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Chapter 16 - Epilogue

The rain had finally stopped, and Kai had been found...but a serious problem still existed.

Their leader was seriously injured, and was fading fast.

"Just calm down everyone...the doctors here are doing everything they can!"

Mr. Dickinson, along with Hilary and the rest of the BladeBreakers were all in a waiting room at the local hospital.

It was now in the early morning, and even though no one had gotten any sleep, Max, Rei, Tyson, Kenny and Hilary didn't feel the slightest bit of fatigue since Kai had run out of the dojo.

"How can you expect us to be calm! We could lose Kai for good this time!" Tyson exclaimed.

"Tyson..." Rei placed his hand on the navy haired teen's shoulder. "He's proven he can survive a lot worse than this...we just have to have faith in him."

"...and this time..."

All eyes were on Hilary now. The brunette had stayed silent ever since they had arrived at the hospital.

"...he has everything to live for now..."

Hours had passed, and still no word about their blue haired captain.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps approach from down the hall.

Everyone jumped to the edge of their seats and stared at the door with anticipation.

All those hours of waiting patiently paid off in that moment as a doctor appeared and walked up to the group.

"Good morning Mr. Dickinson." The doctor took the elder's hand in a friendly shake. "I'm sorry it took me so long to come here and update you on young Kai's condition."

"Don't worry about it doctor, just please tell us what's going on."

The doctor sighed, wiping his forehead with the back of his arm. "Well the surgery went well, but he's lost a significant amount of blood. We also found some internal injuries as well...a fractured rib, bruised lungs...nothing he hasn't survived before, so we're not too worried about that. The knife didn't hit any vital organs either...he's really lucky."

"But he's going to be okay...right?" Max asked.

"It's hard to say at this moment...he's very weak. We should know for sure in the next five hours. I suggest you all go home and get some sleep."

"But..." Tyson started.

"Yes...thank you doctor. We'll be back later then." Mr. Dickinson bowed slightly and turned to leave, the rest of the team reluctantly following him out the door.


Everyone was finally able to get some sleep, but it wasn't very restful. Everyone was eager to see Kai again.

The next morning didn't come too soon either. Every moment seemed to tick by at an agonizing pace as they made their way through their dreams.

The phone rang, instantly awaking everyone except Tyson...of course.

Rei managed to scramble out of bed and grab the phone first. "Hello!" He practically yelled into the phone, hoping the other end hadn't hung up yet.

"Uh...good morning Rei." A somewhat startled, yet cheery voice said on the other end.

"Oh! Hey Mr. Dickinson! Sorry about that..." Rei laughed nervously to himself.

"How did everyone sleep last night?"

"How's Kai?" Rei completely disregarded the elder's question.

Hilary, and Max were now standing next to him, waiting for the news.

"Heh..." Mr. Dickinson chuckled softly on the other end. "Well, apparently he has quite the angel watching over him."

Rei gasped. "Does that mean...!"

"It certainly does Rei. I'll send a car to pick you guys up."


"KAAAII!" Tyson yelled the minute the BladeBreakers walked through the door of the hospital. He immediately took off at a run in a random direction, but was suddenly pulled back.

"Settle down Tyson! This is a hospital for crying out loud!" Hilary replied as softly as she could, but apparently not softly enough, for even more nurses were glaring at them now.

"Sit down you two!" Rei hissed.

"Where's Mr. D?" Max asked no one in particular. "I thought he'd be waiting for us."

As if on cue, the elder BBA manager walked around the corner. "Good morning everyone!" He smiled brightly at them all. "I was surprised you got here this quickly!"

"Where's Kai! How is he!" Tyson jumped out of his seat and sent an onslaught of questions at the elder.

"You can ask him yourself" Mr. Dickinson smiled again. "He woke up a few minutes ago, but he's still under the effects of pain killers, so please don't annoy him too much."

The team laughed lightly at that statement. Tyson could annoy the daylights out of Kai when he was fully awake. It would only be a matter of time for Kai to blow his top now.

Rei, Max, Tyson, Kenny and Hilary all proceeded to walk out of the waiting room and followed Mr. Dickinson up to the second floor, and to a small room at the end of a long, white hallway.

The elder knocked at the door as a warning, then reached for the handle and opened it.


Four heads poked into the room.

Kai laid motionless on a bed in the center of the room, hooked up to nearly every machine the hospital had to offer.

The windows were drawn closed, causing the room to be shrouded in a dim light.

"Hey Kai...you awake?" Tyson asked, taking a few steps inside.

"How could I not be...you guys are loud..." A faint whisper replied.

The group let out a slightly embarrassed chuckle.

"Sorry about that Kai...but you know how Tyson is." Hilary smiled as she walked over to the blue haired teen's bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Numb." He replied simply, shifting his weight slightly. He slowly pulled himself up into a sitting position, grimacing as the thick layering of bandages prevented his torso from bending in any way.

A small blood stain was still visible around his abdomen, and Kai noticed the squeamish look that ran through the group.

"It stopped bleeding a while ago...they just need to change the bandages."

"Really? That was a pretty nasty stab, wasn't it?" Max sighed in relief. He never liked the sight of blood.

"We thought you'd be in hot water this time!" Tyson added.

"Excuse me...Mr. Dickinson?"

Everyone paused as Kai's doctor entered the room.

"I'll be back later." The elder nodded at Kai and went out to speak with the doctor.

"Is something wrong doctor?"

"No...it's...it's just amazing! When he was last here, I was certain he couldn't survive this long, but now looking at him, it seems his will to live is stronger than ever! He's healing faster than anything I've ever seen!"

Mr. Dickinson smiled. "His life has definitely changed for the better now."

The team spent the rest of the day with their captain, and soon the sun began to set, and Kai's nurse had dropped by for the fifth time to tell them that everyone needed to leave.

"What a grouch!" Tyson glared after her. "She's like Hilary!"

A sharp pain ran through his spine as the brunette whacked him sharply on the top of his head.

Rei intervened just in time before a huge shout-fest exploded for the whole building to hear.

"We'll see you tomorrow Kai!" Max smiled and waved, shoving a pained Tyson out the door.

Rei and Kenny followed, each saying their good-byes. Hilary was the last out, and as she turned around, she noticed Kai staring out into the darkening skies.

"He's gone, you know."

"Yeah..." Kai exhaled softly, as if he had waited all his life to admit it. His gaze fell to his lap. It was hard not to be worried about if he would get through the night without Boris breaking in and kidnapping him, or hurting his friends. "It's just weird...I wanted him stopped, but I didn't want him to die by my own hand..."

Hilary could understand what he meant. He had already taken the life of people, and all the violence had slowly eaten away at his soul. All he wanted was an end to it all.

"But Kai...it wasn't you who..."

"I suppose that was the weakness he was talking about..."

"Don't you dare start to think that! Even though he put you through hell, and made you do all those horrible things...you still wanted to show him mercy. That took true courage...and everyone is proud of you for that...even Dranzer."

"Dranzer..." Kai looked down at his beyblade, its center glowing brightly. He looked back up at the brunette and gave her a soft smile. "Thank you Hilary...for everything."

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