Trompe Le Monde

Author: Genevah

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I claim to own nothing.

Summary: Sometimes the one you're with isn't always the one you need.

A/N: Just testing the Trory waters. Hope it's not too cold in here. Things you might care to know: Piano Kiss happened. Dean and Rory never got back together. Tristan never left. And believe it or not Jess doesn't exist (gasp) Yes, it hurt to say that…

Trompe Le Monde means Trick the World

..…'.' '.' …..

"Mr. DuGrey…"

Blue eyes. What's so special about blue eyes? His eyes were blue… but hers… hers were much lighter. Clearer. Like the waters of the North Shore. They were the exact same blue. Pristine and faultless. Yeah he did just say that. And it didn't matter… he was alone in his mind…

"Mr. DuGrey…"

One look into those eyes and he'd give her anything she wanted… and she knows it too. God he loved girls. There was just something about them. The way they smelled. The way their soft skin felt against his hands. The way they moaned his name when he-

He could no longer ignore the object that was currently digging deeper into his back, effectively drawing him further and further away from his thoughts.

He turned around, unable to mask the tiny hint of annoyance that he normally wouldn't show to one of his best friends.

"What?" He whispered to the blond sitting in the desk behind him.

Avery pointed her pencil to the front of the room, unnoticed by the person she was referring to.

Miss Winfield.

Their teacher had interrupted her lecture yet again to regain his attention.

"Mr. DuGrey. This is the third and final time I am going to call your name-"


Before turning around, he quickly changed face to the one he saved for teachers… particularly female teachers which were the ones that would always give him a little leeway with just one look.

"Yes, Miss Winfield?"

"I know there is only a few more minutes left in this class Tristan, but what I am about to tell you and the others is very important. I need your undivided attention. Do you think you could give me that?"

"Yes. Miss Winfield." Tristan made a note to at least pretend he was going to be paying attention now. Sitting straighter than normal, he faux focused, staring into the eyes of Miss Winfield for the remaining of the class, though really looking right through her.

Where was he? Ah yes… he'd be seeing those blue eyes soon. Feel her lips… Feel her squirming against him…

Tristan walked out with Avery after class, asking her to give him a recap of the important thing he missed.

"Daydreaming again?" She asked knowingly.

"Can't help it. I think I'm in love," he half-joked. Behind him he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder holding him back a little and squeezing in-between him and Avery.

"In love again so soon?" Connor piped in.

Connor was his cousin. He a slightly taller version of Tristan and being blood-related he had the same bedroom eyes, same nose, and the same cocky smirk.

"Hey babe," Avery greeted her boyfriend.

"Don't forget to stop by the house before you leave." Tristan stopped walking and pulled Avery into a tight hug. "I still can't get over how you left last time."

"You're never going to let me live that down are you?"

"Hey how would you like it if I just left town without any mention of it and finally call you five days later saying that I'm in Demark and I'll be staying there for a month," Tristan said letting go of her and tapping her on the tip of her nose.

"I said I was sorry."

"You had us worried. Even Connor had no idea where you were at and he's your freaking boyfriend."

Connor's face fell slightly as he was forced to relive those agonizing five days again. "I haven't forgiven her for that," he pointed out.

"And you shouldn't." Tristan told Connor.

"Well I'm here now. Alive and kickin' so drop it."

"Tomorrow Avery," Tristan reminded.

"I know, I know. I'll be there. It's not like I have a choice. Connor's driving me to the airport."

"Alright. I'll see you guys later."

Connor and Avery were the only two out of many of Tristan's friends that he trusted completely. The only two who would have his back and never betray him. These types of friends were hard to come by at Chilton and they meant the world to him.

He casually looked left, then right as he neared the girl's bathroom. The only detour necessary was a quick stop at his locker to deposit the thick literature book he'd been hauling under his arm from his last class. Three secret numbers later, the door to his locker opened with ease. And the first thing he noticed was that she had been in his locker again with yet another picture change… her picture change. He'd have to admit he liked this one better than the last one. She had her hair down this time. Her silky brunette locks falling loose over her shoulders.

He had a thing for girls with long brunette hair.

But what is it with girls and their pictures and his locker? The answer- the picture served two purposes: One being the obvious- for him to gaze at (more like an aid to remember who his girlfriend was because yes, they changed as often as he changed cars. Except for his present girlfriend…. she had the potential to be a long-lasting relationship). Secondly- for the other girls who wanted him. It was a small, yet useful display to show that he was off-limits.

The halls were pretty scant now. Students who had a class next should've already been in class since the second bell had already rung. The only students that lingered like him were headed to lunch. He glanced down at his watch, gauging the time left he'd have to wait for her or if he'd have to wait for her. She was usually early. If they planned to meet, she'd almost always be the first one to be there.

He had kept a watchful eye on the girl's bathroom since the time he'd been at his locker. Not a soul came or went. It sure sign to make his move.

Time for another day at the office…

She was already five minutes late. Miss Gentry caught her right before she left the classroom, requesting her to tutor yet another borderline B student. Though C's were accepted, they were rarely given out. Chilton was a known elite school, harboring the best of the best. And that meant nothing short of a B on a report card.

She already had so much on her plate in her senior year. Between the Franklin and Vice President Duties, the volunteering, the myriad student activities she had to organize, and not to mention a mother that begged for her attention, her plate was on the brink of overflowing.

She had agreed quickly, trying to cut the conversation short, but Miss Gentry went into specifics.

Minutes ticked away.

Damnit! She had somewhere to be…

"-Jason's weak points are…" Miss Gentry went on and on, and Rory struggled to hurry her along.

"I'll do what I can Miss Gentry."

"I know you will. You are one of my star pupil's which is why I picked you." The sound of the second bell rang in the hall. "I'm sorry I've kept you. Do you need a pass Ms.Gilmore?"

"No. That's not necessary. I've got lunch now."

Ha! Lunch? What the hell is that again?

She couldn't remember the last time she had indulged in such a pleasure.

Rory didn't bother to stop by her locker to free herself of the heavy weight of her backpack. She went straight for little girl's room…

She pushed through the bathroom door, not at all surprised to see what she saw.

"Hey Tristan. Jacqueline."

His mouth still on the prize even with the interruption, he detached himself slightly from the lips in front of him to quickly return the greeting.

Rory headed straight to the stall farthest away from them. Behind the closed stall door, she sat down on the toilet, pee-shy for only a few seconds.

She had to get going.

After washing her hands and drying them, she uttered, "Bye guys…" Again, Tristan pulled away from the other brunette to acknowledge Rory.

"Later Rory," the couple said in unison.

And with that Rory disappeared behind the door.

She could remember the first time something like this happened. Tristan was with a different girl of course and it was their sophomore year.


"You should join the school newspaper next year Rory. We could use you as a writer." Avery told her.

"Yeah I'm definitely interested."

Rory liked Avery. They've often been paired together for projects. She was smart and kind and noticeably a very pretty girl. Rory would say that she was one of the few so-called popular girls that were genuinely nice, to everyone. Not a snobbish bone in her body.

"So project building tonight, my place?" Avery asked.

"Uh yeah. If we pull another all-nighter I could just sleep over at my grandparent's house."

"Great. So I'll meet you out in front after school."


"See ya."

"See ya."

Rory turned to her locker, her eyes bouncing over every book until she came across the one she needed for her next class. After zipping her backpack with book safely inside, she headed towards the bathroom.

Upon entering and seeing the sight before her, her mouth spoke before she could think to just leave well enough alone.

"Oh God!" She bit out, disgusted.

Eyes still hazed, Tristan was suddenly aware that he and his girlfriend had some company.

"We're busy here."

The nerve of him.

"This is a public bathroom. Commonsense says that people will come in here."

The annoyed blond rolled her eyes. "She's so oblivious."

"Excuse me?" Geez... Whatever happened to peeing in peace?

"This bathroom is usually off limits fourth period," Tristan informed.

"Says who?"

"Hello. It's an unspoken rule," the girl supplied.

"I wish someone sent me the memo," Rory muttered.

"If you'd come up for air once in a while from reading your books you'd know. Now could you leave?" The girl said, completely irritated because all this talking was cutting into her making out time.


Later that day…

"Avery! Wait up!" Tristan yelled from across the hall. He jogged towards her, hopping he could catch her before she disappeared further into the sea of students headed out the Chilton doors to end yet another school day.

He threw an arm over her shoulder once he reached her and continued to walk with her.

"Listen. I need a favor."

"Name it."

"I need you to come to the mall with me."


"I need to get Gabrielle a present."

"Ah," Avery said knowingly. "She's lucky. She reached the two week marker." She teased.

"Cute. Now will you help me?" Tristan offered his best 'I dare you to say no to this face' smile.

"If Rory doesn't mind, she's coming over to my place. We've got a project to work on."

At the mention of Rory's name, Tristan felt the weird tingling in the pit of his stomach.

"So… are you and Rory friends now or something?" He asked casually.

"Look. I know you guys don't get along-"

"Hey. We get along."

"You haven't talked to her since the kissing incident at Madeline's party two and a half weeks ago."

"I talked to her today."

"Oh yeah."

"Circumstances were kind of weird though."


"Girl's bathroom."

"Nuff said." Avery was well aware of Tristan's escapades in the girl's bathroom. "You guys should talk about it. The two of you were making progress."

Curious, Tristan ventured to ask, "Why? Did she say something?"

"No. Not in so many words. But she did say you were growing on her."

"She said that?" Avery nodded. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought I did."

Tristan scratched his head. His mind was spinning with this new bit of information.

"No you didn't… when-… exactly did she say that?"

"Aw Tristan… do you still have a thing for the Gilmore girl?"

Tristan scoffed. "Please. I'm over her."

Avery just smiled and decided not to push the issue. "I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind."


"Going to the mall with us..."

"Oh right." Not really registering what she had just said or for that matter what he had just said. He continued on with the subject of Rory. "Besides, I'm satisfied with just pretending it didn't happen… seems to work for her."


The two had an unspoken agreement to act as if their kiss never happened. Rory wasn't ready to deal with it… or didn't want to deal with it. Too much was going on. And everything was happening too fast. Her breakup with Dean was sudden and was really hard for her to get over.

Their kiss had been a mistake. It was the product of two people who had just broken up with someone they truly cared about. Heartache led people to do stupid, irrational things; at least, this was how she saw it.

Tristan on the other hand had a different opinion. He didn't see it as a mistake. It had been something he wanted to do for the longest time. He had no regrets. He even entertained the idea that there could be a next step... in the direction of a date with her. And the day after the kiss happened, he went up to her and asked her about it… Rory kindly brushed the subject off. The fact that she didn't return his feelings stung, but he gave her what she wanted and they never spoke of it again.

As a year passed, Rory's school-relationship with Avery grew into a real friendship. And also… a real friendship with Tristan bloomed naturally since Avery was a close friend of his.

Rory practically ran down the hall in the direction of the Library, her heavy back pack pounded painfully against her back. There was no time to think about the pain though. There were more important things to worry about.

"You're late Gilmore." Paris didn't even bother to look up. "Time is of the essence here. Every second counts. And you dilly dallying about wasting precious time is unacceptable."

"But Par-"

"I don't want to hear excuses. Just take a seat and get to work."

Rory rolled her eyes. She was used to this. Paris had been like this since she found out they won the President/Vice President Student body election. She missed the old Paris. The one with the shorter stick up her ass.

..…'.' '.' …..

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