

"So, you're body was hungry but you weren't? I don't get it…" Kouichi sighed.

"You think I do?" Takuya asked.

"Wait! Maybe Kouji is talking about the other kind of hungry?" Kouichi said, suddenly getting this bright idea. Takuya sweat-dropped and shook his head.

"I doubt it." He sighed. "Right Ko-…?" Blinking the brunette looked around for the vampire. "Uh… Kouji?" He blinked.

"Hey, you're doing the shadow thing again Kouji… wait, was I right? I was just picking on you for fun." Kouichi cringed, and floated over to see.

"…" Kouji made no response.

"My, what a naughty brother I have." Kouichi laughed floating back up to see a tomato red Takuya. "When you were going to bite him, it wasn't to suck him dry was it?" The ghost pried, until a shoe was thrown at him.

"What…?" Takuya began, but from a sudden lurch, then a feeling as if you were falling really really fast came. His stomach did flip-flops and he felt himself coming out of his seat. A loud bang followed by a jerk around Takuya braced himself for impact against the windows or something solid but then a hand grabbed his arm and yanked him into cold arms. Kouji had grabbed him, and kept his own self from ramming into something by holding onto a pole.

"…one question." Kouji sighed, getting all eyes, and then he poked Takuya. "Are you done choking me?"

"Realistically, I can't choke you seeing as you don't need to breathe. And no, not until I know we're not going to go flying around again." Takuya replied, and then poked Kouji right back.

"Hey hey hey! Others are staying here! Save the assassinations for outside the coliseum, and the fighting for the arena, would you?" Cursed ordered. Yet again, Yamato resumed restraining Taichi, as Kouji wrapped his arms around Takuya to stop him all the while avoiding getting burned himself.
"So you all have reasons." Ruki sighed, before glancing at Kouji who said nothing. The vampire raised a brow at her, before realizing she was asking him to give his own. Walking over, he flopped into Takuya's lap (who had been sitting on his bed cross-legged) and sighed.
"I just don't like Zanshi." Kouji replied, shrugging. The brunette looked down at him with a raised brow, but said nothing.

He did have a reason…and it wasn't because he didn't like Zanshi. The brunette hugged his knees, realizing that was initially why Kouji had agreed to go with Yamaki. Why the vampire decided to do something that before he refused to even acknowledge. Kouji wanted to protect him. And he did.
"Kouji, why are you still in my bed?" Takuya asked, finding himself to unable lay down properly due to Kouji's arms wrapped around his waist. When that happened was anybody's guess.
"You make a good pillow." Came Kouji's reply, making the brunette merely roll his eyes at him.
"If you're going to be that way, at least let me lay down. I don't want to sit up all night. I'm not like Yamaki; I'm picky." Takuya grumbled, and felt Kouji move away so he could. The brunette scrambled under the blankets and plopped his head on his pillow before sighing. Tomorrow would be nice; they were fighting in the daylight. Of course, Kouji probably wouldn't take that too well, the guy couldn't stand it. He had a pretty good reason though; most creatures had a tendency to not like what was capable of killing them.
"See you in the morning." Kouji whispered, and brushed some of Takuya's bangs out of his hair.
"Yeah yeah, sleep well bloodsucker." Takuya yawned, not caring about the cold fingers moving across his forehead. Sure, it sent shivers up his spine just because it was something cool against his warm skin, but that was a normal reaction.
"I'll do that. I'm not liking sleeping at night, but hey…" Kouji shrugged, and lightly kissed Takuya's cheek before going to the closet.

"Kanbara Takuya is the winner, so long as he gets up off the arena!" A woman's voice called, but the brunette blearily looked up to try and make sure it was Cursed. It seemed to be, because she was pacing up and down the sides motioning for him to move. Getting up slowly, he began to crawl. Crying out, he fell back on the goo and the burning returned, making him whimper slightly. It hurt, it hurt too much. Arms wrapped around his waist, and hoisted him up. Groaning, he attempted to open one eye and look over. Angst was dragging him over to the edge, and then dumped him down before she fell next to him.
"…thanks…" She whispered, her breathing strangely uneven and short. Nodding, the brunette pulled himself over the edge and fell, only to find arms catching him. Kouji.
"You're an idiot." The vampire said, and hugged the brunette tightly.

That day, Takuya had fought his first Gensui Demon and still managed to save not only his life but also that of another human's. The second he fought against he defeated with Ruki's help, but then… a Gensui Demon illegally summoned went to attack Tomoki, and in the brunette's haste to save his practically adopted younger brother he had not thought it through properly. Due to this, Kouji placed himself in danger to protect him. Guilt welled inside. 'Kouji…'
"He's not up, he's lying down," Kouji corrected him, and walked over before plopping next to the brunette.
"I feel like I can fight two of those demons now!" the brunette declared. After he said that, irony of ironies his legs gave out and Kouji caught him before he hit the ground. "…Okay, so I exaggerated. One of those demons."
"Why don't you let me?" Kouji asked, sensing the angry vibes from the brunette next to him. He wasn't in the mood for an argument, at the moment he merely wanted some nice alone time with the brunette…his Takuya had been out for a few days, it wasn't right! It was cruel, damnit!
"For one, vampires don't drink from the dead!" Kouji snapped as he took the offensive again and landing another cut on Taichi, this time his neck. "For two, you ever… ever accuse me of not caring for my brother or Takuya again I will not be on friendly terms with you, whether you are on them with me or not." He grounded out, and when Taichi blocked his next hit he pushed the brunette so hard Taichi found it rather difficult to not slide or fall backwards. "I didn't join this tournament for any reason other than to protect Takuya, and if it weren't for him and his damn forsaken human blood I wouldn't even be here." He hissed. Taichi looked rather confused, but managed to finally knock Kouji back and away from him.
Mumbling a soft apology that probably went unheard, Kouji walked uneasily over to Yamaki's side. Never before had it seemed so far away… Takuya handed a now sleeping Tomoki to a startled Yamaki, and rushed to greet his worn out friend. The vampire in the end tumbled off the arena and Takuya just barely managed to 'catch' him. Although it was more of the vampire landing on the brunette, it still counted. Takuya's warm arms embraced the vampire, who was grateful to feel something so warm that wouldn't roast him like a marshmallow. Kouji's arms immediately wrapped around Takuya in return, and he nuzzled the brunette's hair and breathed in deeply. He actually thought his plan with using the blood to protect him would fail, and he'd never be to able to feel, smell, hear, watch… and pretty much anything else his half-dead brain could think of at the moment he enjoyed having done in the past with Takuya.
"You're so soft…" Kouji whispered, and the brunette blinked a bit confused not having understood what the vampire said. Kouji took no notice. At the moment he just wanted to never let go of Takuya and just kiss him. Just because. A squeak pulled him from his thoughts.
"Kouji… ack! You're crushing me!" Takuya informed him, trying to push Kouji away just enough so he could breathe properly again. Kouji loosened his grip. Ignoring the aching feeling in his fangs, Kouji relished his moment with the brunette. And remained oblivious to the raised brows he was getting from Yamaki, Izumi, and Junpei. Takuya all the while just couldn't figure out why Kouji was suddenly being so… snuggly? That was the word, right? Whatever… even though he was no officially chilled to the bone, Takuya felt safe and content. Now, to just get Kouji to understand that he had to let Takuya go so that the vampire could get some blood to drink and they could all get some well-deserved rest.

"Do you want to die?" Kouji asked, the look still on his face and his hands pressed against the wall next to Takuya's shoulders. The demanding question wasn't a threat; merely something said to make the brunette think.
"No, but-" He started, but found himself immediately cut off.
"Do you think I want you to die?" Kouji asked, his expression slowly softening. The brunette couldn't find is voice to say anything to that. "I don't. I don't doubt your abilities, I know… I know you can protect yourself. But I still want to protect you either way…" The vampire went on. "Kisei isn't well-respected because of his discovery in how vampires can live without drinking human blood, or his desire to destroy all humans. He's a powerful vampire, well over eight hundred years old… and I can't protect you from him." He said, looking down at the ground. His fist clutched at the wall, crushing some of it in the process. The brunette glanced at the vandalism the vampire committed to the coliseum, and was slowly reminded that despite how gentle Kouji was… he was a hazard to the brunette's health if ever angered (although Kouji was never angry).
"…Kouji…" Takuya said softly.
"And I don't want to watch him kill you too." Kouji whispered, the last part of what he said confusing Takuya completely. "I… got 'bent out of shape' because I knew that. And because I don't think you realize how much I need you." He further explained. The brunette's eyes widened some, and then softened. "When I was fighting Taichi, I really did think I was going to die. And all I could think about was what would happen if I did. If you pulled another stunt like that time you took on those robbers, what would have happened if Kouichi wasn't there because I wasn't." Takuya just listened to him, and let his words sink in. It was true though. Had Kouichi not found the brunette, he would have been dead (and without his fire ability). Kouji and Kouichi were almost always were the other was, and the brunette knew that if Kouji ever… died, then Kouichi would probably stay behind long enough to comfort Takuya, and then he'd leave as well.
"Hey, Kouji…" Takuya tried, and when getting no response he sighed. Choosing another method of saying what he wanted to say, he pulled Kouji into a hug that was soon returned.
"I don't want you to go." Kouji said in a soft voice, and he held the brunette tighter. Takuya blinked, feeling something warm on his shirt.
"Kouji, are you crying?" He asked, concerned for his friend. "I'm not going anywhere." He reassured the vampire, a bit scared to see his friend in such a… what was the word? Ah yes, depressing manner. "Listen, I'm not going to die. Don't worry. And if you die… I'll harass Serlio to bring you back when she comes for Kouichi." He said, and heard Kouji laugh slightly. "By the way, can she get him early? You know… before you die." The brunette said, making them both laugh. Kouji pulled away, and sighed deeply. There were no signs he had possibility been crying, but then the guy always had bags under his eyes, and he could have easily wiped the 'tears' away on Takuya's shirt.
"I love you." Kouji said in this warm, soft tone that for some reason made Takuya blush. Perhaps it was because it was how he said it… how it had this strange promise to it. Or maybe because a vampire just said it to him and meant it, making the words both reassuring and flattering.

"The last I saw him was about two days ago and he was practically throwing up his insides. Ruki told me he had said, 'I don't want it,' and in reference to the blood he had taken from you. Some Mages got in there later and managed to drag him to a room where they fixed him up, good as new. Then, when no one was there, he took off and hid. Kouichi was the one who found him, but won't give us any info as to Kouji's exact location, and only visits us when he's asked to get updates on how you were doing," the blonde man told him. "So you tell me if you think he's okay."
"I love you, and more than anything I don't ever want to hurt you. But I'm like someone with duo personalities… one that loves you, and another that loathes you. Even though the one that loves you is out the most, the one that loathes you will always try and take advantage of the chance to kill you. The different is, there's only me… and my instincts. It's in me to kill humans, and it always will be. Even if… even if…" Kouji broke off.
"I don't want you to die," Kouji said finally, having come to some sort of conclusion in that head of his.
"Actually, I got the most love after my death," Kouji laughed, winking at Takuya.
"Remember. If you die, I know who to talk to so that you can be brought back and I can kill you myself," Takuya warned him, and received an amused smile from the vampire.
"I know," Kouji laughed, and ruffled the brunette's hair.
She didn't let him. Serlio didn't let him…
"You did a great job!" Takuya cheered before clobbering Kouji in a giant hug.
"Oww, oww…" Kouji complained, gently nudging Takuya to get off.
"I thought vampires could heal themselves," Izumi teased.
"I'm tired, say that later when I can think of an appropriate answer…" Kouji sighed, and giving up on the brunette letting go of him, just kind of hung limply, letting Takuya to hold him up.
"Ahh, Kouji! You're heavy!" Takuya yelped, before they fell to the ground. The brunette pushed Kouji off, ready to scowl at him only to stop; Kouji had fallen asleep.

At the edge, he just scooted to where he fell off. And felt no solid ground. Kouji had caught him, and held him carefully.
"Takuya, you're safe… sort of," Kouji sighed with relief, nuzzling Takuya's face.

"A lot of things haven't happened in forever…" Junpei said quietly, fiddling with some electrical cables. He amused himself in strange ways humans didn't understand. Kouji flopped on Takuya soon after this, and just kind of laid on him. "Kind of like that," the Thunder Demon nodded.
"Kouji, please get off me." Takuya sulked. Even if the Angelics healed him thoroughly, he was still sore.
"'Or 'orm." Kouji replied in a muffled voice.
"What?" Takuya lifted up his head, turning back some to look at the vampire. "Or worms?" He asked. Kouji looked at him, and said nothing, just kind of returning his stare. "…what?"
'You are warm,' had been what Kouji said that day… why did it take him so long to realize this?
"Kouji…? Are you there?" Takuya asked. Kouji had determined something that the brunette was unaware of. When he had caught Takuya in his arms that day, bleeding… the scent did not bother him. All that mattered to him was that Takuya was okay. He knew he could resist now, so he made a decision. He was about to act on that decision (which was to smoocheth Takuya because the brunette looked illegally cute at this point, giving him a quizzical look), but fate intervened. And by fate, Kouichi burst in through the roof.
"GUESS WHAT!" he cheered, scaring Takuya, Kouji, and Junpei. The vampire cast him an evil, evil look. Kouichi noticed, and grinned. He sent a pillow flying at Kouji, knocking him off Takuya.

"Nnnmmm…maybe. So, if you know why does that mean Kisei or one of his minions did something to you?" Takuya asked slyly, grinning at the vampire as he tried to pull them both out of the rapidly forming dreary atmosphere. Kouji said nothing. "…Kouji?"
"After the tournament…" the vampire began suddenly.
"Eh?" Takuya blinked at him with confusion.
"…Do you think…we could try and be…" Kouji continued, trying to form the words and to get them to come out. Kouichi mentally laughed maniacally, happy to see the two were finally going to talk about their dysfunctional relationship.
"Try and be…" Takuya repeated, tilting his head curiously as he tried to help the other.
"…A normal… different couple?" Kouji said, and the brunette got a sudden distinct impression that if Kouji had gotten a bite to eat (oh, what a marvelous pun he made) recently he'd be blushing.
"…A normal different couple? How the hell does that work?" Takuya asked, grinning at the vampire who rolled his eyes at him.
"Seriously though," Kouji sighed, looking somewhat sadly at the brunette who looked down immediately feeling guilty.
"You mean like, go on dates and stuff like that?" Takuya asked, moving his legs to and fro as they dangled over the beds edge. Kouichi continued laughing maniacally in his head, plotting all the different ways he could taunt them about this later. He was also plotting to prevent himself from committing ghost-suicide (despite the impossibility) from the overbearing cuteness of the two male's apparent awkward feelings developing as they discussed this subject. "Yeah. Movie theatres are open until midnight, and all the good restaurants close late at night," Kouji answered, nodding.
"Sounds good to me," Takuya said, smiling at the vampire who smiled back. Kouichi in his hiding place held a non-existent knife and imitated stabbing himself in the heart and falling through the floor in a manner of a dead man falling. Yes, the cuteness and shy interactions between his twin and friend was killing him. Even though he was dead. Yeah. Kouichi shook his head, scowling at himself for questioning things that didn't matter.
"That's good," Kouji sighed, relieved. Why he was worried in the first place about the answer he would get from the brunette he did not know, but he was glad the other agreed on the date thing.
"Hey, think we could go to amusement parks together?" Takuya asked in a joking manner, and laughed as the vampire lightly flicked him in the head. "Ah, come on…you could win me a teddy bear and I could knock a lemon slushy on your lap and laugh evilly as you freeze," he continued, and laughing he jumped out of the way as Kouji attempted to tackle him for that.
"I don't see how it's fair you get a huggable object while I get something cold on me," Kouji growled playfully, and got off the bed.
"Hey, I get something cold on me everyday—you," Takuya said, grinning from ear to ear and quickly moved out of the way of Kouji who tried to grab him again. If they were seriously fighting, long ago the vampire would have grabbed the brunette, but seeing as they were goofing around there was no actual effort in escaping or catching.
"Point taken. Just as I get something huggable everyday—you," Kouji countered, and the brunette scowled at him for that comment. "You cutey-wutey, huggable-wuggable li'l boy," the vampire continued, using words most people thought he'd commit a self-righteous suicide before ever even thinking of saying.
"I'm not cute! …And you're a pedophile!" Takuya shouted, pointing an accusing finger at the vampire.
"Not really, seeing as you are a teen. Although if you want to go on age difference, I must say that I am seeing as I'm what…" Kouji thought about it, counting on his fingers.
"You died in 1918, right?" Takuya asked, and got smacked in the face by a pillow.
"We are not having a conversation about the whole living/dead thing. And if we are, then I am a pedophile and you are a necrophiliac," Kouji growled. The brunette yanked the pillow from him, and tilted his in thought about that.
"Oh gross, you're right…" the brunette said in a disgusted voice, and made a gagging motion.
"Oh, do not throw up," Kouji yelped, moving away from the brunette.
That memory hurt the most, because both had equally looked forward to it.
"That's the plan then?" Takuya asked.
"Speak of Izumi and Junpei's apparent affection for each other to rid ourselves of Kouichi?" Kouji asked, blinking.
"No…we…we start going out after the tournament," Takuya explained lightly, looking to the side slightly with a mildly red tinge. Ever since that day, all those months ago when he and Kouji kissed… anyway…
"Of course. What do you say, we watch a movie at the theatres first?" Kouji asked, smiling gently and walking over and putting a hand on the brunette's shoulder.
"Sounds great," Takuya said, smiling back. Sitting on the bed's edge once again, he sighed and looked back at the ceiling. "Now, we just have to make sure neither of us dies," he said, laughing a little. Cold, but reassuring and comforting, arms wrapped around his shoulders from behind suddenly. Having been accustomed to this random habit of Kouji's for a while now, the brunette wasn't startled by the quick motion.
"We won't. Trust me," Kouji said softly, and nuzzled the brunette's neck. "Just as you know I won't let anything happen to you, rules or no rules…I know you won't let anything happen to me," the vampire said quietly. "So…what type of movie do you think we should see?" he asked.
"Something all cute and chibi-esque," Takuya suggested, cuddling closer to the cold body and placing a hand on one of Kouji's. Yes, he absolutely hated the cold but the kind of cold Kouji's body gave was so very…warm. That didn't make sense, but it didn't have to. After all, when did love make sense?
Horrible, unbearable pain…
"Oh, Mizu? She… she and Kagami were very close. I don't think Kagami ever realized that Mizu loved her, but she did." Junpei explained, and laughed nervously when seeing Takuya's terrified face. The Thunder Demon then realized his mistake, knowing that in a way the brunette and Kouji were like the two female demons. Whether or not their fate would foreshadow the future was impossible to tell this early on, and the entire team each silently prayed none of them would meet an end like that. That's always a good thing to think though, you just might watch the person you love the most die a tortured death.

And he had.