By Hikaru Hayashi

Story from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Hey there. I was bored and just happened to be thinking about the new season of Yu-Gi-Oh. I've seen almost the whole season in Japanese, and unless you have too, you won't get this fic for a while. This was a random idea that just popped into my head that has nothing to do with the show, but some of the characters are from this season. And I just happened to be at the computer, so here it is!

Summary: Katsuya Jounouchi is on his way home from school, when he is kidnapped by thugs belonging to an underground gang. When he escapes the clutches of his captors and falls down a cliff, he realizes he's in the middle of the mountains, far from civilization. Can he find his way home in time to save his new friend and traveling partner, who is suffering the ravages of a terrible sickness?

Disclaimer note: The characters in this fic belong to the impressively talented Mr. Kazuki Takahashi (he has to be to draw some of those people...). I don't own anything!

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With that, let's begin! (I'm sorry if the title sucks)

The Survivor

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

As if his day weren't bad enough, Katsuya Jounouchi found himself being tossed into the back of a black van. His day couldn't have gotten worse. He had been chased halfway to school by a rabid dog, mugged by bullies for the first time in months, had his lunch money stolen, failed a Biology exam, and now he was being kidnapped.

He hadn't seen the van coming up to him. He was on his miserable way home from school, when big bulky bodyguard-looking man with sunglasses stepped out of the vehicle and beat Jou on the head with a club. Then he tied him up, gagged his mouth so he couldn't talk, blindfolded him, and threw him in the back of his ugly van.

This is where we are now. Great! Jou thought. Just my luck! Man, why do I always gotta end up in this crap? It frightened him that he had no clue what these guys wanted with him, let alone where they were taking him. And being blindfolded certainly didn't help.

It seemed as though they were driving for hours. Jou was relieved when he felt the van come to a stop. He heard the doors open and the husky voice of his captor, "Alright, ya little runt. We're here!" He removed the blindfold from Jou's eyes.

Jou spit the gag out of his mouth. "Why you joik!" he cried. "Awright! Who are you? And whaddya want wid me, huh? C'mon, spill it!"

"I'm sorry," the bulky man said as he picked Jou up and carried him on his shoulders. "I can't give away that information, Katsuya Jounouchi."

Whaa?? Jou thought, startled. How does he know my name?! This is weird...

The man walked into what looked like an ordinary abandoned warehouse. He pushed a button and the door opened. Jou looked around. looks empty ta me. What gives?

The man carrying Jono walked into an elevator and pushed a button signaling to go down.

The elevator came to a jolting stop. The man walked out of the elevator. Jou looked around. It seemed as though they were in a hideout of some sort. There were boxes stacked on top of each other. The place was covered with thugs. In the back, there was a door that looked like led to somewhere he didn't want to go. Uh, I don' think I wanna find out what's behind that door, he thought.

"Hey, whatcha got there, man?" said one of the bulky guy's comrades.

"A special guest." The man replied simply. He then said to Jou, "My boss wants to see you later. For now, you go in here." He walked through the creepy looking door.

I was afraid of this! Thought Jou as he began to panic. "Oh, I oughta..." he growled as he looked up and got a good look at his kidnapper. "Why, you're...!" he stuttered as his bulky captor looked at him.

"Hi." The man replied. He threw Jou into what seemed to be a dungeon cell.

Ring, ring! Came the loud phone ring. "Hold your horses, I'm coming!" said a voice. Sugoroku Mutoh, Yugi Mutoh's grandfather, walked downstairs and answered the phone. "Hello, this is the Kame Game Shop! May I help you?...Oh, good evening, Mrs. Jounouchi! How's your family doing?...What?! Well, that's terrible!...Uh, no, he's not over here...Oh. Well, alright, I'll send Yugi right over...uh-huh...bye."

At this moment, Yugi walked downstairs. "Grandpa," he said, "who was that?"

He looked towards his grandson. "Yugi! It's terrible! It seems Jounouchi never made it home from school today!"

"What?!" Yugi replied in shock.

Yugi ran through the door. Jou's mother was waiting for him. "Yugi!" she cried. "Thank goodness you came!"

"No problem," Yugi replied. "What's this about Jounouchi not coming home?"

"I don't know. We didn't hear from him and..." Jou's mother broke down crying.

Yugi walked into the living room to see that Anzu and Honda were already there.

"Yugi, did you hear?" Anzu said. "Jounouchi didn't come home after school! Shizuka was really worried."

"But I cheered her up," Honda said. (He always did like to flirt with Shizuka. This gave him the perfect excuse.)

"Yugi?" Shizuka asked. "You will find my brother, won't you?"

"Of course I will, Shizuka," Yugi said.

"And I'll help!" Honda added.

"We'll all do it!" Anzu chimed in. "We're a team!"

"Right! No way we're leaving Jou out there by himself!"

"We'll get your brother home safely. I promise. So don't cry, Shizuka!"

Shizuka smiled, despite the fact that there were tears in her eyes. "I know you'll find him!" she said, hopefully.

Jounouchi slowly stood up. He had managed to untie himself, but that was the least of his problems. The cell he was in was dark and he couldn't see what was around him. Was he the only one there? Was someone else with him? What time was it? Will he ever get out alive? When would be the next time he had a decent meal?! These questions rushed through Jou's mind as he tried to scan his surroundings, but to no avail. Jou growled. Nnn! Crap. I can't see a thing! He thought. He walked over toward what he thought was the direction of the cell door. A small light pierced the darkness, the light from the outside. There were no windows.

As he walked towards the light, he felt something under his feet and heard a moan. "Whaa?!" Jou shouted in surprise as he stumbled to the ground, startled by the moan. I think I stepped on something, he thought. Or someone... He looked around. As his eyes grew accustomed to the dark, he thought he saw the figure of another person.

The other boy was lying on the ground and he didn't look too good. He had spiky hair. The boy looked up, his crystal eyes shone in the darkness. "Jounouchi...?" he asked, his voice sounding weak and raspy. "Is that you?"

Jounouchi was shocked when he discovered who his cellmate was. "No, it can't be!" He gasped. "It's...Varon??"

The boy called Varon attempted to stand up. "Jounouchi! It is you, isn't it? Jounouchi! don't know how happy--"

Jou heard the boy stumble over in the darkness and begin coughing. "Whoa...that's a nasty cough," Jou mumbled as he went over to where Varon was. He put his hand on his forehead. "Geez, man! Yer burnin' up! How long have they kept you here?"

Varon looked up weakly. Sweat was dripping from his face. "Uh...about three weeks," he replied, exhausted from coughing. "I've been sick like this for about two days. I thought I'd be better by now but—"The coughing began again.

They musta kidnapped him too! Jou thought. "Man, I haven't seen you since you were one of Dartz's Doom warriors and you tried to steal my soul," he said, mainly to himself. "I wish we could catch up, but I gotta get you outta here!" He grabbed Varon's arm and helped him stand up. He walked towards the door and looked out of the opening. He could see the thugs that his captor worked for. The man that kidnapped him was guarding the door. Aw, man! Jou thought. It's that buff guy again. No way we're gettin' past him! Jou beat the door with his fist, only to find that it opened a crack. "Whaa?" he cried, but then muffled his voice to keep from screaming. They leave the door open? Jou thought. Then why hasn't Varon escaped already? Nnn...I smell somethin' fishy...ah, wutevah. I'm gettin' outta here. Jou started to open the door.

"Jounouchi, don't do it!" Came Varon's raspy voice.

Jounouchi looked down at him, confused. "Huh?!"

"It may seem easy to escape, but I've tried it! They'll beat you to a pulp and throw you back in." More coughing. "The...::gasp:: the only reason they keep the door open is because those morons don't have a key to lock us in."

"But what do they want wit us?" Jou asked. "And why does that buff dude look so familiar? Wasn't he with you and the Doom organization?"

Varon was silent. The only thing Jou heard for about a minute was his labored breathing. Finally, Varon spoke, "I don't think he would do this. That can't really be Rafael. This has to be a coincidence." (A/N: For those who have seen those episodes in Japanese, his name is Rafael, right? In the Japanese version, they seem to pronounce it "Raferu". Hmm, confusing.)

"I thought so," Jou muttered to himself. I remember now. Rafael is that thug who took Yugi's soul away! Freak. "Well, in any case, I hope yer ready to run."

"Wait, Jounouchi!" Varon said. "Why are you helping me? You're not still mad at me for trying to take your soul? What about that thing with Mai?"

"That's ancient history," Jou replied. "Besides, you're really sick. I gotta get you to a doctor." Jou picked up a piece of wood and threw it in Rafael's direction.

"What the?" Rafael shouted. The bulky blonde haired man walked towards the direction the wood chunk came from.

"Yeah, that's right!" Jou snickered, happy that Rafael had fallen for his trap. As soon as he was in range, Jou landed a hard, quick blow upon Rafael's head, leaving him unconscious. "Okay! Now!" Jou replied as he and Varon started to make their escape.

"I can't belive you just punched out Rafael!" Varon said, amazed.

"I know! I amaze even myself sometimes," Jou replied before looking back to see hordes of thugs chasing after them.

"Stop them! Don't let them escape!" came a shout from a random thug.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiieeee!" Jou cried upon seeing hundreds of macho guys chasing after him. He was, after all, only a skinny little high school boy; as strong as he was, he couldn't take them all on at once. His only option was to keep running. He ran out of the warehouse and down the road, those thugs hot on his heels. He noticed the surrounding area wasn't familiar. "What da heck!" he shouted as he noticed they seemed to be in the mountains somewhere. "We're never gonna get back—"

"Jounouchi! Wait!" Came Varon's weak cry.

Jounouchi looked back. Varon was lagging behind, panting and struggling to keep up. Crud. With his illness, he's only gonna slow us down. At this rate, we'll be captured again! Jou ran back to him, grabbed his hand, and dragged him along. "Hang in there, man!" Jou said to him. "I'm not gonna have you dyin' on me! Just hold on!"

Those thugs were inching closer and closer to them. Shoot! They're gainin' on us! Jou thought, panicked. He looked up to see a big buff macho figure blocking their way. "Wah! No way you can be conscioius!"

"Hi." Said the burly man blocking their way.

Varon looked up. "R-Rafael! It's-it's me, Varon! Why are you doing this, Rafael?!" he stammered.

"Uh, Varon, I don't think he's gonna answer you," Jou replied.

Rafael chuckled. "Die." He said simply. Then he waved one of his big burly arms, knocking them off of the cliff they were standing on.

End Chapter One

Like I said, this was a random idea that popped into my head for no apparent reason. (Stinkin' 4Kids changed Varon to "Valon". I hate that!) The part with Shizuka had no relevance to the story, but I felt it was necessary. Also, Jou seems to live with his mother in this fic. Is there a problem with that? Well, that's chapter one. Comments? Questions? Say so in your review. Remember, No Flames Allowed! And please, if you come up with a better title, let me know! I'll even give you credit for the title. So long! Ja ne!