Le Restaurant

Chapter 1: A Bad Week and A New Recruit

Author's Note Number One and The Disclaimer! YAY!

FRF: Feel free to skip down to the summery, character bios, and chapter one, unless you actually want to read this ridiculous note. Ok people. I know I said I was going to quit writing, but it's just so much fun! Now that I figured out how to write non-scripted, I figured I'd try my hand at romance.

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Spirit: (Perkily) Poor Nikki. Anyway, this fic is going to be a San/Mir AU fic. There'll be comedy, romance, fluff, and a ramen-serving restaurant.

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Miss Sango Natsume is the owner and manager of the most prestigious restaurant in town. A five star rating, great food, affordable prices, and valet parking are just some of the reasons people like it so much, not to mention the friendly and talented personnel. Even the most famous people from all over the world have come for at least one meal. Actors, singers, the President of the United States! You name it, and more likely than not that person has eaten here. The chefs can prepare almost any meal, and as long as you have on a shirt, pants, and shoes, you're welcome to dine. Both demons and humans are welcome. The restaurant is due for a health inspection. What happens when the health inspector just happens to be Miroku?

Quick bios, then... ON WITH THE STORY!!!

Natsume Sango – Age 24; Owner/manager of Restaurant à Droite; Relationship status: Dead since college and refuses to let Kagome set her up. (Claims she's too busy for romance.)

Katsuhiko Miroku – Age 26; Health inspector; Relationship status: Looking.

Higurashi Kagome – Age 23; Beauty salon owner and manager; Runs an internet-dating service; Relationship status: Looking.

Inada Shippo – Age 18; Valet driver for Restaurant à Droite; Relationship status: Not big on romance.

Togawa Inuyasha – Age 25; Sesshomaru's half-brother; Action-movie star; Relationship status: Still hung up over a cheating ex. (Three guesses who!)

Togawa Sesshomaru – Age 28; Brother and agent of Inuyasha; Relationship status: Refuses to date.

Togawa Rin – Age 17; Sesshomaru's adoptive daughter and secretary; Relationship status: Sesshomaru won't let her date.

Kitaue Kouga – Age 25; Head chef at Restaurant à Droite; Relationship status: Infatuated with Kagome.

Kishimoto Naraku – Age 30; Sango's business rival; tries to put her out of business; owner of Naraku's; Relationship status: Thinks he's too good for dating. (I think he's just conceited.)

Sanjo Kagura – Age 22; Ace reporter for the Tokyo Times; Relationship status: No comment.

Takei Kikyou – Age 24; Singer; Inuyasha's ex; Relationship status: Broke up with Inuyasha.

Author's Note Number Two

FRF: Yo! Me again! Just a few quick notes!

"ramen" - speech

ramen - thoughts

RAMEN - shouting

'ramen' - word emphasis

the line thingys - dividors

FRF: I think that's all! Enjoy the fic!

Le Restaurant

Chapter 1: A Bad Week and A New Recruit

There was a large line of people waiting outside of the famous Restaurant à Droite. Some had been waiting since five in the morning. The word was that the place was looking for a new valet driver, seeing as one of the members had been fired for showing up late one too many times, not to mention sleeping on the job. Hundreds of people, ranging form ages seventeen to eighty-two, waited for the chance to have an interview... but only one would get the job.

"Thank you for your time, sir. We'll call you if you get the job," said a young woman from behind her office desk. She had long brown hair that went down to her waist done up in a ponytail. Her dark brown eyes looked like they were about to close at any minute. Her long green skirt and pink blouse were slightly wrinkled and anyone could tell that all she wanted to do was go home and sleep by the way she was sitting. Her name... Natsume Sango, the owner and manager of the wonderful Restaurant à Droite.

"No, thank 'you'!" the man said as he got up, shook her hand, and exited the room.

Once he left, Sango hit the intercom button on her phone and told Kagome to send in the next applicant. She had interviewed at least two hundred people so far, and there were still a good three hundred to go. It was ten o'clock at night, and these interviews had been going on since six a.m. If she hadn't been able to convince Kagome to help her, she didn't know what she'd do. In all honesty, Sango wasn't sure if she would ever find a suitable valet.

The doorknob turned and a click was heard as someone once again squeaked open the wooden office door. A red haired boy with a foxtail walked in. He looked about five foot three and wore blue jeans with a blue-green shirt. His hair was secured in a ponytail by a bow that matched the color of his shirt.

"Have a seat and tell me your name, age, and race," Sango said as she wearily eyed him.

The boy obediently sat down and happily replied, "Inada Shippo, age eighteen, fox demon."

Sango gave a court nod, jotting down some notes on a small pad and quickly skimming his resume before continuing. "Why would you like to work as a valet driver for Restaurant à Droite?"

"I love cars and I need the cash. Besides, who doesn't want to work here?"

Hmm. He seems friendly enough. Sango thought. Now let's just check his driving record. If it's clean, I think I'll just hire him! "Last question. Have you ever been in a car accident or gotten a ticket of any kind?"

"Nope!" Shippo answered with a smile on his face. He seemed very pleased with himself.

"Very good. Now just wait while I get a second opinion. I think you may have gotten the job." With that, Sango once again hit the intercom button.

"Kagome-chan, could you come in here please?"

"Sure Sango-chan," came the tired, yet surprisingly bubbly, reply.

Shippo was waiting in great anticipation as the door clicked open. A few seconds later, Kagome came in. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse. Her long raven hair hung loosely over her shoulders.

"What's up?" she asked.

"What do you think of him?" Sango replied.

Kagome walked over to Shippo and inspected him, her gray eyes scanning every inch of his body. Shippo just sat there, now a bit nervous.

"Hmm. He's cute, a fox demon, and seems friendly. I know just the girl!"

At the sound of that, Shippo's eyes popped out of his head. Sango, being as tired as she was, became very annoyed and a bit angry.


"Oh. Heh, heh. Sorry," Kagome said in a small, nervous voice. Sango could be extremely scary when she was angry... and now was no exception. "If he has a clean driving record, then I think he would be perfect for the job!"

"Okay Kagome-chan," said Sango, attempting to calm down and trying not to snap again as she turned towards Shippo. "You've got the job!"

Shippo jumped up and did a little dance as soon as he heard what Sango had said. He had gotten the job.

"YEAH! ALLRIGHT! AWESOME! I GOT A JOB AT THE BEST RESTAURANT IN TOWN! WAIT TILL MY PARENTS HEAR!" he shouted, bouncing around the room like a six year old on sugar high. He calmed down though when...

"Shippo! Watch out for the...!" the girls shouted. It was too late though. Shippo had tripped over the chair and crashed into Sango's desk, whacking his head on the top of it.

"Shippo! Are you ok?" Kagome asked worriedly and she and Sango knelt down by his side.

As Shippo sat up, he said, "I want rainbow sprinkles on my ice-cream Mommy!" This caused the girls to sweat-drop as they looked at one another.

Shippo shook his head as he stood up. "Sorry about that."

"It's ok," replied Kagome.

"If you're sure you're ok, then here's a copy of your work schedule. You'll be working the afternoon shift on weekends. Your pay is fifty dollars an hour and your shift is from twelve noon till five p.m. You start on Saturday. Make sure to arrive half an hour early to pick up your uniform," said Sango. She had decided to hold the interviews on Wednesday in order to give the new employee some time to relax. Plus, she had two more days to hire someone if she didn't find anyone on the first day.

"Okey, dokey then! See ya on Saturday!"

"Bye!" Kagome and Sango said in unison.

And with that, Shippo walked out the door.

"Thank god that's over!" Sango moaned as she slumped down into a chair.

"I know. I'm beat," Kagome agreed.

"Now all we have to do is get rid of everyone else and then we can go home and sleep."

A small moan was the only response.

The two girls walked outside to discover that the line hadn't gone down at all. In fact, it seemed to have gotten longer! They set out on telling everyone to go home.

"SORRY FOLKS, BUT WE HAVE ALREADY FOUND A NEW VALET! BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!" Sango's voice could be heard yelling at different sections of the line.

Kagome decided to start at the back of the line and let Sango handle the front, figuring they would meet half way. After walking to the end of the one and a half mile line, which took about forty minutes, She began to shout, "GO HOME PEOPLE! POSITION'S FILLED!"

Now I could say that everything was going smoothly, despite a lot of 'oh mans' and disappointed moans that came from the departing line, but that would be a total lie. Kagome came across one man who refused to leave. He was a large man with scraggly hair and a long curly beard. His near black eyes were glassy, as if he had been drunk. A cheap cigar was clenched between his teeth, and had his clothes been in worse condition, he would have been mistaken for a homeless person.

"Now listen here missy," he said. "I don't plan on leaving until I gets me an interview."

"I'm sorry sir, but we already have a new valet. Now I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Look missy! I said I ain't leavin till I gets me an interview. I demand to see the manager!"

"I'm sorry, but no means NO! If I have to ask you to leave one more time, I'm calling the cops!" Kagome said, trying to keep her cool.

The man grabbed Kagome's arm and pulled her close, getting all up in her face. "Missy, how many times I haf ta tell you. I AIN'T LEAVIN TILL I SEES THAT MANAGER!"

Kagome winced. The man's breath smelled of stale whiskey and cigar smoke. She tried to pull away but his grip was too tight. She did the one thing she could think of. Scream.


Sango heard her friend's screams in the distance. She quickly told someone to call the cops before running off in the direction Kagome was.

Sango reached the area where Kagome was in about ten minutes. Kagome was still yelling and the man was trying to shut her up. This created the perfect distraction for Sango. She snuck up behind the man and gave him a swift chop to the neck, knocking him out.

Thank god I took all of those self-defense classes when I was younger. "KAGOME! Are you ok?"

Kagome had quieted down and starred at the man lying at her feet. Sango's voice seemed so far away to her. She gave a small nod before fainting from shock. Sango crouched down next to Kagome. She checked to make sure she was okay before attempting to wake her up.

Sirens could be heard in the distance, their wail growing louder by the second. Soon several police cars pulled up to where Sango and Kagome were. About five officers got out of the cars and walked over to Sango.

"What happened?" one of the officers asked.

Sango stood up before answering him. "I'm not really sure what happened. Kagome and I were clearing out the line for valet applicants at my restaurant. She was taking care the back of the line while I took care of the front. I suddenly heard her screaming and told somebody to call the cops before running off to see what was wrong. When I got here, Kagome was struggling to get free and screaming her head off. I snuck up behind the man and was able to knock him out. He'll probably recover in an hour or so. Kagome fainted from the shock, but appears to be fine."

"Thank you Miss Natsume," the officer said.

Kagome began to come too. She looked around a few times and blinked. Her head hurt and she wasn't really sure where she was. She spotted Sango talking to an officer and walked over. "Sango-chan, what's going on? Why are the cops here?"

"Kagome-chan, you're all right! Thank god! I wasn't sure when you'd wake up!"

"Sango, what on earth is going on?" Kagome asked again in a worried and nervous voice.

Before Sango could answer, the officer from before cut in. "Take a look around Miss Higurashi. Do you remember anything?"

Kagome took a good look around, her eyes landing on the unconscious man. Memories of what had happened flooded her mind. She took a step back, grabbing her head, and pointed at the man lying on the ground. "Th-th-th-that m-man! H-he grabbed me, d-d-demanding th-that he see S-s-sango!" Kagome stuttered. "H-he refused to l-l-leave b-before h-he got an interview. The l-last thing I remember i-is S-sango saying s-something and th-then b-blacking out."

"Thank you ma'am," the officer said. "That's all the information we need. Have a good night." He walked back to his car as the other four officers carried the unconscious man to one of the cars. Then, they all drove off.

Kagome and Sango slowly walked back to the parking lot. Kagome was still trying to get over her shock.

"Are you sure you are going to be able to drive home Kagome-chan? You still seem really shaken up," said a worried Sango.

"I think I'll be able to make it home on my own. It's only about seven blocks." Kagome had finally stopped stuttering, but the nervousness was still clear in her voice.

"All right then. See you tomorrow Kagome-chan."

"You too. Bye Sango-chan."

Sango kept walking as Kagome stopped, climbed into her Mercedes, and headed home. Sango reached her Spyder, opened her door, and got in. As she pulled out of the parking, she turned up the radio as an attempt to keep herself awake till she got home. It had been a long day, and the one thing Sango wanted to do most was sleep.

Sango pulled into her driveway, turned the car off and grabbed her purse. She got out and locked the doors. The music had given her a headache, which was just another reason for her to want to sleep.

She reached the front door and was fumbling with the key ring. Where the hell is the damn house key!? She finally found it, opened the door, and went inside. She kicked off her shoes and glanced at her clock before heading upstairs. It read 12:37 a.m. The police situation had taken longer than she thought. And, to make matters worse, she had to be up at five in order to open the restaurant at six.

God! Is there any way this week can get any worse!? First, my cat gets hit by a car and is now at the vet. Then, it pours on Tuesday. Finally, the line for valet applicants gets out of hand and the cops get called, not to mention that Kagome was attacked. To top it all off, I'm gonna get very little sleep tonight, seeing as it's almost one.

Sango dragged her body up the stairs and into her room. She flopped down on her bed, not bothering to change. She made sure to set her alarm clock. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to wake up in the morning. She finally snuggled into bed and was out like a light as soon as her head hit the pillow. Little did she know what was in store for her the rest of the week.

Author's Note Number Three

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