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Lady Sango 7 Good thing you're okay with whenever I update, cause it's been like five months now… I think. I looked for that button, and I couldn't find it! It is soo not fair! And what's wrong with being mental? It's a whole lot funner than being normal that's for sure. I'm actually not a fan of Good Charlotte, but I must say you are obsessed. This is like the second review you've mentioned them in. And of course dragging someone by the ear is funny. Have you never done it? Oh, wait… your sane. Of course Inuyasha has a bad mouth. He's not some proper Brit like Wendy in Peterpan! Enjoy!

Nessa03 – Of course it's funny. I don't do that whole drama thing, so that leaves me with lotsa comedy! Aren't you the smart one? Bravo Sherlock, heh, heh. The only way I can actually like Kagome is if she's like a blond. And I take no offence to the comment. I'm proud to say that I'm 100 brunette! Spirit might not like it though, seeing as she's a smart blond. I like cute. Cute is good. Cute bodes well with funny. And what's with all the "Keep writing" thingys? I'm not gonna stop, just put really long breaks between chappies due to extreme laziness. Enjoy!

milkcowmani – Cute name! I love cows! I'm glad you think this is awesome, but the day I hurry up is the day I receive perfect attendance in school. So that means it's most likely never gonna happen. Enjoy!

rayearth-luvr – Good is good. And I'll give cliff-hangers however I want! Now here's that more! Enjoy!

phoebe – You should love it! Heh, heh, heh. I'm glade I made you laugh! All hail the ear-dragging! I loved when Kagome asked for the autograph too. It was just soo much fun to write! Enjoy!

chibiNeko192 – Of course I like to put long reviews! And it's not like people complain about them. And my review was longer than yours! Ha, ha. I think it took me longer than 10 minutes to write. (Shudders) I still don't like how you praise Kagome. I hate her because she's an idiot, has a terrible voice, and is pretty much useless. If it counts for anything, though, I find her really fun to write! HOW DAREST YOU HATE POTATOES! (Throws potato at you.) THEY ARE NOT STUPID! But, I guess it's only fair, seeing as I hate Kagome. That is a really cute image you thought up of the chibi Kagome! Just thinking about it makes me smile! Sango plus stress equals chaos! Gotta love chaos! No fair! You got to go to an anime convention! And I don't mind off topic things. (Dodges boomerang by putting up a shield of potatoes. Flings sever verities of potatoes at you.) Laugh, snicker, snicker, snicker! Soon doesn't work for me. Poor you. Gods this is a long response! Enjoy!

rosebud – Glad you like it. I can't help you with the length though. I much prefer quality over quantity, so as long as the chappies are full of things that make people a lot, they'll just have to ignore the shortness. Besides, the actual story parts themselves all break 1,000 words, so… Enjoy!

Mornings Light – I love the fact that you think this is funny! That's what I'm aiming for! Lots and lots of funny! Glad you like the bios too! You made me feel so honored when you said this is one your favorite Inuyasha fics! Enjoy!

chocolatechip – I love your review! I don't need to be Sango to want to butcher Kagome though. Enjoy!

shandapanda – Glad you like the fic! Enjoy!

ladysango-abc – I'm glad you like it! It's almost impossible for me to update soon, though. Enjoy!

CybrIdolMink – Soon shall most likely never happen. Glad you like the fic though. And that's exactly why I kept putting them in. To trick people into reading. I was planning on leaving them out form here on out anyway. The bios do tend to change with each chappie though. Enjoy!

HotPink89 – Oh, how sweet. You think this is great! I doubt I'll ever make a soon update. Enjoy!

DeAd Miko – Formal smormal! Praise is still praise no matte how it sounds. Glad you love this! I never said they traveled together. They were just having lunch while discussing Inuyasha's next big movie. What better way to stress a person out, than by putting them in charge? People are funny when they're stressed! Enjoy!

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Updated Bio's

Natsume Sango – Age 24; Human; Owner/manager of Restaurant à Droite; Relationship status: She's got a date! She's got a date! (She's attempting to strangle my reporters! RUN PEOPLE! RUN!)

Katsuhiko Miroku – Age 26; Human; Health inspector; Relationship status: Ooo, a date with Sango! Amazing! (Will someone wipe that dopey smirk off of his face?)

Higurashi Kagome – Age 23; Human; Beauty salon owner and manager; Runs an internet-dating service; Relationship status: In love with a signed picture of Inuyasha. (Maybe letting her get that autograph was a bad idea.)

Inada Shippo – Age 18; Kitsune (Fox demon); Valet driver for Restaurant à Droite; Relationship status: Not big on romance. (I don't think we'll be seeing him for a while now, unless someone needs a valet.)

Togawa Inuyasha – Age 25; Dog demon/Human (Hanyou); Extremely conceited; Sesshomaru's HALF-brother; Action-movie star; Success reasons: He claims it's the ears; Relationship status: He is in love with his ramen. (That poor, poor puppy. The only love for him is a cup of instant noodles.)

Togawa Sesshomaru – Age 28; Dog demon; HALF-brother and agent of Inuyasha; Relationship status: Refuses to date. (And right now he's refusing to talk. Maybe someone should steal his fluff!)

Togawa Rin – Age 17; Human; Sesshomaru's adoptive human daughter and secretary; Relationship status: Sesshomaru won't let her date. (Can someone get her to stop skipping?)

Kitaue Kouga – Age 25; Wolf demon; Head chef at Restaurant à Droite; Relationship status: Infatuated with Kagome. (Jealous that Kagome's never asked for his autograph when he's a world famous chef.)

Kishimoto Naraku – Age 30; Evil hanyou; Sango's business rival; tries to put her out of business; owner of Naraku's; Relationship status: Thinks he's too good for dating. (He's gonna make his appearance this chappie. And he's a bit OOC on purpose. It's for comic effect.)

Sanjo Kagura – Age 22; Wind demon; Ace reporter for the Tokyo Times; Relationship status: No comment. (She's too busy bragging about her front page article to talk right now.)

Takei Kikyou – Age 24; Human; Singer; Inuyasha's ex; Success reasons: Lip-sinking; Relationship status: Broke up with Inuyasha. (Let's see her reaction to Kagura's article.)

FRF: Yo! Me again! Just a few quick notes!

It's Sunday! Finally."ramen" is speech

ramen is thoughts

RAMEN is shouting

'ramen' is word emphasis

the line thingys is scene break

FRF: I think that's all! Enjoy the fic!

Le Restaurant


World Famous Actor Gets Thrown Out of World Famous Restaurant!

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon, Japan's hottest actor, Togawa Inuyasha, was thrown out of Japan's most popular restaurant, Restaurant à Droite. Togawa-sama had been having lunch with his manager, the stoic and devilishly handsome Togawa Sesshomaru. After ordering calamari and caviar as a meal, the dog-eared star threw a fit about what was served to him. Apparently, the young star did not realize that calamari is fried squid and that caviar is fish eggs. A scene was started as fellow restaurant goers hid under tables and cowed in fear. The restaurant's manager, Natsume Sango, quickly made her way to the fifth floor shortly after being informed of all the commotion. Upon her arrival, a shouting match began, as Natsume-sama's nerves were a bit frazzled from the health inspection taking place that day. The argument got soo intense that Natsume-sama finally grabbed Togawa-sama by the dog ear and proceeded to drag him through the restaurant to the front doors. Right before the actor could be thrown out the door, a bubbly young girl, later identified as Higurashi Kagome, appeared and asked for Togawa's autograph. After a cricket chirping silence, the girl was handed an autograph and the actor was dragged out the door by his manager. You can read the restaurant's review on page seven. This is Sanjo Kagura, reporting for the Tokyo Times.

Sango groaned as she threw the Sunday paper on her desk and glared at it. A picture of her dragging Inuyasha through the lobby by his ear sat square in the middle of page. And Sango was finally hoping her bad day curse was finally broken. So much for that thought.

Kagome quickly burst through the office door, cup of coffee in hand and frantic expression on her face. "Sango! Whatever you do, do not look at today's paper!"

Sango shifted her glare from the newspaper on her desk to her best friend in the doorway. Kagome looked at Sango's desk and noticed the paper laying on it.

"Oh, I see you already saw it, heh, heh. Well, at least your restaurant got a good review, right?" questioned Kagome nervously. She didn't want to set Sango off this early in the morning. She crossed the room and took a seat in one of the chairs in front of Sango's desk.

Sango continued to glare while replying, "What good is a review when the front cover of Japan's most read newspaper has a picture of you dragging a famous actor by the ear?"

Sango rose from her chair and discarded the newspaper before grabbing her coat and heading out the door of both her office and the restaurant. Kagome just sat there, speechless.

Inuyasha dropped a copy of the Tokyo Times in his paper shredder and sat down to a cup of instant ramen. Stupid idiotic trainer telling me I had to cut back on carbs and try new foods. Lotta good that's done me. Now look what's happened!I knew I should have went with the ramen. "Feh."
Miroku skimmed the front cover of his newspaper as he ate his breakfast. Hmm. Temper, temper my dear Sango. I don't think she wanted that printed. Oh well. I can't wait till our date on Friday. Until then my love.
While sitting in her dressing room, Kikyou read the cover of the Tokyo Times twice over. Anger started to bubble inside of her as she muttered to herself. "Stupid restaurant owner! How dare she do that to my poor little Inuyashie-poo? I'll get her for this! Nobody makes my adorable little star look like a fool and gets away with it! I'll make sure of it myself, or I can't sing!

Her manicurist just rolled her eyes at the agitated pop singer. Girl, you already can't sing. I pity the fool that ever said you could!

Sesshomaru glanced at the newspaper Rin was holding up. As soon as he noticed the part where the reporter had called him 'devilishly handsome,' he ordered the girl to take it away. Humph. Stupid reporter. How dare she refer to ME, the Great Sesshomaru, as 'devilishly handsome?' The nerve of some people! Though his thoughts were taking on an annoyed form, his face retained its usual expressionless mask.
Naraku read his copy of the paper, before cackling evilly. He cut out the cover picture and hung it on his wall. "Kukuku! Take that, Sango! Restaurant à Droite shall fall and Naraku's shall become Japan's greatest restaurant of all time! Hear that Japan! Fear me and my Mexican restaurant! Kukukukukukukuku!"

"Naraku honey, I thought we agreed that you wouldn't plot your enemies' downfalls at the table. Now be a good boy and finish your milk."

"Yes, mommy."

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