By Hikaru Hayashi

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Chapter 5: Speedboat Chase

"Oh no! What're we gonna do?"

Jounouchi was officially panicked. He didn't know how much faster that speedboat could go, let alone if they could get away from Raphael, who was now on jet skis and catching up fast.

"What are you doing, Jounouchi?" Varon shouted. "Step on the gas!"

Varon was right…for once. Jou knew that if they planned to get away, he had to book it. "Awright, then! Fasten your seatbelt, Varon!" Jou said as he revved up the engine. "Time to put the pedal to the metal!"

Surprising to both of them, the boat sped off, soon leaving Raphael in a trail of splashing water. "Woo-hoo! Eat our dust, Raphael!" Jou shouted. He hadn't had this much fun in quite a while.

"J-Jounouchi! Please! Slow down!" Varon whined, hardly able to hold on to the railing.

"What the hey? You were the one who said 'hurry up!'" Jou pointed out. "Why do you want me to slow down?" Jou looked in his rear view mirror. Raphael was still closing in on them. Awright, he is officially getting on my nerves…let's see how fast this baby can really go…! He gave it more gas and the boat sped away, leaving Raphael in its wake and knocking him off of his jet skis. He resurfaced, not looking too happy.

"Arrrgh! Ptui! I hate you, Jounouchi Katsuya!" he shouted angrily, slamming a fist on the water before climbing back up onto his jet skis.

"Woo! Yeah! This baby can go pretty fast!" Jou said, amazed at the speed of the little boat. "He'll never catch up to us now! Eat wake, loser!" He shouted to Raphael, who was starting up his jet skis.

I'll show him…loud mouth wannabe thug… Raphael thought angrily his jet skis started up and he sped after the little speedboat.

"Um, Jounouchi?" Varon remarked, nervously. "He's still following us!"

"Eh…?" He didn't get the chance to turn around. Raphael was now riding right next to the speedboat.

"Hi," he said with an evil smirk.

Oh, no you don't! I'm workin' too hard to get you off our case! Jounouchi thought. Panicked, but furious, he pulled right alongside Raphael.

"Jounouchi! What the heck are you doing?" Varon shouted.

"I'm gonna ram this creep," he stated, fire in his eyes. "He's gettin' on my nerves…!"

"B-b-b-but, Jounouchi!" Varon stammered.

Both vehicles speeding at close to 90, Jounouchi rammed into the side of Raphael's jet skis, hoping to knock him off.

It was close, but Raphael compiled himself and was able to stop himself from falling. Oh, so that's how it is, eh? Well, two can play that game…! "Nice try, punk," he cackled. "Now, let me try!" He sped off to the side, then accelerated to a higher speed as he bumped into Jou and Varon's speedboat!

"I think he's trying the same thing…" Varon muttered, but dared not say anything, with Jounouchi being so angry. He was already sick, and he didn't want an angry Jounouchi biting his head off. Yep…we're goners!

Jounouchi rammed hard into the side of Raphael's jet skis, closer to knocking him off than he was last time. Yes! he thought triumphantly. When he noticed Raphael speed off to the side, he was confused, until he heard Varon's raspy voice.

"Jounouchi! Look forward! Watch out!"

He looked forward. No…! he thought as he noticed a downed log in his way. When Raphael came speeding back into the side of the boat, neither one of them had the room to speed out of the way. "Oh no! We're gonna crash!"

Raphael looked forward, seeing the little "road block" in their way. He knew that he couldn't clear the area in time to avoid crashing because they were at too high a speed.

"Agh!" Jou and Varon screamed. Jou swerved, which didn't help. "Crud!"

Raphael just stared straight ahead, bewildered and angry. "Bummer…" he muttered.

The speedboat and jet skis crashed into the fallen branch, sending their riders flying through the air and landing a few feet away into the deep lake.

(Meanwhile, in Domino City…)

"Katsuya! Look out!"

The door to Shizuka's room slammed open. "Shizuka! Are you alright?"

Shizuka looked towards the door to see her mother and Honda Hiroto, who had decided to stay the night to make sure she wasn't too lonely.

"Mom! Honda! It was so scary!" Shizuka whined as her mother sat on the bed next to her and Honda pulled up a chair. "It was horrible! I dreamed that Katsuya and some other guy were in a speedboat and they were being chased by a scary man in dark sunglasses! And my brother was driving the speedboat and trying to ram into the guy that was chasing them, and then they all crashed into a log and went plunging into the lake!"

"Hey, there, calm down, now, Shizuka," her mother consoled.

"But, it was awful!" Shizuka moaned.

"It was just a dream," Honda reassured. "Besides, we all know that Jounouchi can't drive a speedboat!"

Shizuka stopped and thought. "I guess you're right," she said, now calmer.

"Now, go back to bed, Shizuka. Good night."

"Good night, Mom. Good night, Honda."

"Catch you in the morning, Shizuka!"

When the door to her bedroom was closed, and she was once again alone in the darkness of her room, she pulled the covers back. It was only a dream… she thought to herself before drifting off to sleep.

However, little that Shizuka knew, her dream was very real…because at that very moment…up in the mountains, miles from Domino City…

"Argh!" Jounouchi, Varon, and Raphael screamed as they went sailing through the air upon crashing into a fallen log. The three braced themselves for impact with the water as they plunged into the drink.

Raphael resurfaced, looking very annoyed. "Perfect. Those jet skis cost a lot of money, too…" he muttered angrily as he swam to shore. "Well, I guess I've accomplished my mission. Not the way I'd planned it, but oh, well…"

As Raphael was swimming away, Jou resurface. "Gurrgle! Ack! Come back here, ya joik!" He shouted at Raphael while waving a fist in the air. He was so far away that he probably couldn't hear him, anyway.

"Yo! Stop! I still needa knock the stuffing outta ya!" Jou shouted even louder. "Nnn…joik…whew! Awright, I think I'm okay now…" He started to swim away, when, suddenly, it hit him. Wait a second…where's Varon?

End Chapter Five

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