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Rating: PG-13 for violent situations and mild language

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Through a Mirror Darkly

by N.L. Rummi


Venger dismissed his spectral lackey upon hearing Shadow Demon's report: The Young Ones had departed from Xanaton. He turned to the window that overlooked the vast nothingness surrounding his dark fortress – the barren landscape that extended far beyond the horizon. He held a brooding fist to his mouth.

Perhaps destroying Rubin had been in haste. Had it not actually been Dungeon Master and his accursed pupils who had foiled the Assassin's mission?

The Young Ones . . . as always.

The Dark Lord seethed as his mind fell upon the loathsome, interfering children. Perhaps Rubin could have been useful, yet. Although he had failed in doing so, he had, in fact, been in position to deliver a killing strike to the Ranger. Perhaps the next time . . .

Venger felt a moisture in his palm. He opened the fist that he had been holding to his chin to see that he had begun to bleed. He glared with apathetic disinterest at the punctures that his clawed nails had created in his palm.

No. Rubin had been a fool. An expendable fool. The Dark Lord's eyes flashed a bright crimson. He looked at his fist as he clenched it once more. It began to glow.

Yes, the next time . . . Next time he would take matters into his own hands.

The End